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  1. PRODUCTION OF HYDROPHOBIC POLYMERS FROM BIO-BASED RESOURCES:2,5-furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA) and 2,5-bis-(hydroxymethyl)furan (BHMF) were synthesised as monomers from bio-based derived 5-Hydroxymethylfuran (5-HMF). The aldehyde group of 5-HMF was oxidized using potassium permanganate to FDCA with 80% yield

  2. APPLICATION OF A T - STATISTIC FOR TESTING EQUALITY OF MEANS WITH DIRECTIONAL ALTERNATIVE WHEN POPULATION VARIANCES ARE UNEQUAL:In this study, we proposed a test statistic for testing equality of means when variances are not equal. When variances of different groups are significantly different from one another it

  3. EXPERIMENTAL AND PERFORMANCE OF GREEN MACHINING A SHORT REVIEW:Green machining is an environmental friendly metal removal process. There are few machining processes which can be categorized as green, such as Minimal Quantity Lubrication (MQL), dry machining and water

  4. EVALUATION OF PHYSICOCHEMICAL PARAMETERS AND HEAVY METALS OF PARTICULATES DUST SAMPLES IN FUNTUA TEXTILE LIMITED KATSINA STATE, NIGERIA:The study investigated twenty-two particulate dust samples from ten different departments and a control site at Funtua textile limited, Katsina, Nigeria for total concentrations of Cd, Cr, Cu, Ni, and

  5. DETERMINANTS OF CREDITS DEMANDED FROM MICROFINANCE INSTITUTIONS BY FARMERS IN SOUTHERN AGRICULTURAL ZONE OF NASARAWA STATE, NIGERIA:This study focused on analyzing the determinants of farmers’ access to credit from microfinance banks by farmers in Southern Agricultural Zone, Nasarawa State. The specific objectives were to determine the

  6. EFFECTS OF IRRIGATION FARMING ON SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN KAFUR LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF KATSINA STATE, NIGERIA:The study assessed the effects of irrigation farming on socio-economic development in Kafur Local Government area of Katsina State, Nigeria. The study used three hundred and seventy-nine (379) irrigation farmers

  7. INH IMPREGNATED CHITOSAN-PVA COMPOSITE FILMS: EVALUATION OF RELEASE PROFILE:Composite films of chitosan and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) cross-linked with glutaraldehyde, impregnated with antimicrobial drug isonicotinic acid anhydrides (INH) were successfully prepared using a solvent casting method. The effect of

  8. ASSESSMENT OF THE PROPERTIES OF POWDERED LOCUST-BEANS POD (Makuba) CONCRETE IN NORMAL AND AGGRESSIVE MEDIA:This paper presents findings on the use of powdered locust beans pod (makuba) as an additive in concrete cured in normal and aggressive medium. Makuba is an air dried powdery

  9. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF FINGER MILLET (Eleusine coracana) FLOUR:The chemical composition of finger millet (Eleusine coracana) flour was studied for its nutrients with respect to proximate, mineral and amino acid compositions. Chemical composition of the finger millet flour

  10. SOME PROPERTIES OF A NEW SUBCLASS OF BAZILEVIC FUNCTIONS DEFINED BY CATAS et al. DIFFERENTIAL OPERATOR:Complex analysis is simply the culmination of a thorough study of fundamental concepts of complex differentiation and integration, and has a flavour not found in the real domain. It can


  12. PRE-CONSTRUCTION INTEGRATED GEOPHYSICAL INVESTIGATION OF THE PROPOSED THEATRE AND MEDIA ARTS COMPLEX WITHIN FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OYE-EKITI, EKITI STATE, SOUTHWESTERN, NIGERIA:Integrated Geophysical investigation involving the Very Low Frequency Electromagnetics (VLF-EM), Magnetics and Electrical Resistivity methods were carried out around the proposed Theatre and Media Arts Complex within the Federal University

  13. SYNTHESIS OF RIGID POLYURETHANE FOAM USING POLYOLS FROM FRACTIONATED LOCALLY SOURCED VEGETABLE OIL:The palm and groundnut oil used for this study were bleached, fractionated and subjected to conventional method of synthesizing polyol from vegetable oil. The synthesized polyols were used for production

  14. THE PREVALENCE OF ENDOGENOUS BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS IN OWERRI WEST LGA OF IMO STATE:Bacterial vaginosis is a global concern due to the risk associated with it, as it increases the risk of Human Immunodeficiency Virus, other sexually transmitted diseases and in Owerri West

  15. GEOELECTRIC SOUNDINGS FOR THE DETERMINATION OF AQUIFER CHARACTERISTICS IN ANJAGWA, NASARAWA STATE NIGERIA:A total of fifteen (15) Schlumberger Vertical Electrical Soundings (VES) were carried out in Anjagwa area of Nasarawa State, Nigeria, using a maximum current electrode separation of 500 m. The

  16. LABOUR PRODUCTIVITY IN PALM OIL PROCESSING AMONG SMALLHOLDER PROCESSORS IN IGBO-EZE NORTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF ENUGU STATE, NIGERIA:The study examined labour productivity in palm oil processing in Igbo-Eze North Local Government Area of Enugu State. The study used random sampling technique to select 60 smallholder palm oil

