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  1. AN ASSESSMENT OF HEAVY METAL CONTENTS IMPACT ON FISH SPECIES OBTAINED FROM KIRI DAM, ADAMAWA STATE :This work compared the heavy metals contents in four fish species obtained from Kiri Dam using Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrophotometer (ICP-OES). The order of accumulation of heavy metals

  2. ISOLATION AND IDENTIFICATION OF DIESEL OIL-DEGRADING BACTERIA FROM ABATTOIR EFFLUENTS IN GWAGWALADA AREA COUNCIL, ABUJA, NIGERIA:The microbial population and hydrocarbon utilizing microorganisms from Gwagwalada abattoir effluents within Abuja metropolis was investigated. This was carried out by the isolation of bacteria from abattoir effluents using the

  3. A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF MULTIPLE IMPUTATION AND MAXIMUM LIKELIHOOD METHODS OF IMPUTING MISSING DATA IN A RANDOMISED COMPLETE BLOCK DESIGN :In this study, the multiple imputation and maximum likelihood methods of imputing missing data in a randomised complete block design are compared. The aim is to seek for a more

  4. GENETIC VARIABILITY IN MINERAL COMPOSITION AMONG DIFFERENT STRESS TOLERANT MAIZE (Zea mays L.) GENOTYPES IN KEFFI, NASARAWA STATE:Genetic variability in mineral composition among different stress tolerant maize genotypes was carried out. Thirteen genotypes and two local checks (control) were evaluated in randomized complete block design (RCBD) with

  5. DETERMINATION OF POTENTIALLY TOXIC METALS IN POULTRY LITTER FROM SELECTED POULTRY FARMS IN WURUKUM AND WADATA AREAS IN MAKURDI BENUE STATE:This study was aimed at determination of potentially toxic metals in poultry litter from selected poultry farms in Wurukum and Wadata areas in Makurdi Local Government. Samples of poultry litter

  6. INDOOR AND OUTDOOR IN-SITU GAMMA-RAY AND RADIOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT OF SOILS OF OLABISI ONABANJO UNIVERSITY MAIN CAMPUS, SOUTHWESTERN NIGERIA:Olabisi Onabanjo University situated on basement complex has witnessed excavation of ground for purpose building constructions in the recent past. The excavation of ground and the use of building materials

  7. EXPLOITATION OF COIR COMPOSITES: ENHANCEMENT OF ABSORBENCY AND IMPACT STRENGTH :In the face of existing research findings on natural fibre reinforced composites, there exists knowledge-gap in the influence of porosity and water absorption on impact performance of coir reinforced composite

  8. INCIDENCE OF DISEASES IN FISH HATCHERIES AND CONTROL MEASURES ADOPTED BY FISH FARMERS IN IJEBU-ODE REGION, OGUN STATE, NIGERIA:The study was carried out to assess the incidence of diseases and control measures adopted by farmers in fish hatcheries in Ijebu-Ode Region, Ogun State. Thirty-six fish hatcheries were randomly

  9. THE EFFECTS OF SPROUTING ON THE ANTIOXIDANT POTENTIALS OF ONIONS (Allium cepa L.):After sprouting of onions, the shoots are used as vegetables and bulbs discarded. These usually discarded onion bulbs may have improved antioxidant potentials resulting from sprouting. These improved properties could

  10. EFFECTS OF NATURAL WEATHERING ON TENSILE STRENGTH AND EMBRITTLEMENT TIME OF BLENDS OF RECYCLED POLYPROPYLENE WITH POLYSTYRENE, POLYVINYL CHLORIDE AND VIRGIN POLYPROPYLENE :Natural weathering degradation of the blends of recycled polypropylene (PPr) with Polystyrene (PS), Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and Virgin Polypropylene (PPv) was studied. Samples of PS, PVC and PPv were blended

  11. KINETICS STUDIES OF Sida acuta LEAVES EXTRACTS AS CORROSION INHIBITOR ON TANNERY MACHINES PARTS IN ACIDIC ENVIRONMENT :Most of tannery machines are made of mild steel and these machines are subjected to harsh condition, which includes exposure to moisture, air, acid, base, salt and other environmental components

  12. POTENTIAL INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS OF SELECTED CLAY BODIES FROM PARTS OF SOUTHERN NIGERIA:Scientific evaluation and refining to enhance quality for required industrial uses. Seven non-composited clays from Asaboro, Igbanke and Esan areas in southern Nigeria were mineralogically, geochemically and geotechnically tested and

