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  1. EVALUATION OF CHEMICAL AND FUNCTIONAL PROPERTIES OF PROTEIN ISOLATES FROM Basella alba AND Senecio biafrae LEAVES:The study focused on the preparation of protein isolates from leaves of Basella alba (amunututu) and Senecio biafrae (worowo) leaves with the view to determining their in-vitro digestibility and functional

  2. DETERMINATION OF LEAD IN PAINTS FLAKES FROM HOMES IN URBAN AND SUB URBAN ENVIRONMENTS:Lead used in paint pigments for its ability to improve drying, increase durability, retain fresh appearance and resist moisture that causes paint corrosion is also associated with lower IQ in

  3. IN-SITU ASSESSMENT OF TERRESTRIAL BACKGROUND GAMMA RADIATION EXPOSURE AND DOSE LEVELS IN NKALAGU-EZILLO RICE FARM, EBONYI STATE, NIGERIA:In-situ assessment of background gamma radiation exposure rates and dose levels were carried out on Nkalagu-Ezillo rice farms during and after planting to ascertain the level of the radiological contamination

  4. GEOTECHNICAL PROPERTIES OF CRUDE OIL INCINERATED LATERITIC SOIL FOR USE IN ROADWORK:Laboratory investigation on crude oil incinerated lateritic soil was undertaken to evaluate its geotechnical properties as connected to roadwork. The lateritic soil was thoroughly mixed with various percent 0, 8,

  5. ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES OF EXTRACTS FROM Tacazzea apiculata OLIV. (PERIPLOCACEAE):The root bark of Tacazzea apiculata Oliv. (Periplocaceae) is used in traditional medicine to treat hemorrhoids, inflammations and cancers. Free radical scavenging effects of the extracts obtained from the root

  6. EFFECT OF pH ON MONOMETHYLOL UREA SYNTHESIS FOR POSSIBLE APPLICATION AS AN EMULSION PAINT BINDER:Monomethylol Urea (MMU) was synthesized using the one step process. The MMU was characterized and evaluated, at different pH values. The viscosity, moisture uptake, formaldehyde emission, density as well as

  7. A SURVEY OF PARASITE CYSTS AND EGGS (OVA) ON NIGERIAN CURRENCY NOTES IN KEFFI, NASARAWA STATE, NIGERIA:Contaminated naira note associated with parasitic pathogen have become of health concern in Nigeria, causing different diseases. Naira notes in circulation in Keffi Local Government Area of Nasarawa State were

  8. ANALYSIS OF TECHNICAL EFFICIENCY OF MAIZE-BASED CROPPING SYSTEMS AMONG SMALL SCALE FARMERS IN ADAMAWA STATE, NIGERIA:Maize is a staple food of many households in Nigeria and its production comes under different cropping systems. This study analyses technical efficiency of maize-based cropping systems among small scale

  9. SYNTHESIS OF DISPERSE DYES AND THEIR APPLICATIONS ON SYNTHETIC FABRICS:Seven diazo disperse dyes based on 2-chloroaniline and 4-methoxy-2-nitroaniline components were synthesized by the traditional diazotization coupling strategy. The dyes were characterized using proton nuclear magnetic resonance (1H NMR), 13C

  10. AMELIORATIVE EFFECT OF RED WINE ON ETHANOL-INDUCED TOXICITY OF SOME BIOMOLECULES IN WISTAR ALBINO RATS:Alcohol is produced in different forms and its consumption has been abused, leading to various social and health challenges. This work investigated the ameliorative effect of red wine on ethanol-induced


  12. POTENTIALS OF TURMERIC PLANT RHIZOMES FOR THE SORPTIVE REMOVAL OF DIVALENT METAL IONS:The performance of adsorbents, prepared from low cost tumeric for the removal of divalent metal ions was investigated. The adsorbents, coded as chemically modified biosorbent (MTB) and unmodified turmeric biosorbent

  13. CHEMOMETRIC EVALUATION OF HEAVY METALS POLLUTION PATTERNS OF SOIL IN THE VICINITY OF SOME DUMPSITES IN LOKOJA, NIGERIA:Multivariate methods of data analysis were used to describe patterns of soil contamination with heavy metals in Lokoja city dumpsites. Groups of metals and dumpsites were identified using cluster analysis.