  17. INVESTIGATION OF THREE-PHASE GRID-CONNECTED INVERTER FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC APPLICATION:The proposed system ensures the injection of the generated power from the PV array in to the distribution grid with less total harmonic distortion (THD). Photovoltaic (PV) array, Pulse width

  18. ANTIMICROBIAL, ACUTE TOXICITY AND ANTI-INFLAMMATORY INVESTIGATIONS OF MG(II) COMPLEX OF ACETAMINOPHEN:Magnesium complex of Acetaminophen was synthesized and characterized by infrared spectroscopy, UV-Visible spectroscopy, melting point, X-Ray diffraction analysis and conductivity measurements. On the basis of this study, it is proven

  19. A TRACE OF HISTORICAL LINKAGE OF COMPUTER CONNECTIVITY FRAMEWORKS: FROM COMPUTER NETWORKS TO THE CLOUD OF THINGS:A lot of advancements have taken place and still taking place in computing. Gone are the days that people had to rely on inevitable standalone computer to meet their needs.

  20. INVERSION FEASIBILITY STUDY FOR RESERVOIR CHARACTERIZATION OF OSI FIELD ONSHORE NIGER DELTA BASIN:Well based feasibility analysis for the sensitivity of rock properties to variation in reservoir properties was carried out to determine the best seismic inversion process to be adopted for the

  21. THE EFFICACY OF Rhizophora racemosa WOOD: AN IMPORTANT STUDY:The elucidation of Rhizophora racemosa wood was analysed for thermal, chemical, physical and variable techniques. The results obtained were as follows: afterglow time 115.67sec, flame duration 260sec, flame propagation rate

  22. PROXIMATE COMPOSITION OF AFRICAN EGGPLANT (Solanum macrocarpon) OBTAINED FROM SOIL AMENDED WITH CATTLE DUNG AND POULTRY MANURE:Pot and field experiments were conducted at the Teaching and Research Farm of Agricultural Science Department, and the screen-house of the Department of Biology, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, Southwestern

  23. DISTRIBUTION OF METALS IN SEDIMENT CORE OF OROGODO RIVER, SOUTHERN NIGERIA:The concentrations of heavy metals such as Cu, Ni, Pb, Mn, Fe, Cr and Zn were studied in core sediments of Orogodo River, Nigeria to understand heavy metal contaminations of

  24. EFFICACY OF SOME ANTIBIOTICS ON NOSOCOMIAL BACTERIA ISOLATES FROM SELECTED HOSPITALS IN MAKURDI, NIGERIA :Nosocomial bacterial pathogens are bacteria that are responsible for infections acquired from hospitals. The infections could be from an inanimate objects or substances recently contaminated from another human source. Bacteria

  25. CHARACTERIZATION OF DYE EXTRACTED FROM CASHEW (Anacardium occidentale) FRUIT JUICE:Cashew (Anacardium occidentale) fruits were collected from Girei Local Government Area of Adamawa State in Nigeria and dye extracted using ethanol as solvent. Ethanol was removed using rotary evaporator and

  26. INVESTIGATION OF POLLUTANTS IN APAPA WATERS, LAGOS, NIGERIA:Water quality assessment of Apapa waters, at the specified sites of Lagos lagoon susceptible to high level of pollution in the Apapa jetty, Apapa dockyard and Daddo terminals of the

  27. ANALYSIS OF SPATIO-TEMPORAL TRENDS IN NORMALIZED DIFFERENCE VEGETATION INDEX OF HONG LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA, ADAMAWA STATE, NIGERIA:Dense vegetation cover is significantly ceding to sparse and bare land surfaces. The study was embarked upon to identify the spatio-temporal trends in vegetation cover indexes and to analyze the

  28. POLYCYCLIC AROMATIC HYDROCARBONS (PAHS) CONCENTRATION IN SOME POPULAR COMMERCIAL BRANDS OF CIGARETTE IN NIGERIA:The concentrations of the USEPA 16 priority PAHs were investigated in 27 popular commercial brands of cigarette in the Nigerian market by using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry after extraction by ultra-sonication,

  29. COMPARATIVE EFFECT OF BIOFERTILIZER TYPES ON GROWTH AND YIELD OF SELECTED MAIZE CULTIVARS IN ALFISOLS:Two field experiments were conducted at the Teaching and Research Farms of Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU) and the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) in 2015 in south west

  30. ASSESSING FACTORS AFFECTING THE COMPLETENESS OF DATA COVERAGE ON HIV POSITIVE PREGNANT WOMEN IN SARDAUNA, TARABA STATE:Obtaining complete data coverage on HIV status of pregnant women is vital in controlling and monitoring HIV incidence in women of reproductive age. This study is aimed at assessing the

  31. PHYTOCONSTITUENTS SCREENING AND BIOACTIVITY OF Jatropha curcas LINN (PHYSIC LEAF) AND Sarcocephalus latifolius (AFRICAN PEACH) LEAVES EXTRACTS:The phytoconstituents screening of Jatropha curcas Linn (physic leaf) and Sarcocephalus latifolius (African peach) leaves extracts was carried out using solvent systems (aqueous extracts, n-hexane extracts and ethanol).