  13. LENGTH-WEIGHT RELATIONSHIP AND CONDITION FACTOR OF CATFISH (Clarias gariepinus) FINGERLINGS REARED IN STRUCTURED AND UNSTRUCTURED WATER :The effective management of any fishery requires considerable knowledge of population parameters such as length-weight relationship. This relationship is very important in fisheries biology because it allows estimation of average

  14. MONTE CARLO EXPERIMENT ON THE PERFORMANCES OF PANEL DATA ESTIMATORS IN A ONE WAY ERROR COMPONENT :This research is on the behavior of panel data estimators in a simulated study. The major objective is to investigate these estimators on individual effect and other remaining disturbance term

  15. NUTRITIONAL COMPOSITION AND PESTICIDE RESIDUE LEVELS OF SOME CEREAL GRAINS SOLD IN WUKARI, TARABA STATE :This study investigated the nutritional composition and pesticide residue levels in cereal grains sold in Wukari market, Taraba State, Nigeria. Standard methods of AOAC were used for the nutrient analysis

  16. GROUNDNUT PROCESSING TECHNIQUES USED BY PROCESSORS IN EDU LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA, KWARA STATE, NIGERIA:The study assessed the groundnut processing techniques used by processors in Edu local Government area, Kwara state, Nigeria. The objectives are to identify the available processing techniques in the area,

  17. ANTI-CORROSIVE PROPERTIES OF Cocos nucifera L. WATER ON MILD STEEL CORROSION IN H2SO4 SOLUTION :The inhibitive effect of Cocos nuciferal L. water (CW) as green corrosion inhibitor for acid corrosion of mild steel in 0.5 M H2SO4 solution has been studied using chemical technique.

  18. ON STOCHASTIC BELLMAN EQUATION: USING CONDITIONAL CERTAINTY PROPERTY EXPECTATIONS:We review and extend the idea of Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) by suppressing the time dependence, assuming that our solution is smooth and the gradient is zero. We develop necessary

  19. AN INVESTIGATION ON THE FISHING METHODS AND THEIR IMPLICATIONS FOR A SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENT IN RIVER DONGA TARABA STATE, NIGERIA:An investigation on the fishing methods and their implications for a sustainable environment in River Donga Taraba State Nigeria. Decline in water quality can increase in the price of food

  20. SECURED BIOMETRICS-CRYPTO AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM OVER COMPUTER NETWORK:Unprecedented access to data and information through complex communication networks across the world had engendered development of various approaches in securing data to prevent unauthorized access to confidential information. In

  21. SYNTHESIS, CHARACTERIZATION, KINETICS, THERMODYNAMICS AND ANTIMICROBIAL STUDIES OF CARBONATOTETRAAMINE COMPLEXES OF Nd(III), Sm(III) AND Gd(III) NITRATES:Carbonatotetraamine complexes of Sm(III), Nd(III) and Gd(III) were synthesized at room temperature. The complexes were characterized by molar conductivity, colour, solubility test and spectrometrically(IR and UV-Vis). The kinetics of complex

  22. SOURCE AREA AND PALAEOENVIRONMENT OF THE ALBIAN UPPER BIMA SANDSTONE (B3) YOLA ARM, NORTHERN BENUE TROUGH, NIGERIA:Field studies and laboratory analyses (granulometry and thin-section petrography of light/heavy minerals) were carried out on exposed sections of the Upper Bima Sandstone (B3) to determine their source area(s) and

  23. AN IMPROVED CYBERATTACK PREDICTION TECHNIQUE WITH INTELLIGENT CLUSTERING AND DEEP NEURAL NETWORK:One of the most damaging security threats on the Internet today is cyberattacks. As new paradigms emerge, new vulnerabilities and flaws are discovered on a daily basis. These vulnerabilities have

  24. EVALUATION FOR YIELD OF SOME SELECTED GROUNDNUT (Arachis hypogaea L.) CULTIVARS GROWN AT KEFFI, NASARAWA STATE NIGERIA :Evaluation for yield of selected groundnut cultivars was carried out; nine cultivars were evaluated in a Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with three replication at the Department of Plant Science

