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  1. TRENDS IN MACHINE LEARNING ON AUTOMATIC DETECTION OF HATE SPEECH ON SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS: A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW:Social media provides a user-friendly platform for interested persons or groups to express opinions and discuss freely their topics of interest which enhances the propagation of online hate speech, which is

  2. MODELLING AND FORECASTING NIGERIAN MACRO-ECONOMIC VARIABLES WITH MULTIPLE TIME SERIES MODEL:This study was used to determine the most suitable model for analysing inter and linear relationships between some macroeconomic variables as the nature of the model do have implications on the

  3. THE GEOCHEMICAL AND MINERALOGICAL ANALYSIS OF CLAYS FROM OKHORO FOR THE PRODUCTION OF PAINT IN SOUTHERN NIGERIA:Five (05) clay samples were obtained from Okhoro and Environs in Southern Nigeria and subjected to geochemical and mineralogical analysis, the aim of which is to determine if the clays are

  4. A GEOCHEMICAL ASSAY AND INDUSTRIAL UTILIZATION OF CLAYS FROM SABONGIDA-ORA, SOUTHERN NIGERIA : Five (05) clay samples from Sabongida-Ora in Edo State were analyzed using the X-Ray Flourescence (XRF) and X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) techniques to determine their chemical and mineralogical

  5. A LABORATORY BASED EVALUATION OF THE HYDROCARBON DEGRADATION CAPABILITIES OF SINGLE AND MIXED CULTURE OF pseudomonas putida AND Bacillus megaterium : Effluents released from petroleum refining typically contain microbes that are naturally adapted to using these hydrocarbons for their metabolic needs. In this study, the ability of Pseudomonas putida

  6. BACTERIOLOGICAL QUALITY OF SOME SACHET WATER SOLD IN DUTSE METROPOLIS, JIGAWA STATE :Water is an essential natural resource needed to maintain basic health, sanitation and is believed to be an elixir of life. Among the rural population of developing countries, only 22% have reasonable

  7. HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENT OF TOXIC METALS IN FOREIGN AND LOCAL WHEAT-BASED LIQUORS :This study investigated targeted toxic heavy metal contents and their health risks in local and foreign wheatbased liquors obtained in local markets in Ijebu-Ode, Nigeria. Liquor samples were treated with the concentrated

  8. ASSESSMENT OF WILD AFRICAN VEGETABLES ON CARDIAC FUNCTIONS, ANTIOXIDANTS AND BLOOD LIPID PROFILE IN A RAT MODEL OF MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION :The heart is susceptible to many chronic diseases including myocardial infarction (MI). This study assessed the cardio-protective potential of five wild vegetables: Basella alba, Crassocephalum crepidioides, Launaea taraxacifolia, Senecio biafrae, and Solanum

  9. SUITABILITY OF CERAMIC WASTE TILES AS FINE AND COARSE AGGREGATES IN CONCRETE PRODUCTION :The paper assessed the suitability of ceramic waste tile (CWT – aggregates) as 100% replacement of both fine and coarse aggregates in concrete production for sustainable purposes. The dearth of literature

  10. ELECTRICAL RESISTIVITY INVESTIGATION FOR GROUND WATER EXPLORATION OF THE BASEMENT COMPLEX OF MALUMFASHI, NIGERIA:Twenty four Vertical Electrical Soundings (VES) were conducted along predetermined profiles situated on latitude 11 o 7.6 / N to 11 o 7.7 / N and longitude 7 o 6.2 / E to 7 o 6.3 / E at Malumfashi, Nigeria. The survey was carried out to investigate

  11. POST-EINSTEIN TIME DILATION EQUATION IN GRAVITATIONAL FIELD OF STATIC HOMOGENOUS SPHERICAL MASS :Einstein’s geometrical theory of gravitational is the most accredited theory for explaining time dilation. In this paper the General Dynamical Theory of Gravitation and extended Newtonian gravitational scalar potential exterior

  12. DEVELOPMENT OF AN IMPROVED SCHOOL INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM:Education systems of developing countries are improving with the help of information and communication technology ICT. Recent example is blended learning that is becoming popular in higher institution because of COVID-19. Meanwhile,

  13. FTIR ANALYSIS AND BIOLOGICAL EVALUATION OF ETHANOL LEAF EXTRACT OF Ficus carica (Linn) :This study was aimed at using FTIR to analyze the functional groups present in the fraction and to also carry out the antimicrobial analysis of the ethanol leaf extract obtained from