  32. ALLELOPATHIC EFFECT OF Hibiscus sabdariffa ON THE YIELD OF SOME LOCAL BEST CULTIVARS OF WHITE YAM IN NEMATODE INFESTED SOIL:Field trials were conducted at the Teaching and Research farm of Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi during the 2016 and 2017 planting seasons to study the allelopatic effect of Hibiscus

  33. GC-MS FINGERPRINT OF Boswellia dalzielli HUTCH (FAMILY: BURSERACEAE) AND ITS BIOACTIVITY AGAINST Plasmodium falciparum:The antiplasmodial activity of Boswellia dalzielli (Burseraceae) Hutch leaves 70% aqueous methanol crude extract and its C-18 resin flash chromatography fractions were evaluated. The study was carried out using the

  34. ANALYSIS OF THE VARIABILITY IN SOME CLIMATIC PARAMETERS IN OYO, NIGERIA:This study aims at analyzing the variability in some climatic parameters in Oyo Nigeria, with the implication of selecting the right descriptive statistics. 34 years’ data (1977-2010) on daily Rainfall

  35. ASSESSMENT OF GROUNDWATER QUALITY IN SHARADA INDUSTRIAL AREA OF KANO, NORTH-WESTERN NIGERIA:The current research examined the level of groundwater contamination in Sharada industrial area of Kano, Nigeria. Groundwater samples were collected, examined and analyzed for water quality parameters (physicochemical and heavy

  36. RESIDUAL PESTICIDES AND TRACE/TOXIC METAL CONCENTRATIONS IN READY-TO-EAT KOLANUTS (Cola nitida):This study evaluated the residual pesticides and trace/toxic metal levels in a world-wide traded kolanut species, Cola nitida, using Gas Chromatography (GC) and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS), respectively. Results indicated

  37. PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF SELECT DATA MINING SOFTWARE TOOLS FOR DATA CLUSTERING:Data mining is used to discover knowledge from information system. Clustering is one of the techniques used for data mining. It can be defined as a technique of grouping un-labelled

  38. IMPROVING THE QUALITY AND EFFICIENCY OF BIOGAS PRODUCTION PROCESSES BY THE USE OF CHELATING LIGANDS:The need for alternative renewable energy sources has resulted in the use of methane gas as a renewable and environmentally friendly energy source as compared to non-renewable fossil fuels. Methane

  39. SPATIAL DECISION SUPPORT FOR HEALTH SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT IN OGUN STATE NIGERIA:Geographical information system was applied to map health facilities in Ogun State. The objective is to improve health care delivery in the state. Geographic coordinates of 1,141 health facilities across

  40. INVESTIGATION OF THE METHANOL EXTRACT OF Anchomanes difformis TUBER EXTRACT FOR IN VITRO ANTIOXIDANT, α- AMYLASE AND α- GLUCOSIDASE INHIBITORY ACTIVITIES :The primary stage of diabetes mellitus type 2 is linked with postprandial hyperglycemia. This is believed to increase the production of free radicals and reactive oxygen species, leading to oxidative

  41. 2-D ELECTRICAL RESISTIVITY TOMOGRAPHY MONITORING OF SOIL MOISTURE DISTRIBUTION IN A RAIN-FED MAIZE PLOT:This study presents the 2-D Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) monitoring of soil moisture distribution on a small maize plot. It was aimed to investigate how soil moisture distribution affects maize

  42. A COMPARATIVE ASSESSMENT OF THE PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES AND FATTY ACID CONTENT OF Jatropha curcas L. SEED OIL AND SOME SELECTED SEED OILS:This study was undertaken to investigate the physicochemical properties and fatty acid composition of Jatropha curcas L seed oil and compared with those of selected seed oils used commercially in

  43. ASSESSING QUARRY DUST AS A POSSIBLE REPLACEMENT OF RIVER SAND IN HOLLOW BLOCKS:This research was carried out to investigate the effect of replacing river sand with quarry dust. 45 numbers of 450 x 225 x 225 mm of hollow blocks with 0,

  44. HEAVY METAL CONCENTRATIONS IN WATER FROM FISHING SITES IN FEDERAL CAPITAL TERRITORY AND FOUR SELECTED STATES IN NORTH CENTRAL NIGERIA:Water collected from fifteen active fishing sites in Niger, Kogi, Kwara, Benue states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) were analyzed for its physico-chemical properties (pH, temperature, conductivity, total hardness

  45. CROSS-DIFFUSION EFFECTS ON HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER OF MAGNETOHYDRODYNAMICS FLOW IN POROUS MEDIA OVER EXPONENTIALLY STRETCHING SURFACE :Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) boundary layer fluid flow in a porous medium over exponentially stretching sheet in the presence of heat generation and chemical reaction is the thrust of this paper. The

  46. EFFECT OF SODIUM CHLORIDE ON FURFURAL YIELD FROM MICROALGA:This paper reports a study on the production of furfural from microalga biomass, specifically investigate the effect of sodium chloride (NaCl) on furfural yield from microalga by varying the amount

  47. INFORMATION NEEDS OF FLUTED PUMPKIN (Telfairia occindentalis HOOK L.) FARMERS IN YOLA NORTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF ADAMAWA STATE, NIGERIA:The study analysed information needs of fluted pumpkin farmers in Yola North Local Government, Adamawa State, Nigeria. The specific objectives were to: describe the socio-economic characteristic of the respondents; examine