  25. RKN SCHEME WITH CONTINUOUS COEFFICIENTS FOR THE APPROXIMATION OF SECOND ORDER ORDINARY INITIAL VALUE PROBLEMS (IVPS):The derivation of implicit Runge-Kutta-Nystrom (RKN) scheme with continuous coefficients for the direct approximation of special second Order ordinary initial value problems(IVPs) using the theory of s-stage Runge-Kutta (RK)

  26. EVALUATION OF PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES IN FOREST SURFACE SOILS OF KOGI STATE, NIGERIA :Evaluating the quality of soils is paramount for the maintenance of optimum growth conditions needed by plants. A field study was conducted to evaluate the physicochemical properties of the forest

  27. USE OF Vernonia amygdalina (VA) AS A CORROSION INHIBITOR ON SUBSEA TRANSMISSION PIPELINE :In this research the Vernonia amygdalina (VA) solution was prepared and utilized in slowing down the corrosion of Subsea Transmission Pipelines (STP) in harsh offshore environment. The specimens were kept

  28. ADOPTION OF TECHNOLOGY-DRIVEN BANK TELLER SERVICES AND INVESTIGATION ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION:The integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into the banking system and service provisions in recent times has contributed significantly to the overall growth of the banking sector. The

  29. MINERALOGICAL AND CHEMICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF SENSOR-BASED SORTED COPPER ORES:Near infrared sensor-based pre-concentrated copper ores were characterized quantitatively and qualitatively for mineralogical and chemical composition using optical microscopy and mineralogical methods (QEMSCAN®, X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

  30. ON THE SENSITIVITY OF STUDY VARIABLE TO DATA TRANSFORMATION EXCLUSION IN CORRECTING FOR LINEARITY ASSUMPTION VIOLATION IN TWO-PHASE SAMPLING:Two-phase sampling for regression has proven to be efficient in estimation especially when there is high correlation coefficient between the study and the auxiliary variable(s). However, the presence of extreme

  31. INFLUENCE OF COMBINED BOVINE RUMEN DIGESTA ON HAEMATOLOGICAL AND SERUM BIOCHEMICAL INDICES OF FINISHER BROILER CHICKENS :An experiment was conducted to partially substitute graded levels of combined bovine (camel and cattle) rumen digesta (CBRD) for maize and subsequently determined the effect on haematological and serum biochemical

  32. EVALUATION OF SAPONINS CONTENT AND SURFACTANT PROPERTIES OF CRUDE EXTRACTS OF Balanitesaegyptiaca ROOTS FROM DEMSA AND GIREI LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREAS :To achieve green technology in the treatment of leather using bio-based surfactants, crude extracts of Balanitesaegyptiaca roots from Demsa and Girei Local Government Areas of Adamawa State, Nigeria, were evaluated

  33. ISOLATION AND IDENTIFICATION OF PATHOGENIC MICROORGANISMS ASSOCIATED WITH BARBERS’ EQUIPMENT IN WUKARI, TARABA STATE, NIGERIA :There is a growing concern that barbers’ equipment such as clippers, clipper steps, combs/brushes may contain pathogenic microorganisms which serve as causative agents of infections associated with barbing salons. This

  34. ASSESSMENT OF PHYSICO-CHEMICAL PARAMETERS OF GBADIKERE LAKE IN BASSA LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA, KOGI STATE, NIGERIA:The ecological survey of the Plankton Community of Gbadikere Lake in Bassa Local Government Area, Kogi State, Nigeria was undertaken over a period of eighteen months; from April 2017 –

  35. WATER TREATMENT USING Piliostigma thonningii SCHUM (PT) LEAF :Coagulation, softening and disinfection processes are of great importance in water treatment. In this study, experiments were conducted in the laboratory to investigate the coagulation, softening and disinfection properties of

  36. PROXIMATE ANALYSIS, PHYTOCHEMICAL SCREENING, ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITIES AND POTASSIUM/SODIUM DETERMINATION OF YELLOW Ipomoea batata GROWN IN ANKPA, KOGI STATE, NIGERIA:The physical and chemical component, bioactive substance, concentration of sodium & potassium and antioxidant properties of yellow Ipomoea batata were examined. Crude fiber, moisture content were present; phytosteroids, phenols, tannins,