  14. DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF AN AUTONOMOUS SOLAR POWERED LAWN MOWER:The cost implications and the stress involved in keeping our public and private residence clean at all times is becoming too high that even the rich, government and non-governmental organization

  15. STABILIZATION OF SUB-BASE LATERITIC SOIL WITH RICE HUSK ASH: A CASE STUDY OF OGUGU-ADUPI ROAD, KOGI STATE, NIGERIA.:The common conventional additives for road construction today are Cement, Lime and Bitumen which are very expensive to purchase. Lateritic soil however needs to be treated to upgrade its strength and durability

  16. ANTIBACTERIAL EFFECT OF FIVE SELECTED NIGERIAN MEDICINAL PLANT EXTRACTS:The search for new drugs to combat infectious diseases and emergence of resistant microorganisms stimulated this research. This study was therefore designed to screen and compare five selected medicinal plants extracts

  17. DETERMINATION OF HEAVY METALS CONCENTRATION IN WATER, FISH SPECIES AND HUMAN URINE ASSOCIATED WITH CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE IN GASHUA, YOBE STATE, NIGERIA :Recently, chronic kidney disease (CKD) is considered to be a major health challenge to people living in developing countries especially to inhabitant of Gashua Town, Yobe State, Nigeria. In this region, several

  18. COMPARATIVE STUDIES ON THE KINETIC PARAMETERS OF IMMOBILIZED CYPERUS ESCULENTUS L. INVERTASE WITHIN POLYACRYLAMIDE AND CALCIUM ALGINATE GELS. :Invertase has significant application in the food processing industries. The partial purification and immobilization of the enzyme extracted from Tiger nut (Cyperus esculentus L.), within polyacrylamide and calcium alginate gels was studied.

  19. DIVERSITY OF PLANTS AROUND REFINERY SITE IN WARRI, DELTA STATE: The aim of this study is to give an inventory on the flora diversity around Warri Refinery and Petrochemical Company, Warri, Delta State. Plant species present in and around

  20. NUTRITIONAL COMPOSITION AND MICROBIAL QUALITY OF SOME UNDERUTILIZED EDIBLE FRUITS GROWING IN SOUTHWEST NIGERIA:This study examined the moisture, ash, fat, crude fibre, crude protein, carbohydrate, energy value, minerals, vitamins, anti-nutrients and shelf-life of four underutilized fruits: ackee (Blighia sapida), Cashew Apple (Anarcadium occidentale), African

  21. PARINARI OIL AS A POTENTIAL BIO-BASED FEEDSTOCK - A REVIEW :Parinari polyandra Benth is a tropical plant that is available in especially in the Northern parts of Nigeria and West Africa. Although, not many research works have been documented on Parinari

  22. ASSESSMENT OF THE ENROLMENT OF FORESTRY AND WILDLIFE DISCIPLINE BY STUDENTS IN NIGERIAN UNIVERSITIES :This study surveyed the preference of Forestry discipline among Forestry and Wildlife students in selected Universities in Nigeria. Google Form online questionnaire was used for data collection in the study.

  23. EFFECT OF DIFFERENT FINE AGGREGATES SOURCE ON THE COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH OF SANDCRETE HOLLOW BLOCKS :Sandcrete blocks are produced from properly mixed constituents of cement, fine aggregate and water. Sandcrete blocks are used as both load and non – load bearing walls in the construction of

  24. EFFECTS OF OCCUPATIONAL EXPOSURE TO FLOUR DUST ON PULMONARY AND CARDIOVASCULAR VARIABLES IN LOCAL FLOUR MILL WORKERS IN IJEBU ODE LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF OGUN STATE:This study was conducted to establish the effects of flour dust on the lung functions and cardiovascular variables of local flour mill workers in Ijebu Ode Local Government Area of Ogun

  25. EFFECT OF SPECIAL MORINGA SUNDU AND TOBACCO SNUFF ON HEMATOLOGICAL PARAMETERS IN WISTER RATS :Besides smoking, tobacco and other products derived from it are widely consumed orally and intranasally without burning in form of different kinds of smokeless tobacco as alternative for nicotine delivery. This research