  48. ASSESSMENT OF THE NUTRITIVE AND ANTI-NUTRITIVE COMPOSITIONS OF FERMENTED AND UNFERMENTED AFRICAN CUSTARD APPLE (Annona senegalensis) SEEDS FROM NIGER STATE, NIGERIA:The assessment of nutritive and anti-nutritive compositions of fermented and unfermented seeds of Annona senegalensis from Niger State, Nigeria was carried out using standard analytical methods. The proximate parameters determined

  49. VARIATION OF RAINFALL PARAMETERS WITH HEIGHT USING A MICRO RAIN RADAR WITH ONE MINUTE INTEGRATION TIME OVER TROPICAL REGION:The measurement of the vertical profiles of rainfall parameters such as drop size distribution, rain rate, liquid water content, fall velocity and radar reflectivity were carried out using Micro Rain

  50. PHYTOCHEMICAL AND ANTIMICROBIAL EVALUATIONS OF THE EXTRACTS OF THE ROOTS OF Commiphora africana (CAESALPINIACEAE):Commiphora africana is used in traditional medicine for the treatment of various ailments by the natives of northern Nigeria. The air-dried roots were extracted with 95% ethanol using a Soxhlet

  51. EFFECTS OF JUTE YARN ON MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF CONCRETE:Concrete is poor in tension and it is usually reinforced with reinforcing bars within tensile zone to prevent collapse and cracking. These reinforcing steels are very expensive and are susceptible

  52. TAXONOMIC DELIMITATION OF SPECIES OF Senna AND Cassia IN AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY, ZARIA:The foliar epidermal characters of species of Senna and Cassia were studied in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in search for useful taxonomic characters; these include Senna alata (L.) Roxb., S.

  53. TECHNO-ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF HYBRID SOLAR PV/DIESEL POWER SYSTEM: CASE STUDY OF SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE:Remote and rural nature of agricultural activities establish their dependence on off-grid electricity. This study presents an optimal design of a hybrid solar photovoltaic (PV)/diesel power system for the support

  54. APPLICATION OF EULER AND WERNER DECONVOLUTION TECHNIQUES FOR THE INTERPRETATION OF AEROMAGNETIC DATA AROUND BANKE RING COMPLEX, NIGERIA :Werner and Euler deconvolution techniques have been applied on aeromagnetic data to characterize geologic structures/lineaments around Banke ring complex, Nigeria. The aeromgnetic data were obtained from the newly acquired high

  55. MORPHOLOGICAL VARIABILITY AMONG NIGERIAN EGGPLANTS (Solanum L.) AND THEIR WILD RELATIVES :Solanum L., is the largest genus of the family Solanaceae with over 2,000 species. Considering their worldwide distribution, a remarkably high level of morphological diversity has manifested at the species,

  56. EVALUATION OF THE PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES AND HEAVY METAL LEVEL OF WELL WATERS WITHIN THE VICINITY OF AUTO MECHANIC WORKSHOPS IN GWAGWALADA AREA COUNCIL, ABUJA, NIGERIA:Well water samples were collected from the vicinities of different auto mechanic workshops and a control site in Gwagwalada area council. The results of the physicochemical analysis which were determined

  57. SOFTWARE DEFECT PREDICTION: EFFECT OF FEATURE SELECTION AND ENSEMBLE METHODS :Software defect prediction is the process of locating defective modules in software. It facilitates testing efficiency and consequently software quality. It enables a timely identification of fault-prone modules. The use

  58. OPTIMIZATION OF PROCESSING VISCOSITY OF REACTIVE BLENDING OF DIMETHYOL UREA AND EPOXIDIZED COTTON SEED OIL FOR EMULSION PAINT PRODUCTION:The effect of dimethyol urea (DMU) viscosity on a composite obtained from the reactive modification of DMU and epoxidized cotton seed oil ECSO was successfully investigated in this work. Some



  61. TWO TRITERPENOIDS ISOLATED FROM THE ROOT OF Hippocratea welwitschii (CELASTRACEAE)-Oliv:The powdered dried root of Hippocreata welwitschii, a plant known traditionally for its strong anti-epileptic activity was extracted with 95% ethanol to obtain the crude extract. The crude root extract

  62. DIETARY DIVERSITY WITHIN FARMING HOUSEHOLDS IN SOKOTO AND KEBBI STATES, NIGERIA:This study examined maternal and child dietary diversity within farming households in north western Nigeria; specifically in Sokoto and Kebbi States. Primary data on personal and socio demographic characteristics of

  63. COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF SELECTED FEATURE EXTRACTION TECHNIQUES FOR IRIS RECOGNITION SYSTEM:The complexity of features extraction has a great influence on the program and processing speed of iris recognition system. Inappropriate feature extraction methods use in the representation of iris images

  64. GROWTH AND BONE CALCIUM CONTENT OF Clarias gariepinus FINGERLINGS FED DIET ENRICHED WITH Egeria radiatia SHELLS:The shells of Egeria radiata were collected from DadinKowa reservoir in Gombe State. Eighty Clarias gariepinus fingerlings were bought from a fish farm in Samaru, Zaria, Kaduna State. The Egeria

  65. SYNTHESES OF MONOAZO DISPERSE DYES DERIVED FROM 4-PHENOXYANILINE AND THEIR APPLICATION ON SYNTHETIC FABRICS:Six new azo disperse dyes were prepared from 4-phenoxyaniline through diazo coupling reactions. The structures of the azo dyes were identified by Fourier transform infrared, proton and carbon -13 nuclear