  37. ASSESSMENT OF MAGNETIC ANOMALIES OVER ABAKALIKI AREA OF THE LOWER BENUE TROUGH, SOUTH EASTERN NIGERIA, USING HIGH RESOLUTION AEROMAGNETIC DATA :Aeromagnetic data of Abakaliki area of south eastern Nigeria was analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively. For the qualitative analysis, the various enhancement processes such as regional/residual separation, TMI and analytic signal

  38. COCKROACH (Periplanata americana) MEAL NUTRITIVE COMPOSITION:The nutritional potential of insect protein source as potential feed ingredient has been widely researched. Cockroach meal (Periplanata americana) being a readily available renewable resource animal protein food is hereby

  39. GOODNESS OF FIT TESTS FOR SOME GENERALIZED DISTRIBUTIONS:Analysis of data without a pre-knowledge of the distribution that describes data may lead to misleading or irrelevant result. Distribution fitting to data often lead to the selection of the

  40. GREEN SYNTHESIS AND CHARACTERIZATION OF SODIUM CYANIDE FROM CASSAVA (Manihot esculenta CRANTZ):This study was carried out to develop a green, simple and cost-effective route for synthesis of sodium cyanidevia aquohydrolysis of linamarin a cyanogenic glucoside found in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz).

  41. STOMACH CONTENT ANALYSIS OF Barbus occidentalis (CYPRINIDAE) from RIVER UKE, NASARAWA STATE, NIGERIA:Analysis of the stomach contents of Barbus occidentalis from River Uke, Nasarawa State, Nigeria was studied using 219 Barbus occidentalis samples collected between March – August 2017. Food and feeding

  42. EVALUATION OF RESPONSE SURFACE METHODOLOGY, ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORK AND ADAPTIVE NEURONS FUZZY INFERENCE SYSTEM FOR MODELLING AND OPTIMIZING OXALIC ACID PRODUCTION FROM PINEAPPLE WASTE:Oxalic acid is one of the important organic acids produced by fermentation and its production is affected by several factors. This study investigated the effect of three independent variables namely;

  43. A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF TAXONOMY OF EDUCATIONAL DATA MINING APPLICATIONS:This paper investigates the different potential uses of EDM and related techniques that can be utilized to address the issues of these uses. The emphasis is on the end goals

  44. THE QUALITY OF GROUNDWATER IN LAGOS: CASE STUDIES OF AKOKA AND BARIGA AREAS OF LAGOS STATE, NIGERIA:Residents of flood infested areas face security threats, not only due to damages on properties, risks of collapse buildings or physical drowning but also from water stress which could be

  45. DISSIPATION, RADIATION, DUFOUR AND SORET EFFECTS ON HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER OF CHEMICALLY REACTING FLUID WITH HEAT GENERATION:This study investigates the effects of dissipation, radiation, Dufor, Soret, heat and mass transfer on a laminar free convective flow of a viscous incompressible, electrically conducting chemically reacting fluid past

  46. ASPECTS OF BREEDING ECOLOGY OF FRESHWATER TURTLE (Pelusios niger) IN THE WILD IN ZARIA, KADUNA STATE NIGERIA:The study surveyed the aspects of breeding ecology of freshwater Turtle (Pelusios niger) in the Wild in Zaria, Kaduna State Nigeria. Three points were sampled at A, B, and C

  47. ASSESSMENT OF CUT AND PUNCTURE WOUNDS IN METAL FABRICATION INDUSTRY:Metal Fabrication (MetFab) is the process of building machines and structures from raw metal materials. The process of MetFab includes cutting, burning, welding, machining, forming, and assembly to heavy equipment

  48. SOLUTION OF LINEAR ALGEBRAIC SYSTEMS BY STATIONARY ITERATIVE METHODS: A SURVEY :We consider in this paper the application of stationary iterative methods; the Jacobi, the Gauss-Seidel and the SOR iterations for solving linear algebraic systems. The formulae of the three methods

  49. SORPTION STUDIES FOR THE REMOVAL OF 1-NAPHTHYL AMINE DYE FROM AQUEOUS SOLUTION USING ORANGE PEEL BIOSORBENT:This study presents the sorption model for the removal of 1-naphthyl amine dye from waste water using orange peels as the adsorbent. The responses of the various experimental quantities such

