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  1. PHYSICOCHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF READY-TO-EAT COMMERCIAL FUFU SOLD IN BENIN CITY NIGERIA:Physiochemical analysis of ready-to-eat commercial fufu sold in Benin City, Nigeria was carried out. Samples of ready-to-eat fufu were purchased from the five different markets (Uselu, Oba, Aduwawa, New Benin

  2. JOB RESPONSIBILITIES AND COMPETENCY AMONG EXTENSION WORKERS IN EDO SATE, NIGERIA: IMPLICATION FOR COMMUNICATION:The study focused on Job responsibilities and competency among extension workers in Edo State Nigeria. Questionnaire was used to obtained data from 100 extension workers and was analyzed using Frequency

  3. EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATION OF THE MECHANICAL STRENGTH CHARACTERISTICS OF GLASS FIBRE COMPOSITE CONCRETE:The research work lays emphasis on the use of glass fibre of two different sizes of 5m and 8mm, to improve the mechanical strength properties of the concrete. Over the

  4. RICE YELLOW MOTTLE SOBOMOVIRUS: A LIMITING FACTOR IN RICE PRODUCTION IN AFRICA:Rice is the primary and secondary host of many viruses, but the most important in Africa is the rice yellow mottle virus (RYMV) genus Sobemovirus. It is endemic in the continent

  5. IS ESA RELATIONSHIP THE TOOL IN SEARCHING FOR INTERSTELLAR HETEROCYCLES?:Because of their importance in biological systems, in our understanding of the solar system and in other applications, seven heterocycles; furan, imidazole, pyridine, pyrimidine, pyrrole, quinoline and isoquinoline have been astronomically searched

  6. THE USE OF ANALYTIC AND FIRST DERIVATIVE TECHNIQUES TO GAIN INSIGHT INTO AEROMAGNETIC ANOMALY PATTERNS IN PART OF IKARA, NIGERIA:In order to understand structurally, the patterns of subsurface geological features of a basement area due to their various rock properties, especially magnetite content, geophysics is always the answer. Such rock

  7. INFLUENCE OF POTTING MEDIA ON THE GROWTH AND BULB YIELD OF ONION (Allium cepa L.):A trial was conducted in the screen house at the Department of Crop Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria to investigate the effect of different potting media

  8. REMOVAL OF LEAD AND CADMIUM FROM AQUEOUS SOLUTION USING ACTIVATED CARBONS FROM DESERT DATE AND SHEA NUT SHELLS:Shells of Balanitesaegyptiaca (desert date) and Vitellariaparadoxa (shea nut) activated with 1.00 mol/dm3H2SO4and their blends were investigated for the removal of Pb and Cd from aqueous solution. Effects of operational parameters, such

  9. IN VITRO RUMEN DEGRADATION KINETICS AND VOLATILE FATTY ACIDS PRODUCTION OF CATTLE MANURE VERMICAST SUPPLEMENTED WITH RICE STRAW:Different processing methods have been used to develop ingredients for ruminants’ feedstuff from manure. It is important to study dynamics of rumen degradation of various potential feeds before using it to

  10. DEMAND SIDE MANAGEMENT OF ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION OF SOME BUSINESS CENTERS IN OKADA:A comparative analysis was carried out between energy saving equipment and conventional non energy saving equipment in five major business centres in Okada, Edo State of Nigeria to determine the overall

  11. VOLATILE OIL COMPOSITION AND BIOACTIVITY OF Hyptissuaveolens(L)SEEDSFOUND IN AKOKO REGION OF ONDO STATE, NIGERIA:The chemical composition of the volatile oil obtained by hydro-distillation using all glass Clevenger apparatus from Hyptissuaveolens L seeds grown in Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria was analysed by GC/MS. The acute

  12. TECHNICAL EFFICIENCY ANALYSIS AMONG SMALL SCALE WATERMELON FARMERS IN UHUNMWODE LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA EDO STATE, NIGERIA:The study examined technical efficiency (TE) among small-scale watermelon farmers in Uhunmwode Local Government Area Edo state, Nigeria. The specific objectives were to examine the socio-economic characteristics of the farmers, estimate the