  66. A MODEL FOR ASSESSING THE PROGRESS AND PREDICTING THE EFFICACY OF ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY (ART):The Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) is posing a challenge as it has become drug resistant in some patients. Consequently, treatment failure and spread of drug

  67. POLLUTION POTENTIAL OF UNTREATED TANNERY EFFLUENTS DISCHARGED FROM CHALLAWA INDUSTRIAL ESTATE IN KANO STATE, NIGERIA:The pollution potential of untreated tannery effluents discharged from Challawa industrial estate in Kano state, Nigeria through drains and canals into Challawa River was considered in this study. Samples were

  68. MAPPING OF OFADA RICE PRODUCTION AREAS FOR RICE VALUE CHAIN DEVELOPMENT IN SOUTH WEST NIGERIA:Mapping exercise of Ofada rice production areas was motivated by the need to develop, spatially targeted interventions that will positively impact local rice value chain in south western Nigeria. The

  69. DETERMINATION OF THE CRUSTAL THICKNESS WITHIN NORTHERN BIDA BASIN, NORTH CENTRAL NIGERIA, USING GRAVITY DATA:Determination of the crustal thickness within northern Bida Basin is bounded by latitudes 8o 30ʹ N and 11o 00ʹ N and longitudes 4o 00ʹ E and 7o 00ʹ E is

  70. IODINE PROFILE OF AKWANA LOCAL SALT AND SELECTED TRADE MARKED TABLE SALTS IN WUKARI MARKET, TARABA STATE, NIGERIA:The aim of this research is to assess and investigate the iodine content of Akwana local salt collected from Akwana area of Taraba State, Nigeria and trademarked salt in the

  71. COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF PLAIN CARBON STEEL SPUR GEAR UNDER DIFFERENT FORCE APPLICATION:Effective power transmission in mechanical drive systems employs a gear as one of its foremost component. This is due to it suitability in compact transmission systems resulting from minimal center

  72. GEOTECHNICAL INVESTIGATION OF THE SUBSURFACE FORMATIONS, USING ELECTRICAL RESISTIVITY METHOD IN NORTHERN PART OF PAIKO TOWN, NIGER STATE, NIGERIA:Vertical electrical sounding (VES) was carried out in northern part of Paiko town, using Abem Terrameter model SAS 4000. The study was carried out with a view to determine the

  73. EVALUATION OF Alstonia congensis ENGL. (APOCYNACEAE) GUM AS A BINDING AGENT IN TABLET FORMULATION:Natural gums are economical, easily available and have been found useful as binders in tablet formulations. In the present study, A. congensis was studied and employed as a binder in

  74. SOCIO-ECONOMIC FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE DEPENDENCE ON NTFPS FOR COMMUNITY LIVELIHOODS BY HARVESTERS OF NTFPS FOR FOOD IN TARABA STATE:Several factors influenced dependence on NTFPs for community livelihoods by harvesters for food. Information on the role of NTFPs that provides forest foods is crucial to their sustainable management; however,

  75. A REVIEW ON OPERATIONAL HAZARDS OF WELDING PROCESSES:Welding operations are characterised by high levels of uncertainty due to the nature of their challenging field of operations. Given that welding projects presents a variety of potential hazards including

  76. A DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATIC FERTILIZER APPLICATION TO TOMATO PLANTS USING ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORK:One of the sectors that contribute to the country’s economy is agriculture which needs the improvement of science and technology from time to time such as in its fertigation system.

  77. ANTIMALARIAL EFFICACY OF Vitellaria paradoxa GAERTN (FAMILY: SAPOTACEAE) LEAVES AND STEM BARK:The antiplasmodial activity of Vitellaria paradoxa (Sapotaceae) leaves and stem bark 70% aqueous methanol crude extracts were evaluated and their phytochemical components elucidated. The study was carried out using the

  78. ASSESSMENT OF HEAVY METALS IN EDIBLE CLAYS SOLD IN ONITSHA METROPOLIS OF ANAMBRA STATE, NIGERIA:This study was undertaken to determine and compare the level of heavy metals- zinc, lead, cadmium, copper, mercury and cobalt in two species of edible clay (Nzu and Ulo) sold

  79. EFFICIENCY OF CHICKWEED (Stellaria citrifolia) LEAVES EXTRACT ON DERMATOPHYTES (RINGWORMS) ISOLATED FROM PRIMARY SCHOOL PUPILS IN WUKARI, NORTH EAST, NIGERIA:Ringworm is a global infection that is treated using various antifungal agent including plant extracts. A survey was carried out among one hundred and twenty (120) pupils (eighty (80) males

  80. COMPARATIVE STUDY OF LOCAL AND COMMERCIAL TABLE SALTS MARKETED IN WUKARI NIGERIA:A preliminary study of Akwana mineral salt was conducted using LaMotte testing kit for water quality investigation, Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) for characterization of organic contamination and X-ray fluorescence technique

  81. WAITING TIME OPERATIONAL ANALYSIS OF GENERAL ARRIVAL MARKOVIAN SERVICE TIMES TO REAL LIFE:A general arrival and Markovian service time queueing system with one server under first come first served discipline was considered, where the ij element of transition probability is given as