  26. A HIGH PERFORMANCE LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHY DETERMINATION OF POLYCYCLIC AROMATIC HYDROCARBONS IN HERBAL MEDICINAL PREPARATIONS: A QUEST FOR SAFETY FROM CARCINOGENS :The use of medicinal plants in primary healthcare is increasing worldwide and there is need to determine the safety of herbal medicinal preparations obtained from these plants. Due to the increase

  27. NUMERICAL SIMULATION OF THE IMPACT OF RELAPSE ON HEPATITIS B VIRUS TRANSMISSION DYNAMICS. :In this study, we present a numerical simulation of the impact of relapse on Hepatitis B virus transmission dynamics. The sensitivity analysis result establishes that relapse rate increases the value of

  28. STABILITY ANALYSIS OF THE EFFECT OF CORRUPTION AMONGST CHRISTIAN LEADERS IN NIGERIAN CHURCHES :An epidemiological model of the effect of corruption amongst Christian leaders on church growth was analyzed. We found that a faith-free equilibrium state exists and it is locally asymptotically stable. Furthermore,

  29. STOCHASTIC MODELLING OF REFORESTATION PROCESS: A MITIGATION TO THE EFFECT OF DEFORESTATION IN NIGERIA:Reforestation, put simply, is the process of restocking the forest for economic purposes. Every year, Nigeria loses about 3500 – 4000 square kilometre of land to deforestation which calls for an

  30. URBAN RAW MILK STUDIES: ASPECTS OF SELECTED MINERAL ELEMENTS INVESTIGATIONS OF RAW MILK SAMPLES OBTAINED FROM SOME CITIES IN SOUTHERN NIGERIA :Investigations of Cu, Cd, Co, Zn, Cr, Ca, Fe and Pb in raw cow milk samples were carried out in this study. Samples of raw cow milk used were in part,

  31. DEVELOPMENT OF AERATED AND MECHANICALLY AGITATED FROTH FLOTATION MACHINE :The fabricated beneficiation system is based on the froth flotation principle whereby the mineral flotation is done by supply of air bubbles and rotating impeller in large mineral pulp bath. The

  32. MICROBIAL CHARACTERISTICS OF LAGOON CRAB (Callinectes amnicola) AS INFLUENCED BY PROCESSING STEPS :The Lagoon Crab (Callinectes amnicola) is a common palatable species consumed in Lagos State, Nigeria. This study determined the bacterial characteristics of fresh and processed crabs using microbiological standard techniques. The result

  33. OPTIMIZATION OF POLYHYDROXYALKANOTES PRODUCTION USING TWO LEVEL FACTORIAL DESIGN :The composition and type of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) monomers are related to bacterial strain and media composition. This study evaluate the optimum media composition of PHA accumulation by photosynthetic bacterium, Rhodobacter sphaeroides

  34. AMELIORATIVE ROLE OF PIOGLITAZONE ON HIPPOCAMPAL NEURODEGENERATION IN HIGH-FAT DIET AND STREPTOZOTOCIN-INDUCED TYPE 2 DIABETIC RATS :Co-administration of high-fat diet (HFD) and Streptozotocin (STZ) has been reported to induce insulin resistance (IR) in Wistar rats. Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors-gamma (PPARγ) agonist drugs such as pioglitazone (PIO) have been used

  35. PHARMACOGNOSTIC AND ELEMENTAL ANALYSIS ON THE LEAVES OF SCOPARIA DULCIS (PLANTAGINACEAE) :Scoparia dulcis is a perennial herb widely distributed in tropical and subtropical regions. It is a common herb in traditional medical practices in Nigeria. The leaf is known to be

  36. CONSTRUCTION AND PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF A 10 LITRE OPTIMIZED SINGLE SLOPE, BASIN TYPE SOLAR STILL:This research is focused on construction and performance evaluation of a 10 Litre optimized solar still. Modelled using Engineering Equation Solver (EES), parameters such as the tilt angle, water depth and insulation

  37. STABILITY ASSESSMENT OF TREE SPECIES IN THE UNIVERSITY OF ILORIN PERMANENT SITE, NIGERIA :The contribution of trees to environmental, social, and economic wellbeing cannot be overestimated. Trees contribute significantly to human health, environmental quality, aesthetic quality, and the financial security of humankind. This study assessed