  13. NOTES ON THE ECOLOGY OF BENTHIC MACROFAUNA COMMUNITY OF LAGOS LAGOON SYSTEM: A CRITICAL REVIEW OF THE ROLE OF SALINITY IN COMMUNITY ASSEMBLAGE AND DISTRIBUTION:The Lagos Lagoon system consists of many interconnected lagoons situated along the coast of southwest, Nigeria. The system is fed by numerous water bodies and is open all year round via

  14. DISTRIBUTION OF HEAVY METALS LEVELS IN STREAM WATER AND SEDIMENT AROUND ARUFU COMMUNITY IN WUKARI - NIGERIA:The study was conducted to investigate the impacts of galena mining on heavy metal concentrations in water and sediment from streams around Arufu community after acid digestion using atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The

  15. A PROBABILISTIC ECONOMIC ORDER QUANTITY (EOQ) MODEL FOR INVENTORY MANAGEMENT OF DRUGS AND HOSPITAL CONSUMABLES:The quality of the healthcare service of the Central Pharmacy in Benue State University Teaching Hospital (BSUTH) is constantly threatened by high demands placed by the various sub-pharmacies due to high

  16. EFFECTS OF HOUSEHOLD HOME GARDEN, SOCIO-ECONOMIC CHARACTERISTICS AND HEALTH STATUS PERCEPTION ON FOOD CONSUMPTION DIVERSITY IN OYO STATE, NIGERIA:The study examined the effects of home garden, socio-economic characteristics and health status perception on dietary diversity among households in Oyo State, Nigeria. Some households were studied by means of multistage sampling

  17. PHYTOCHEMICAL SCREENING AND CHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF METHANOLIC EXTRACTS OF THE LEAVES OF THREE Momordica SPECIES:The results of the phytochemical screening revealed the presence of saponin, tannin, phenols, alkaloids, terpenoids, steroids, flavonoids, cardiac glycosides, glycosides and reducing sugar. Saponin, tannin, phenols, alkaloids, steroids and cardiac glycosides were

  18. PHYTOCHEMICAL, ANTI-OXIDANT PROPERTIES AND LIPID LOWERING EFFECT OF THE AQUEOUS EXTRACT OF Dennettiatripetala FRUITS ON WISTAR RATS:Dennettiatripetala belongs to the family Annonaceae. The aqueous and n-Hexane extract were screened for the presence of phenols, flavonoids and vitamin C and the 2,2-diphenyl-picrlhydrazyl (DPPH) radical scavenging activities of the extracts

  19. EFFECTS OF INTERNAL HEAT GENERATION AND THERMAL RADIATION ON UNSTEADY HYDROMAGNETIC FLOW PAST A STRETCHING SURFACE EMBEDDED IN A POROUS MEDIUM WITH VISCOUS DISSIPATION:This study investigates the effects of internal heat generation, thermal radiation and viscous dissipation on an unsteady hydromagnetic boundary layer flow of a viscous incompressible fluid past a stretching surface embedded in

  20. PETROPHYSICAL ANALYSIS OF THE KACHAN FIELD RESERVOIR SANDS FROM WIRE-LINE LOGS, NIGER DELTA, NIGERIA:Reservoir characterization of Kachan field, Niger Delta was evaluated using petrophysical analysis. This was done with the aim of determining petrophysical properties so as to know the reservoir quality and potential

  21. LIPID COMPOSITION OF RAW, ROASTED AND COOKED DEHULLED (Treculiaafricana) SEEDS: DIETARY IMPLICATIONS:The following determinations were carried out on the raw and processed Treculiaafricana seed samples using standard analytical methods: crude fat, fatty acids, phytosterols and phospholipids analyses and the results were subjected to

  22. ASSESSMENT OF FOREST OFFENCES IN KURMI LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF TARABA STATE, NIGERIA:Forest resources are lost every year in Kurmi Local Government Area (LGA) of Taraba State. This loss has been attributed to various forms of forest offences. However, these various forms of