  83. COMPETITIVE ADSORPTION OF LEAD AND CHROMIUM ONTO SAWDUST:The equilibrium and kinetics of adsorption of Cr(VI) and Pb(II) ions from the binary solution onto sawdust was investigated. The batch adsorption techniques were employed in the studies. The effect

  84. PREVALENCE OF Schistosoma haematobium INFECTION AMONG PRIMARY SCHOOL CHILDREN IN SOME SELECTED COMMUNITIES WITHIN DUTSIN-MA LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF KATSINA STATE:A study was conducted on the prevalence of Schistosoma haematobium infection among primary school children in some selected communities within Dutsin-ma Local Government Area of Katsina State. A wet mount

  85. BROILER FEEDS ASSESSMENT FOR HEAVY METALS WITHIN KADUNA METROPOLIS USING NON DESTRUCTIVE ANALYTICAL TECHNIQUE:This study evaluates heavy metals in selected broiler feed using anon-destructive analytical technique. In this study four feeds commonly used in feeding Nigerian broilers were sampled from different areas of

  86. PHYSICO-CHEMICAL AND GC-MS ANALYSIS OF SOME SELECTED PLANT SEED OILS; CASTOR, NEEM AND RUBBER SEED OILS:Oils were extracted from castor, neem and rubber seeds plants using Soxhlet apparatus and their physical and chemical (physico-chemical) properties were determined. The acid values were 12.69, 12.64 and 7.60

  87. DETERMINATION OF SOIL ERODIBILITY INDICES FOR SELECTED SOILS IN SOUTHERN GUINEA SAVANNA ECOLOGICAL ZONE OF NIGERIA UNDER RAINFED AGRICULTURAL PRACTICE:A field experiment was conducted to determine erodibility index of selected soils in Southern Guinea Savanna Ecological zone of Nigeria. In each area, samples were taken from various depths of

  88. GROUP CONTRIBUTION METHOD FOR THE ESTIMATION OF CRITICAL PROPERTIES OF SOME LINEAR ALIPHATIC DIMETHYL ESTERS OF DICARBOXYLIC ACIDS:Critical temperature (Tc), critical pressure (Pc) and critical volume (Vc) of the linear aliphatic dimethyl esters of dicarboxylic acids CH3-CO2-(CH2)n-CO2-CH3 (with n = 0 to 8) were estimated using Group

  89. GROWTH RESPONSE, SEX RATIO AND ECONOMICS OF MASCULINIZED Clarias gariepinus:The growth response, sex ratio and economics of masculinized Clarias gariepinus using lyophilized bull and goat testes meal was evaluated. Masculinization of Clarias gariepinus was conducted using Methyl testosterone Hormone-treated

  90. METALLOPHTHALOCYANINES SYNTHESIS PROPERTIES AND APPLICATIONS A REVIEW:Phthalocyanines (Pcs) are an exciting class of molecules that exhibit appreciable physical and chemical stabilities. The Pc macrocycle can host most metal ions in its cavity; hence numerous metallophthalocyanines (MPcs)

  91. IN SILICO STUDY DEMONSTRATES MULTIPLE BIOACTIVE COMPOUNDS OF Sambucus PLANT PROMOTE DEATH CELL SIGNALING PATHWAY VIA FAS RECEPTOR:In recent times, in silico analysis is one of the powerful tools to screen and predict the pharmaceutical properties of multiple small molecules. Furthermore, in this present study, we attempt

  92. DETERMINATION OF OPTIMUM WATER REQUIREMENT FOR MAIZE PRODUCTION UNDER BASIN IRRIGATION SYSTEM AT LAKE GERIYO IRRIGATION PROJECT YOLA, ADAMAWA STATE NORTHEASTERN NIGERIA:Maize constitutes one of the most widely consumed food sources in northern Nigeria. Water requirement is a key parameter in obtaining maximum yield for maize. The study aimed at determining

  93. AGENT SUPPORT MODEL FOR BEHAVIOUR CHANGE INTERVENTION:Agent applications have been widely used in decision making process and behaviour change interventions nowadays which might be due to the four unique features of agent proactiveness, reactivity, social ability

  94. SYNTHESIS, CHARACTERIZATION AND IN VITRO BIOLOGICAL ACTIVITY PROFILE OF SOME DERIVATIVES OF C9154 ANTIBIOTIC:Structural modification of the C-9154 antibiotic was carried out in an attempt to simultaneously improving its activity and lower its toxicity. An analogue of the C-9154 antibiotic and six derivatives

  95. MOLECULAR MODELLING AND DYNAMIC SIMULATION OF CORROSION INHIBITORS ON STEEL IN ACIDIC MEDIUM:Experimental corrosion study was often high-cost and time-consuming since large-scale trial experiments were carried out. An In-silico method was used to study the inhibition performance of twenty-five amino acids and

  96. PERCEPTION OF HERBAL MEDICINE PRACTICE AMONG STUDENTS OF TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS IN NORTHERN, NIGERIA:Herbal medicine still plays a significant role in the 21st century specifically in the areas of prevention and treatment of many illnesses. This practice goes beyond the maintenance of good

  97. DESIGN OF MULTIBAND AND ULTRAWIDBAND CIRCULAR FRACTAL ANTENNA WITH PARTIAL GROUND PLANE:Due to advancements in communication technology, there is an increase in the demand of small size, low cost, multiband and ultra-wideband antennas. With a view to address these demands, a