  38. CONSUMER ACCEPTABILITY OF OKRA (Abelmoschus esculentus) CALYX FLOUR SOUP:The study investigated the consumer acceptability of okra calyx flour soup. Four okra calyx flour samples were used to prepared soups and its sensory acceptability was evaluated. The result showed that

  39. GROWTH , YIELD AND QUALITY OF THREE VARIETIES OF TOMATO (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill) AS INFLUENCED BY PLANTING DATES UNDER RAIN FED CONDITIONS IN EDO STATE, NIGERIA:The objective of this study was to determine the most appropriate planting date for the growth, yield and quality of tomato varieties under rain fed conditions. Field experiments were conducted in

  40. STRENGTH PREDICTION MODEL OF MILLET HUSK ASH (MHA) SELF-COMPACTING CONCRETE :Cement is the most useful and diverse construction material globally next water. Its demand to address housing deficit is on the rise daily due to increasing population. Cement production are economically expensive

  41. SOLID WASTE GENERATION RATE FOR EVBOTUBU COMMUNITY IN EDO STATE OF NIGERIA :One challenge facing solid waste management is the absence of correct information on solid waste generation rate. This results in poor design computation of disposal systems and further leads to underperformance of

  42. RICE FARMERS SUPPLY RESPONSE TO PRICE CHANGES IN NORTH EAST AND NORTH WEST ZONES OF NIGERIA:This paper analysed the supply response of rice farmers in the North East and the North West zones of Nigeria. The objective is to understand rice farmers’ behaviour toward price changes.

  43. EFFECT OF ADMINISTRATION OF ETHANOL LEAF EXTRACT OF AFRICAN EGGPLANT AND BITTER LEAF ON TESTIS FUNCTION IN MALE WISTAR RATS :Herbal medicine is becoming increasingly popular in most African countries. Undoubtedly, the intake rates of diverse plants as herbs have some influence that is not immediately evident but should be researched. This

  44. ASSESSMENT OF ECONOMIC VIABILITY OF TAMARIND (Tamarindus indica Linn) FRUIT IN KWARE LOCALGOVERNMENT AREA OF SOKOTO STATE, NIGEREA :The study examined the economic viability of Tamarinus indica in Kware local government area of Sokoto state. The use of interview schedule was adopted and questionnaires were administered. Twelve (12) villages were

  45. BIOGAS PRODUCTION FROM READILY AVAILABLE ORGANIC WASTES (COW DUNG, RAM DUNG AND CORN PEELS) AS A WASTE MANAGEMENT STRATEGY : Biogas production from readily available organic waste materials was evaluated in this study using individual and combined organic waste materials using anaerobic digestion. The study was for 28 days and biogas

  46. SOCIO-ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF CHARCOAL PRODUCTION IN ADOKA, OTUKPO LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF BENUE STATE, NIGERIA :This work studied charcoal production in Otukpo Local Government Area (LGA) to ascertain its socioeconomic and environmental impacts in Adoka communities. Villages involved in charcoal production were identified using snowball sampling techniques. A Multi-stage sampling was employed to select respondents. Personal interview with semi-structured questionnaire was employed for data collection. Five villages were purposively selected from two Council Wards in the LGA. Five (5) Charcoal producers and marketers were also purposively selected in each village for administration of questionnaire. Data collected were analyzed using one-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) with Duncan Multiple Range used as follow test where the is significant. Descriptive statistics such as tables and charts were used for result presentation. Results revealed that males

  47. TRANSFER LEARNING ON CROSS LINGUAL NEWS CLASSIFICATION OF LOW RESOURCE YORUBA LANGUAGE USING BI-LSTM ON A SIAMESE NETWORK: Most existing language models cannot handle low-resource textual data due to diversity in language representation and non-availability of text corpora. Transfer learning from high-resource help in such language, thus,

  48. MODELING OUTLIERS IN GAUSSIAN AND NON-GAUSSIAN DISTRIBUTIONS: THE WAVELET APPROACH :Aberrant Observations (AOs) are observations that deviate significantly from the majority. They may be generated by a different mechanism corresponding to normal data and may be due to sensor noise, process disturbances,

  49. MATERNAL CARE AND MORTALITY CONTROL IN NIGERIA USING KNOWLEDGE DISCOVERY IN DATABASE (KDD):Maternal mortality monitoring model using knowledge discovery in databases (KDD)is an important indicator of a nation’s health care delivery system and the level of the society’s development. Previous efforts to meet the