  14. ANTIBACTERIAL STUDIES ON STEM-BARK OF Lannea barteri (OLIV.) ENGL. (ANACARDIACEA):In vitro antibacterial activities of stem bark extract and fractions of Lannea barteri was investigated against four (4) reference bacterial strains including gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Powdered stem bark of

  15. ASSESSMENT AND RISK OF POLYCHLORINATED BIPHENYLS IN Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus, Cynoglossus senegaliensis AND Pseudolithus elongatus TO CONSUMERS:


  17. STUDIES ON CONVERSION OF SOLID WASTE TO BIOFERILIZER BY VERMICOMPOSTING:Fertilizer play a vital role in agriculture and has a positive impact on both human and animal lives, though due to economic and environmental challenge there is need for a

  18. INTRA-CLASS CORRELATION ON AGE VARIATION AT SEXUAL DEBUT IN NIGERIA:The age of initiation of sexual intercourse is an increasingly important issue to study given that sexually active young women are at risk of multiple outcomes. Knowledge about the factors

  19. DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF AN ELECTRONIC GAS LEAKAGE SENSOR SYSTEM:Over the years incidences of fire outbreaks in both industrial environments and homes that resulted from gas leakages have been reported and documented. The inferno that resulted from some of

  20. RISK ASSESSMENT OF ACRYLAMIDE FOR SOME COMMONLY EATEN FRIED FOODS:This research aims to quantify acrylamide in commonly eaten fried foods and assess the risk associated with acrylamide concentrations in them. Selected food samples (yam, sweet potato, plantain, meat, and

  21. REVIEW ON DISTRIBUTED GENERATION PLACEMENT METHODS FOR POWER LOSS REDUCTION IN DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS:Power losses in distribution networks have increasingly resulted in economic loss during power delivery to consumers. In order to reduce such losses Distributed Generation (DG) connection to distribution systems have

  22. SEASONAL DISTRIBUTION OF COCKROACHES’ SPECIES IN ABRAKA, DELTA STATE, NIGERIA:The aim of this study was to determine the seasonal distribution of identified pest species of cockroaches in Abraka, Delta State. There by proffering efficient control/intervention strategies for their control.

  23. ESTIMATION OF NATURAL RADIONUCLIDES IN GRASSES, SOILS, AND CATTLE-DUNGS FROM A CATTLE REARING-FIELD AT MANGORO-AGEGE, LAGOS STATE, NIGERIA:Estimating the levels of radiation in the environment is crucial in implementing appropriate controls towards radiological protection. The aim of this study was to determine the radioactivity levels in the

  24. INFLUENCE OF FISH POND WASTEWATER TREATMENT OF DIESEL TAINTED SOIL ON METABOLIC ACTIVITIES OF COWPEA (Vigna unguiculata) SEEDLINGS:The effect of fish pond spent water on the metabolic activities of cowpea seedlings cultivated in diesel tainted soil was examined in this study. The work employed the double placebo

  25. EFFECT OF POTTING MIXTURES ON SEED GERMINATION AND EARLY GROWTH RESPONSE OF Jathropha curcas L. IN MAKURDI, BENUE STATE, NIGERIA:Increasing demand for Jatropha curcas products and ability of the plant to absorb carbon monoxide which attracts carbon credits to Jathropha farmers justify commercial farming of the shrub. This necessitates

  26. CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS AND RADICAL SCAVENGING ACTIVITY OF METHANOL LEAF EXTRACT OF Vitex doniana:This study was aimed at investigating the chemical constituents and radical scavenging activity of methanol leaf extract of Vitex doniana. The 2, 2 diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) radical scavenging activity, trace metal

  27. DETERMINANTS OF SOIL MANAGEMENT PRACTICES AMONG SMALL SCALE FARMERS OF ARABLE CROPS IN NKANU EAST LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF ENUGU STATE, NIGERIA:This study was conducted in Nkanu East LGA of Enugu State to assess the soil management practices (SMPs) operated by small holder farmers in the area. Multi-stage random sampling technique