  98. EFFECT OF ACETYLATION ON THE PORE MATRIX AND PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF LIGNOCELLULOSIC FIBERS:The recent resurgence of interest in the use of fibers from agro – waste as reinforcement and oil sorption materials in the polymer and oil spill cleanup industries respectively, has

  99. PROTECTIVE ROLE OF METHANOLIC LEAF EXTRACT OF Holarrhena floribunda AGAINST SODIUM ARSENITE INDUCED LUNG OXIDATIVE STRESS IN MALE ALBINO RATS:Plant-based dietary components and added substances are known to shield cells from oxidative stress. This research was conducted to ascertain the protective effect of methanolic extract of Holarrhena floribunda against

  100. MOLECULAR DIVERSITY OF 3 Allium spp. LOCAL RACES BASED ON RAPD DATA AND ASSESSMENT OF SSR MARKERS IN CROSS-SPECIES TRANSFERABILITY:To understand the extent of genetic diversity among local races of Allium species is an important prerequisite for proper plant conservation and genetic resource utilization. This study was conducted to

  101. THE SPECIFIC HEAT CAPACITIES AND RATE OF COOLING OF SOME GRADES OF ENGINE OIL SAMPLES:This study examined specific heat capacities and rates of cooling of different SAE20W-50 multi-viscosity engine oil samples (Amasco oil, A-Z oil, Express oil, Oando oil, Jezco oil, Total Classic and

  102. REVIEW OF RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN THE USE OF NANOFLUIDS AS COOLANTS IN METAL CUTTING OPERATIONS:Metal cutting operation is one of the manufacturing industries operations that can benefit tremendously from the application of nanofluids as coolants. Nanofluid is one of the recent inventions in the

  103. CHARACTERIZATION OF COMPOSITES FROM DIMETHYLOL UREA AND HYDROXYLATED BLACK SEED OIL FOR POSSIBLE APPLICATION AS AN EMULSION PAINT BINDER:The blending of dimethylol urea (DMU) and hydroxylated black seed oil (HBSO) was studied in this work. The FTIR spectroscopy of the pure DMU and DMU/HBSO showed that chemical interaction

  104. THE EFFECTS OF AQUEOUS EXTRACTS OF RIPE AND UNRIPE PEPPER FRUIT (Dennettia tripetala) ON SOME BIOCHEMICAL PARAMETERS IN RATS EXPOSED TO CYANIDE POSSIBLE ANTIDOTE:This study was carried out to determine the effect of ripe pepper fruit (RPF) and Unripe pepper fruit (UPF) extract on some biochemical parameters in rats so as to ascertain

  105. DISTRIBUTION, BIOACCUMULATION AND RISK CONSIDERATION OF PAHS IN WATER, SEDIMENT, FISH AND PRAWN FROM BONNY RIVER, RIVER STATE, NIGERIA:The levels of 16 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were determined in surface water, sediment, fish (Mugil cephalus) and prawn (Penaeus monodon) from fishing areas affected by oil and gas exploration

  106. EFFECT OF PROCESSING ON THE MINERAL ELEMENTS AND ANTI-NUTRIENTS OF SOME EDIBLE VEGETABLES FROM KEFFI, NASARAWA STATE, NIGERIA:This study investigated the effect of boiling, steaming and sun drying on the mineral elements and anti-nutrients of six varieties of edible vegetables: Ewedu (Corchorus olitorius), water leaf (Talinum triangulare),

  107. ISOLATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF STIGMASTEROL AND Β-SITOSTEROL FROM ETHYL ACETATE EXTRACT OF Adenodolichos paniculatus (FABACEAE):The leaves of Adenodolichos paniculatus (Fabaceae) was collected, identified, dried and pulverized. The pulverized plant material was subjected to microwave assisted extraction using n-hexane, chloroform, ethyl acetate and methanol. Column

  108. PROJECTION OF HOMESTEAD FISH OUTPUT IN ADAMAWA STATE, NIGERIA: MARKOVIAN APPROACH:The study was on projection of homestead fish output in Adamawa State, Nigeria: Markovian approach. The objectives of the study were to: describe the farm sizes of homestead fish farmers

  109. KINETICS AND MECHANISM OF THE ELECTRON TRANSFER REACTION OF MALACHITE GREEN WITH SULPHITE ION IN ACIDIC MEDIUM:Electron transfer reaction between malachite green and sulphite ion have been investigated in aqueous hydrochloric acid medium under pseudo-first order conditions at 27 ± 1°C, [H+] = 5.0 × 10-3

  110. BERNSTEIN-CHEBYSHEV INTEGRAL COLLOCATION METHOD FOR SOLVING THIRD-ORDER MULTI-POINT BOUNDARY VALUE PROBLEMS:In this paper, combination of Bernstein and Chebyshev approximations are developed and adopted for the numerical solution of third-order linear and nonlinear multi-point boundary value problems. The whole idea of

  111. GEOCHEMISTRY OF COAL AND COAL BEARING STRATA FROM THE UPPER CRETACEOUS MAMU FORMATION, SOUTHEASTERN NIGERIA: IMPLICATIONS FOR PALEOREDOX HISTORY:Thirteen coal samples from the Maastrichtian Mamu Formationin the Anambra Basin (SE Nigeria) were analysed for total organic carbon (TOC), major and trace elements using LECO C-230 analyser and inductively