  23. DETERMINATION AND OPTIMIZATION OF EFFECT OF PROCESS PARAMETERS ON FURFURAL YIELD FROM MICROALGAE:This paper reports a study on the production of furfural from algae biomass, optimizing the process parameters using Response Surface Methodology (RSM). Central composite design (CCD) was employed to determine the effect

  24. MARKET SURVEY OF SPICES AND VEGETABLES OBTAINED FROM FOUR MARKETS IN LAGOS METROPOLIS:A survey of spices and vegetables in four markets in Lagos metropolis was carried out. Sixteen species of spice plants belonging to nine Families were recorded. The Family Zingiberaceae had three

  25. QUANTITATIVE STRUCTURE–ACTIVITY RELATIONSHIP (QSAR) AND MOLECULAR DOCKING ANALYSIS OF THE INHIBITORY ACTIVITIES OFBENZOFURAN/BENZOTHIOPHENE BIPHENYLS DERIVATIVES ON PROTEIN TYROSINE PHOSPHATASE 1B:A quantitative structure–activity relationship (QSAR) was performed to analyze inhibitory activities of 42 Benzofuran/Benzothiophene Biphenyls derivatives using multiple linear regressions (MLR). A suitable set of molecular descriptors were calculated to represent the

  26. COMPARATIVE EFFECT OF ORGANIC AND MINERAL FERTILIZER TYPES ON SOIL PROPERTIES, GROWTH AND YIELD OF YAM IN ONDO, SOUTH WESTERN NIGERIA:Two field experiments were conducted at the Teaching and Research Farm of Agricultural Science Department, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo Southwestern Nigeria in 2014 and 2015 to compare the effect of

  27. AUTOMATIC FERTILIZED-IRRIGATION CONTROL AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM:As serious food insecurity persists in many parts of the world, improving productivity in agriculture in a sustainable manner is today a realistic target. Farming plays an important role in food

  28. ESTIMATING POST HARVEST LOSS: A CHALLENGE OF DEVELOPING NATIONS:This paper has highlighted the importance of reducing postharvest food losses as a necessary step in ensuring future global food security in a sustainable manner. Given the postharvest challenges posed by

  29. EFFECTS OF LEAD ON THE HISTOPATHOLOGY OF GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT OF ClariasgariepinusJUVENILES:The acute toxicity test of lead to Clariasgariepinus juveniles and the rate of bioaccumulation in the intestine of Clariasgariepinus juveniles was investigated by Standard Methods by APHA (2000). At the end

  30. ANALYSIS OF SOIL PROPERTIES ON IRRIGATED LANDS ALONG FARINRUWA RIVER, NASARAWA STATE, NIGERIA:Water used for irrigation contains several substances that may affect the productive capacity of soils and yields of crops. The study analysed soil properties on irrigated lands along FarinRuwa River. A

  31. DETERMINATION OF PHYSICOCHEMICAL PARAMETERS, HEAVY METALS AND ESSENTIAL ELEMENT CONCENTRATION IN SOME ENERGY DRINKS MARKED IN JEMITA MODERN MARKET, NIGERIA:This study was carried out to determine the contribution of eight commonly consumed energy drinks to energy intake of youths in Yola and the associated health risk factors. Eight brands of

  32. DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF A COLUMN FLASH DRYING UNIT FOR PROCESSING CASSAVA STARCH:A column flash drying unit for processing cassava starch was designed, constructed, assembled and test run to process 20 kg/h of dry starch. The column flash drying unit consist of the

  33. DETERMINANTS OF OFF-FARM LABOUR PARTICIPATION DECISIONS AMONG FARM HOUSEHOLDS IN OYO AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT ZONE, OYO STATE, NIGERIA:This research work focused on the determinants of off-farm labour participation decisions of farm households in Oyo Agricultural Developmental Zone (OYSADEP). Primary data were used mainly for the study. Questionnaires were administered