  50. EFFECT OF CASSAVA PEEL ASH AND EGG SHELL POWDER BLENDED CEMENT CONCRETE IN SODIUM CHLORIDE ENVIRONMENT :Concrete stability has become one of the most important considerations in construction industries in recent years. Concrete is vulnerable to acid and salt attack because of its alkaline nature. The financial

  51. Partial Characterization and Use of Activated Charcoal from Different Sources in Pollution Abatement in Aquaculture :Controlling aquaculture pollution and water management is a challenge especially in water-scarce areas. A study was conducted to characterize and assess the effectiveness of activated charcoal from mango wood (MWAC, coconut shell

  52. Effect of tillage operations methods of planting and different levels of poultry manure on the productivity of wheat (triticum aestivum) :The experiments were carried out during 2013 and 2014 dry seasons under irrigation at Gwallaga Mayaka fadama farm of Bauchi local government area which is located between longitudes 9° 00’ and 10°

  53. ANALYSIS OF THE VIEW OF RURAL FARMERS ON THE USE OF MECHANIZATION IN CROP PRODUCTION IN KADUNA STATE, NIGERIA :The study examined rural farmers’ perception on the use of Agricultural Mechanization in agricultural production in Kaduna State. A descriptive survey design to seek the opinions of the respondents was used.

  54. GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY-MASS SPECTROSCOPY (GC-MS) ANALYSIS OF THE METHANOL EXTRACTS OF THE STEM BARK, LEAVES AND ROOTS OF Nauclea pobeguinii :This study was aimed at identifying and quantifying the biologically active components present in the methanol extracts of the stem bark, leaves and roots of the plant. The stem bark, leaves

  55. Mineralogy and Rare Earth Elements Concentration in Granites around Ilaji-Ile, Southwestern Nigeria :Technological advancement has led to an increase in exploration for Rare Earth Elements (REE) to meet the increasing demand. REE mineralization in Nigeria is largely undefined and there is paucity of

  56. EVALUATION OF GROWTH PERFORMANCE OF DESERT DATE (Balanite aegyptiaca. L) SEEDLINGS ON DIFFERENT SOILS IN SAVANNA AGROLOGICAL ZONE OF NIGERIA:Preliminary study was carried out to evaluate growth performance of Balanites aegyptiaca seedlings on different soils at the nursery of Federal College of Forestry Mechanization Afaka, Kaduna. Farm land soil, forest soil

  57. EFFECT OF HEALTHCARE AND DELIVERY SERVICES ON LIFE EXPECTANCY AT BIRTH IN NASAEAWA STATE, NIGERIA :The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of healthcare and delivery Services on life expectancy at birth in Nasarawa State ................................................................................

  58. ASSESSMENT OF UNDERGROUND WATER QUALITY AND ITS SUITABILITY FOR IRRIGATION AND CONSUMPTION PURPOSE IN FEDERAL COLLEGE OF FORESTRY JOS, NIGERIA :Water is an essential natural resource for sustaining life and environment. Several activities have led to pollution of ground water. This study assesses the underground water quality level and its

  59. Theoretical Analysis of the Required Force of a Wheelchair Propulsion by Nigerian Adult Paraplegic :Paraplegics in Nigeria are faced with multiple challenges that affects their emotional, physical, social and economic lifestyle. Based on these challenges, they are seen as second class citizens in their

  60. Effect of Ground Waste Glass as Partial Replacement of Cement on the Durability Properties of High Performance Concrete :The global warming is caused by the emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2 to the atmosphere. The global cement industry contributes to about 7% of greenhouse

  61. Treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater using a composite adsorbent :The discharge of industrial effluent usually poses threat to flora and fauna in the water. Commercial adsorbents used for the treatment of the effluents are usually effective but expensive; hence the

  62. EFFECT OF WATER STRESS ON GROWTH AND YIELD OF POTATO (Solanum Spp.) VARIETIES IN JOS, PLATEAU STATE, NIGERIA:This study was conducted in Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State, Nigeria to investigate the effect of water deficit on the growth and yield of two varieties of Potato.

  63. KINETIC STUDY OF THE REDOX REACTION OF MALACHITE GREEN AND METABISULPHITE ION IN AQUEOUS ACIDIC MEDIUM :Kinetic investigations of the redox reaction of malachite green (MG + ) and metabisulphite ion were carried out under pseudo first order conditions in aqueous acidic medium at 28 ...............................................................................