  112. IN-SITU TRANSESTERIFICATION OF Datura metel SEED OIL USING CaO DERIVED FROM SNAIL SHELL AS A CATALYST FOR BIODIESEL PRODUCTION:Biodiesel is considered as one of the alternative environmental benign fuel. It production encountered many problems such as low energy balance and food verses fuels competition. To resolve some of

  113. ASSESSMENT OF THE IMPACT OF HERBICIDE CONTAMINATED TOP SOILS ON ITS PHYSIOCHEMICAL, MICROBIOLOGICAL AND ENZYMATIC PROPERTIES:Herbicides not only control weeds but also affect soil microorganisms which are responsible for numerous biological processes essential for crop production. The study aimed at determining the effect of herbicide

  114. COEFFICIENT BOUNDS FOR CERTAIN NEW SUBCLASS OF m-FOLD SYMMETRIC BI-UNIVALENT FUNCTIONS ASSOCIATED WITH CONIC DOMAINS:Considering a function which is analytic in the open unit disk E, normalized by and having the power series of the form We introduce

  115. PROPOSED THERMAL MODEL OF SILICON-ON-INSULATOR (SOI) INTEGRATED CIRCUITS:The Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) structure with a layer of buried silicon oxide added to isolate the device body and the silicon substrate can significantly


  117. STUDIES ON THE ROLE OF Escherichia coli IN PREGNANCY RELATED MISCARRIAGES (SPONTANEOUS ABORTIONS) IN UPLAND AREA OF RIVERS STATE OF NIGERIA:Escherichia coli infection is a serious health threat to the ordinary people, especially the intending mothers all over the world, but more so in the developing countries. In this cohort

  118. PHARMACOGNOSTIC STANDARDIZATION OF THE STEM BARK OF Cussonia barteri SEEMANN ARALIACEAE:Cussonia barteri (Seemann), commonly called Octopus cabbage tree. It is known in Hausa as Gwabsa, Fulani as Burmalahi and Yoruba as Sigo. It is used traditionally in the treatment of

  119. DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING OF TRACTOR POWER TAKEOFF (PTO) ELECTRICITY GENERATION SYSTEM:This research work was carried out to design, fabricate and test the performance of tractor power take off (PTO) electricity generation system. This idea was conceived in order to utilize

  120. KINETICS AND MECHANISM OF THE CATALYSED REDUCTION OF ETHYLENEDIAMINETETRAACETATOCOBALTATE(III) ION BY L-ASCORBIC ACID IN AQUEOUS ACIDIC MEDIUM:The kinetics of the copper(II) catalysed reduction of ethylenediaminetetraacetatocobaltate(III) ion (hereafter [Co(III)EDTA]–) by L-ascorbic acid (hereafter H2A) has been investigated spectrophotometrically in aqueous acidic medium at λmax = 535 nm.

  121. INVESTIGATIVE ANALYSIS OF Li-Fi EFFICIENCY IN 2D AND 3D IMAGE TRANSMISSION:The use of wireless and networked devices is rising exponentially, making the current radio frequency spectrum overcrowded. In view of this, this paper presents an investigative analysis of using Light

  122. PRODUCTION OF MEDICATED SOAP FROM THE BARK EXTRACT OF Vitex doniana TREE:Medicated soap (slightly yellow in colour) was produced using bark extract of Vitex doniana and a mixture of shear butter oil and palm oil. The saponification value for shear butter

  123. COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF RESOURCE USE EFFICIENCY AMONG ARABLE CROP COOPERATIVE AND NON-COOPERATIVE FARMERS IN AN AGRICULTURAL ZONE:The study was conducted in Enugu east agricultural zone of Enugu State, Nigeria. The study analysed and compared technical and allocative efficiencies of arable crop cooperative and non-cooperative farmers in

  124. HYDRO-GEOELECTRICAL STUDY OF ZING AND ENVIRONS, TARABA STATE, NORTHEAST NIGERIA:The study examined Hydro-geo-electrical/geological conditions of the area with the view of delineating potential areas for groundwater development. The resistivity method was employed and twenty one (21) vertical electrical sounding

  125. GENERALIZED LINEAR MODELS ON ROAD TRAFFIC CRASH ALONG KEFFI-LAFIA ROAD FROM 2006 TO 2015:Poisson and Negative Regression analyses are techniques used to model dependent variable that describe count data. The aim of this paper is to study the relationship between death from road

  126. EFFECT OF FUNGAL ROTS ON NUTRITIONAL QUALITY OF Anona senegalensis L. AND Anona squamosa L. FRUITS SOLD IN YOLA, ADAMAWA STATE, NIGERIA:The aim of this work was to analyze the effect of fungal rot on nutritional quality of Annona fruits sold in Yola, Adamawa state, Nigeria. Rotted annona fruits were randomly

  127. PRODUCTION AND TESTING OF SOME PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF POLYETHYLENE TEREPHTHALATE WASTE BOTTLES (FARO)/TEA LEAVES WASTE FIBRES COMPOSITE:Composites of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and tea leaves waste fibres were produced. Modulus of rupture, flammability, water absorption and hardness tests were carried out. Modulus of rupture test showed that

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