  34. ELECTRICAL RESISTIVITY INVESTIGATION OF SUB-SURFACE TOPOGRAPHY OF RAFIN-BAREDA AS A TOOL FOR GROUNDWATER EXPLORATION IN DUTSEN-WAI, NIGERIA:Geohydrological investigations are performed to assess the groundwater parameters for locating suitable sites for groundwater exploration and resource management in Rafin-Bareda of Dutsen-wai. Thirty-six vertical electrical soundings (VES) using Schlumberger configurations were

  35. VECTOR COMPETENCE AND TRANSMISSION RATES OF ONCHOCERCIASIS IN AKWANGA AND KEFFI LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREAS OF NASARAWA STATE NIGERIA:A vectorial study was conducted at Akwanga and Keffi Local Government Areas of Nasarawa State to assess the vector competence and transmission rates of onchocerciasis. Monthly blackfly catching was carried out

  36. EFFECTS OF ETHANOLIC EXTRACTS OF Daturametel PARTS ON LIVER FUNCTION OF MALE ALBINO RATS:This study investigated the effects of ethanolic extracts of Daturametel parts on liver function of male albino rats. The plant parts are used for several reasons, including its medicinal and psychoactive

  37. ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF RAIN FED RICE (Oryza sativa) PRODUCTION IN MUBI NORTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF ADAMAWA STATE, NIGERIA:The research determined the Economic Analysis of Rain Fed Rice Production in Some Selected Villages of Mubi North Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria. A multi-stage random sampling technique was

  38. KINETICS AND MECHANISM OF OXIDATION OF THIOUREA BY TETRAKIS (2, 2ˈ- BIPYRIDINE)-μ- OXODIIRON (III) COMPLEX IN AQUEOUS ACIDIC MEDIA:The reaction between thiourea (TU) and tetrakis(2,2’-bipyridine)-μ-oxodiiron (III) complex ([Fe2(bpy)4O]4+) hereafter referred to as Fe2O4+ has been studied in aqueous acidic media at hydrogen ion concentration ([H+]) of 0.001 moldm-3, constant ionic

  39. COMPARATIVE LEVELS OF BROMATE AND METALS IN BREAD LOAVES OBTAINED FROM CORPORATE AND LOCAL BAKERIES IN TWO COMMUNITIES OF LAGOS, NIGERIA:A comparative assessment of potassium bromate and trace/toxic metal levels in bread loaves obtained from selected corporate and local bakeries in two communities of Lagos, Nigeria, was carried out using High Performance

  40. EFFECT OF MOISTURE CONTENT ON SOME QUALITY PARAMETERS OF STORED BAMBARA NUT (Vigna subterranea) FLOUR:Bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranea (L.) Verdc.)originated in West Africa but has become widely distributed throughout the semi-arid zone of sub-Saharan Africa; it has appealing flavour and a high nutritive value comparable with

  41. ASSESSMENT OF SOME MINERAL CONTAMINATION OF MEATS SINGEING WITH SCRAP TYRES AND PLASTIC WASTES:Analysis of some mineral contamination of cow, sheep and goat meats (unwashed and washed) through the use of scrap tyre for singeing as the processing method was carried out in some

  42. A MATHEMATICAL MODEL FOR CHYME FLOW IN THE SMALL INTESTINE DURING GASTROENTERITIS INFECTION:A mathematical model is considered to study peristaltic transport of chyme in the small intestine during gastroenteritis infection. The Jeffrey model fluid flow is used for the peristaltic flow of chyme

  43. ASSESSMENT OF PERIWINKLE SHELL ASH BLENDED CEMENT CONCRETE INCRUDE OIL POLLUTED ENVIRONMENT:The present study investigated the compressive strength of periwinkle shell ash (PSA) blended cement concrete soaked in crude oil polluted water and portable water (control) media. Concrete cubes were prepared at

  44. REMOVAL OF Pb2+ FROM AQUEOUS SOLUTION USING RICE HUSK AS AN ADSORBENT:The adsorption of Pb2+ using rice husk as adsorbent was studied using batch adsorption method. The physicochemical parameters gave values of 6.13, 42 %, 23, 5 %, 0.5 mg/L and 55.50