  64. JUICED Telfairia Occidentalis LEAF MODERATES SUGAR-INDUCED LIPIDS DISORDERS IN RATS :Dyslipidemia and other lipids dysregulation caused by high sucrose diet have been well documented. Modulation of lipids metabolic disorders have been approached with various therapeutics models of which plants components are reverberating.

  65. COMPARATIVE PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF SELECTED ROUTING ALGORITHMS BY LOAD VARIATION OF 2-DIMENSIONAL MESH TOPOLOGY BASED NETWORK-ON-CHIP:Network-on-Chip (NoC) has been proposed as a viable solution to the communication challenges on System-on-Chips (SoCs). As the communication paradigm of SoC, NoCs performance depends mainly on the type of routing

  66. IMPACT OF DEFORESTATION ON RURAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME. A CASE STUDY OF YEWA SOUTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF OGUN STATE :This study investigated the impact of deforestation on rural household income in Yewa South Local Government Area of Ogun State. The study adopted random survey research design. There were a total number

  67. ANALGESIC AND ANTI-INFLAMMATORY EFFECT OF THE ETHANOLIC EXTRACT OF THE LEAF OF FICUS PLATYPHYLLA ON MALE ALBINO MICE.:This study evaluated the analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of ethanolic extract of Ficus platyphylla leaf. The median lethal dose of the ethanolic extract of Ficus platyphylla leaf in mice was determined using

  68. ANTIOXIDANT AND ANTIBACTERIAL ACTIVITIES OF OLIGOSACCHARIDES, POLYSACCHARIDE AND POLYPHENOLS FROM FIVE NIGERIAN LICHENS:The aim of the current study was to evaluate the antioxidant and antibacterial activity of polyphenol, oligosaccharide, and polysaccharide extracts of Nigerian lichens~ Ochrolechia subpallescens Vers., Lecanora pinguis Tuck., Parmelia saxatilis

  69. Resazurin-Based Antibacterial Susceptibility Profile of Standard Antibiotics and Selected Medicinal Plant Extracts from Delta State, Nigeria:A rapid and cost-effective approach to screening pathogens and evaluating potential antimicrobials is imperative to solve problem of antimicrobial resistance. The resazurin based broth microdilution and paper disc diffusion assays were used

  70. Empirical Findings of the Degree of Dependency of Critical Infrastructures on Information and Communication Technology :The increasing adoption of ICT in traditional Critical infrastructure (CI) to improve productivity and efficiency while creating new services and functions is vital for modern society. However, CI driven by ICT

  71. PRODUCTION AND PARTIAL CHARACTERIZATION OF pH AND METALLO-STABLE LACCASE OF TRAMETES SP. G31 WITH INDUSTRIAL POTENTIALS:Laccases catalyze a vast range of substrates owing to low substrate specificity. However, for large-scale applications, laccases with high activity and stability are crucial. In the study, laccase and Total Soluble Protein

  72. MOLECULAR IDENTIFICATION OF Escherichia coli ISOLATES FROM RIVER TAUGA AND SURROUNDING WELLS ASSOCIATED WITH ABATTOIR EFFLUENT IN KARU, FCT. ABUJA. :The high contamination levels in abattoir effluent is leading to the transmission of pathogens to human and diseases. Thus, detection and control of Escherichia coli (E. coli) in aquatic environments ensures that

  73. EVALUATION OF THE PERCEPTION AND EFFECTS OF FLOOD DISASTER ON CROP FARMERS IN EDO STATE, NIGERIA:Flooding can be seen as an inundation of water in a place that is naturally dry. Flood is one of the natural hazards devastating the environment over the years. Some

  74. Passive Below-Knee Prosthetic Legs Suitable for Sub-Saharan Africa: A Survey :With the increase in security challenges in Nigeria, there is a rise in the number of below-knee amputees, especially for members of the armed forces. Other causes of amputation include trauma

  75. EFFECT OF TERMITARIUM PRESENCE ON THE PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND MICROBIAL QUALITIES OF SURROUNDING SOIL:Although, termite activities are traditionally believed to pose negative impact on agroecosystem and forestry resources, studies have shown that their nests are rich in nutrients and may be a potential source

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