  50. CONTROLLING THE NONLINEAR DYNAMICAL SYSTEM OF A LOTKA VOLTERRA SYSTEM USING A RECURSIVE BACKSTEPPING METHOD:A control strategy for a class of biological population model simulating prey-predator relationship using backstepping scheme is presented, the increasing rate of predator population has the effect of reducing the

  51. EFFECT OF NITROGEN, PHOSPHORUS FERTILIZERS AND MYCORRHIZAL NODULATION ON THE GROWTH AND YIELD OF TREE SEEDLINGS:Soil enrichment in the nursery and established fields are unavoidable. Deforestation and desertification as an agent of edaphic destruction in parts of the country call for the soil and soil

  52. PHYTOCHEMICALS, ANTIOXIDANT ASSAY AND CYTOTOXICITY OF THE METHANOLIC LEAF EXTRACT OF AFRICAN FRANKINCENSE TREE, Boswellia dalzielii:Boswellia dalzielii Hutch (Burseraceae) is a tree species of the genus Boswellia found in Africa commonly called “frankincense tree”. The use of the leaf extract by traditional healers for the

  53. PROXIMATE COMPOSITION FOR PROTEIN AND OIL CONTENTS OF SOME SELECTED GROUNDNUT (Arachis hypogaea L.) CULTIVARS GROWN AT KEFFI, NASARAWA STATE NIGERIA:The proximate composition for protein and oil contents of some selected groundnut cultivars showed that among all the genotypes evaluated, only ICGV-15-07947 has the highest oil content of 46.26%

  54. CONSTRUCTION OF BETA-TOPP LEONE DISTRIBUTION:In this research work, a continuous probability distribution as an improvement of Topp-Leone distribution was developed. Thus, density function and the cumulative function of the constructed distribution were obtained. We

  55. ASSESSMENT OF WATER QUALITY PARAMETERS OF BOREHOLE FOR SUITABLE AQUACULTURE IN SELECTED AREAS IN KAURA NAMODA, ZAMFARA STATE NIGERIA:Assessment of water quality parameters of borehole for suitable aquaculture in selected areas in KauraNamoda, Zamfara State Nigeria was conducted. A total of nine boreholes were sampled from the study

  56. CONCENTRATIONS OF RADIONUCLIDES, MAJOR, TRACE AND RARE EARTH ELEMENTS OF SURFACE WATER SAMPLES IN OKHUOKHUO AREA, SOUTHERN NIGERIA:Nine surface water samples collected from springs and streams in Okhuokhuo area, southern Nigeria, were analyzed by gamma spectroscopy for natural (238U, 232Th and 40K) and man-made 137Cs radionuclides while

  57. ABUNDANCE AND LENGTH-WEIGHT RELATIONSHIP OF FRESHWATER GASTROPODS IN RIVER ELEYELE, IBADAN, OYO STATE:The study centered on the population and length-weight relationship of gastropods from 5 sampling points at River Eleyele. Gastropods samples were collected from November 2010-April 2011. A total of seven

  58. DETERMINATION OF PESTICIDE RESIDUES IN POND AND EARTH DAM WATER IN GELLA USING GAS-CHROMATOGRAPHY–MASS SPECTROMETER (GC-MS):This study primarily investigates the prevalence of organophophates, organnochlorines and synthetic pyrethroids alongside physicochemical properties of five ponds and one earth dam water in Gella, Mubi South local government area

  59. GROWTH ASSESSMENT OF Nauclea diderrichii DE WILD. AND TH. DUR. MERRILL PLANTATION IN FORESTRY RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF NIGERIA:This study examined the growth of Nauclea diderrichii plantation in Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Ten (10) plots of 10 by 20 m in dimension were

  60. NUTRIENT AND ANTI-NUTRITIONAL COMPOSITION OF WATERMELON (Citrullus lanatus) SEED: A REVIEW :The paper reviewed the nutrient contents and anti-nutritional properties of watermelon seed. Various published articles on proximate composition, nutrient contents and anti-nutrient properties of watermelon seed were critical reviewed. The

  61. AMINATION OF DICHLORO-6,7-QUINOLINEQUINONE WITH ELECTRON RICH AND ELECTRON DEFICIENT ANILINES: A DESCRIPTION:Palladium-catalyzed amination of 6,7-dichloro-5,8-quinolinequinone was studied using electron rich (ER) and electron deficient (ED) anilines. Selective amination with ER anilines supplied monoamine target derivatives in high yields while amination with

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