  45. EFFECT OF LABOUR TURNOVER ON ORGANIZATION PERFORMANCE: A CASE STUDY OF COCOA RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF NIGERIA:The study examined the effect of labour turnover on organization performance in cocoa research institute of Nigeria. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data from seventy four (74) employees of

  46. EFFECT OF TRANSESTERIFICATION REACTION TEMPERATURE ON THE YIELD AND QUALITY OF BIOFUEL PRODUCED FROM RUBBER SEED (Haveabransilenses) OIL:In this study, the effect of transesterification reaction temperature on the yield and quality of biofuel produced from Rubber Seed Oil (RSO) was analyzed. A two-step transesterification procedure was carried out

  47. THE POTENTIAL OF CAMEL TESTICLES FOR THE GROWTH AND SURVIVAL OF MASCULINIZED NILE TILAPIA (Oreochromisniloticus, LINNEEUS 1758):The potential of camel testicles for the growth and survival of masculinized Nile Tilapia (Oreochromisniloticus) was carried out in the Department of Fisheries University of Maiduguri. The aim was to assess

  48. NUMERICAL COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF COCONUT FIBRE COMPOSITE CONCRETE (CFCC) AND LATHE STEEL WASTE COMPOSITE CONCRETE (LSWCC) UNDER BLAST LOADINGS:This work is a comparative analysis of the blast resistance capability of coconut fibre composite concrete (CFCC) and lathe steel waste composite concrete (LSWCC) using finite element numerical analysis. The static compressive,

  49. VARIABILITY OF RELATIVE HUMIDITY AND AIR TEMPERATURE IN KANO AND PORT HARCOURT, NIGERIA:This work examines the year to year and month to month variability of relative humidity and air temperature in Kano and Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. Thirty-four (34) years data of relative humidity and

  50. PHYSICO-CHEMICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF CLAY DEPOSITS FROM PUJE WARD WUKARI -TARABA STATE:Physico-chemical and X- Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyses was used to characterize the clay deposits from Puje ward of Wukari, Taraba State with the view to establishing its suitability for industrial usage.

  51. MODELING THE FLOODING OF AWARA RIVER IN ONDO STATE, SOUTHWESTERN NIGERIA:This study uses curve fitting techniques to formulate a model for the flow of water in Awara River in Ondo State. The model is formulated to reflect the interrelationship existing among

  52. DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF AN EFFICIENT VEHICLE SECURITY SYSTEM:The design and implementation of an efficient vehicle security system was carried out in this paper. This includes various design stages such as door intruder detector unit, touch sensor unit, alarm

  53. A PRELIMINARY STUDY OF INSECTS ASSOCIATED WITH SURFACE RABBIT CARRIONS IN WARRI, DELTA STATE, NIGERIA:The preliminary survey of the entomofauna on decomposing carrions in Warri was undertaken to provide a baseline insect information on carrion decomposition. Seven rabbits (Orytctolaguscuniculus) of mean weight 2.14±0.12kg (M±S.D) sacrificed by

  54. EVALUATION OF CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF Acacia niloticaSEEDS:Acacia nilotica seeds purchased from local markets in Minna, Nigeria were analyzed for chemical composition, anti-nutrient contents and amino acid profile. The seed flour contained 6.67% moisture content, 2.80% ash, 23.33% crude

  55. PREPARATION, CHARACTERIZATION AND PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF SILICA AEROGEL PRODUCED FROM RICE HUSK:There is an increasing need to preserve the environment in recent times from the global warming perspective. Rice husk when burnt as fuel generates energy and the end product, rice husk

  56. ASSESSMENT OF REMOVAL OF CRUDE OIL AND ITS LOWER FRACTIONS FROM LAND AND AQUEOUS MEDIUM USING ACTIVATED CORNCOB CARBON:Activated corncob carbon was prepared and tested for removal of crude oil, diesel, kerosine and petrol from land and aqueous medium by comparing its oil uptake, recovery of sorbed oil and

  57. CONTRIBUTIONS OF FUEL-WOOD TO HOUSEHOLD ECONOMY IN TAKUM LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF TARABA STATE, NIGERIA:Information on the role of fuel-wood to household economy is crucial to their sustainable management. However this role is not properly documented in Takum LGA. Therefore contribution of fuel-wood to

  58. MOLECULAR DOCKING AND QUANTITATIVE STRUCTURE-ACTIVITY RELATIONSHIP (QSAR) MODELS FOR ESTIMATING ARYL HYDROCARBON RECEPTOR BINDING AFFINITY OF SOME POLYCHLORINATED AROMATIC COMPOUNDS:In order to perform the screening of new potential pollution points and to estimate their impact on the environment, a molecular docking and quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) model of some polychlorinated aromatic

  59. APPLICATION OF FUZZY LOGIC SYSTEM TO ASSET MANAGEMENT: AN ADAPTATION FOR MAINTENANCE SCHEDULING:In asset management, failure mode and effects analysis together with maintenance cost play a key role in determining a proper maintenance policy on equipment. In this work, a methodology is developed

  60. PHYTOCHEMICAL QUANTIFICATION AND IN VITRO ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITY OF THE LEAVES, STEM-BARK AND ROOT OF NauclealatifoliaSMITH:The phytochemical composition and anti-oxidant activities using Di-phenyl-1-picryl-hydrazyl (DPPH) Radical Scavenging assay, Ferric Reducing and Antioxidant Power(FRAP) and the Total Phenolic contents (TPC) of the extracts from the leaves, stem-bark and root

  61. INDUCTION OF GENETIC VARIABILITY IN SESAME (SesamumindicumL.) WITH SODIUM AZIDE:An evaluation of the mutagenic efficiency and mutagenic effectiveness of fast neutron and sodium azide to induce genetic variability and beneficial mutation on Sesamumindicumwas carried out.The seeds of sesame were subjected to

  62. A REVIEW OF METHODS OF CONSTRUCTION OF BALANCED CROSSOVER DESIGN FOR ESTIMATION OF RESIDUAL EFFECTS:Crossover designs are often applied in Clinical trials, Agriculture field experiment, Nutrition experiment, etc. in which there is presence of residual effect of treatment in the current period of treatment application

  63. REMOVAL OF OIL FROM CRUDE OIL POLLUTED WATER USING MANGO SEED BARK AS SORBENT IN A PACKED COLUMN:A column study was conducted to evaluate efficiency of mango seed bark as a sorbent material in the removal of crude oil from crude oil polluted water. The study was carried

  64. MEASURING THE PERCEIVED DESTINATION IMAGE OF PLATEAU STATE, NIGERIA:Presumably, Plateau State has had a battered and distorted tourism destination image due to intermittent ethnoreligious conflicts since the year 2001. However, presumption is neither, a good building block nor a

  65. ADOPTION OF SAFETY MEASURES FOR PESTICIDE USE: THE CASE OF OIL PALM FARMS IN DELTA, EDO, AND ONDO STATES, NIGERIA:Human beings and environmental toxicity of chemical pesticides made the manufacturers of pesticides to specify before-during-after use safety precautions that users of pesticides should adhere to. The study assessed respondents’ socioeconomic characteristics,

  66. A STATISTICAL STUDY OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN GENDER, STAFF CATEGORIES AND GRADE LEVEL ON THE SAVING HABIT OF COOPERATORS:A cooperative society which is a business organization that can be compared to other types of business owned either by individual, partnership or jointly, is a universal form of organization found

  67. EFFECT OF URBANIZATION ON WETLAND AND BIODIVERSITY IN THE MANGROVE FOREST OF LAGOS STATE, NIGERIA:This study tries to examine the effect of urbanization on wetland and biodiversity in the mangrove forest of Lagos state, Nigeria. Two scenes of Landsat TM (Thematic Mapper) of 18th December,

  68. COMPARATIVE STUDY ON THE EFFECTIVENESS OF DIFFERENT BRANDS OF SELECTED ANTIBIOTICS AGAINST ISOLATES OF Staphylococcus aureus:This study is to compare the effectiveness of three (3) different commercial brands of antibiotics (the antibiotics selected for the comparison include: Amoxicillin, Ciprofloxacin and Erythromycin) against the standard (NCTC

  69. LIPID PROFILE OF Lanistes libycus EDIBLE PORTION (MORELET, 1848):This study determined the lipid profile of Lanistes libycus edible portion on dry weight basis. The parameters determined were total crude fat, total fatty acids, sterols and phospholipid levels. Calculated

  70. APPRAISING CONTRACTORS’ PERCEPTION OF PRICING PRELIMINARIES OF HOUSING PROJECTS IN KADUNA, NIGERIA:The paper appraised contractors’ perception of pricing preliminaries of housing projects in Kaduna, Nigeria and achieved the following objectives: identified and evaluated common preliminary items in bill of quantities priced by building

  71. PASSIVE COOLING OF PAVEMENTS AS A PANACEA FOR MITIGATING URBAN HEAT ISLAND:Urban cities can be several degrees warmer than surrounding regions due to the built environment and concentration of human activities; a phenomenon known as Urban Heat Island. Pavements made of

  72. BIOFILM PRODUCTION AND ANTIBIOTIC SUSCEPTIBILITY OF UROPATHOGENIC Klebsiella pneumoniae ISOLATED FROM AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY TEACHING HOSPITAL ZARIA, NIGERIA:Uropathogenic K. pneumoniae is one of the prominent uropathogens that plays a major rule in biofilm formation. Microbial biofilms pose a public health problem for the persons who require indwelling

  73. POTENTIALS OF LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES FOR SUSTAINABLE BUILT ENVIRONMENT IN ABUJA, NIGERIA:The shift of the Federal administration in Nigeria from Lagos to Abuja has attracted private and public investments in the built environment to cater for the increasing population. Despite this

  74. EARLY AGE STRENGTH PROPERTIES OF ANTHILL-SANDCRETE BLOCKS:This study assesses the early strength characteristics of sandcrete blocks made by replacing fine aggregate (sand) with anthill material. Normal mixing proportion of 1:6 (cement to sand) was used for

  75. PHYTOCHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF SOME Crotalaria SPECIES GROWING IN SAMARU-ZARIA, NIGERIA FOR THE PRESENCE OF PYRROLIZIDINE ALKALOIDS:A Phytochemical analysis of four species from the genus Crotalaria (known as Bi-rana or Biya-rana in Hausa) was carried out to determine the presence of toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) –

  76. EFFICACY OF FEEDING GRADED LEVELS OF DATE PALM (Phoenix dactylifera) SEED MEAL ON THE PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS AND MILK QUALITY OF GOAT:The feeding value of Date palm seed meal (DPSM) (Phoenix dactylifera) was investigated in comparison with Groundnut cake using lactating goat (average initial weight = 14.5 kg). Lactating West African

  77. VECTOR COMPETENCE AND TRANSMISSION RATES OF ONCHOCERCIASIS IN KOKONA AND KARU LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREAS OF NASARAWA STATE NIGERIA:A vectorial study was conducted at Kokona and Karu Local Government Areas of Nasarawa State to assess the vector competence and transmission rates of onchocerciasis in the two local government

  78. THE TRACTION OF DOUBLE UNIFORM RAYLEIGH BEAMS SYSTEMS CLAMPED AT BOTH ENDS UNDER MOVING CONCENTRATED MASSES WITH CLASSICAL BOUNDRY CONDITION FOR MOVING MASS CASE:This article is a continuation of my research work, here moving mass case of the dynamical system was considered. The dynamical problem is solved using Mindlin Goodman, (1950) Generalized Finite Integral

  79. TAXONOMY, ETHNOBOTANY AND VEGETATION ANALYSIS OF BIODIVERSITY IN DUTSE LOCAL GOVERNMENT, JIGAWA STATE, NIGERIA:The survey investigated the biodiversity distribution and the respective economic uses of these plants in Dutse Local Government, Jigawa State

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