  28. MORPHOLOGICAL AND RESTRICTION ANALYSIS OF THREE SPECIES OF Agaricus foung GROWING IN NORTHERN GUINEA SAVANNA OF NIGERIA:Mushrooms vary according to species, strain, environment and growth conditions. This research highlights the morphological and restriction analysis of three wild Agaricus species in Northern, Nigeria. A survey of mushrooms

  29. SOCIO-ECONOMIC FACTORS INFLUENCING EGG PRODUCTION IN IREPODUN LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF KWARA STATE:The study on the analysis of socio-economic factors influencing egg production was carried out in Irepodun Local Government area of Kwara State, Nigeria. The specific objectives were to: describe the

  30. EVALUATION OF STRUCTURAL PERFORMANCE OF CONCRETE WITH OPC FRACTION PARTLY REPLACED BY EMPTY PALM OIL BRUNCH ASH (EPO-FBA):Continuous research into the possibility of discovering new material that is fit or can be made fit for use, in structural concrete, is necessary in the quest to attain sustainability

  31. PREVALENCE AND INTENSITY OF URINARY SCHISTOSOMIASIS IN SELECTED VILLAGES OF FIKYU COMMUNITY, USSA LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA, TARABA STATE, NIGERIA:Schistosomiasis remains a public health problem in several parts of the world particularly in Africa. In this study, 390 urine samples were collected and screened, using filtration technique, to determine

  32. ETHNOMEDICAL USES OF Tacazzea apiculata OLIV. (PERIPLOCACEAE):The plant Tacazzea apiculata Oliv (Periplocaceae) is widely distributed in tropical West Africa. It is claimed to have multiple uses in traditional medicine among which are its use to treat

  33. DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF A SOLAR POWERED MOTORISED HYDRAULIC JACK FOR INDUSTRIAL AND DOMESTIC APPLICATIONS:The huge cost associated with rehabilitating workers suffering from epidemiological conditions as a result of performing daily repetitive tasks that involves awkward postures in lifting low lying heavy loads in

  34. INFLUENCE OF BLANCHING AND DRYING TEMPERATURES ON SELECTED PROPERTIES OF SWEET POTATO (Ipomoea batatas) FLOUR:Influence of blanching and drying temperatures on selected properties of sweet potato flour was investigated. Sweet potato samples were washed, peeled and sliced. They were then divided into five samples

  35. STATISTICAL EVALUATION OF SOME MINERALS FOUND IN GARLIC (Allium Sativum Linn) SPECIES OF AFRICAN ORIGIN:The concentrations of some minerals (K, Ca, P, Mg, Mn and Cu) found in garlic species grown in Nigeria, Senegal and Chad were determined using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy. The results

  36. STUDIES ON USE OF COTTON WASTE SUBSTRATE AND SOME ADDITIVES FOR THE PRODUCTION OF EDIBLE MUSHROOM Pleurotus ostreatus (FLORIDA):Utilization of cotton waste substrate with some nitrogen, carbon and agricultural additives for the production of an edible mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus (Florida) was carried out in Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria.

  37. ESTIMATE OF ERROR UNDER DIFFERENT DISTRIBUTIONS WITH THE GENERALIZED AUTOREGRESSIVE CONDITIONAL HETEROSCEDASTICITY:This study examines error of estimate under different distributions with the generalized autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity. The naira exchange rate in Nigeria has exhibited the features of continuous depreciation and instability,

  38. THE UTILIZATION OF MANGO SEED SHELL FLOUR AS REINFORCING MATERIAL FOR POLYPROPYLENE COMPOSITE:The waste generates from agro-waste fiber has huge quantity in Nigeria but the need for its full utilization is below average. The conversion of these wastes into polymer composite can


  40. MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF SUGARCANE STRAW WASTE ASH USED AS BINDER IN CONCRETE PRODUCTION:The utilization of industrial and agricultural waste produced during the manufacturing processes has been the emphasis of waste reduction research for economic, environmental and technical reasons. Sugar Cane Straw Waste

  41. BEEKEEPING AS A STRATEGY FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT IN JOS NORTH AND JOS SOUTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREAS OF PLATEAU STATE, NIGERIA:This study was undertaken to determine the economic potential of beekeeping in Plateau state. Simple random sampling technique was used to select two (2) Local Government Areas (Jos North and

  42. CORRELATION OF HYPERTENSION WITH BODY MASS INDEX AND AGE OF MALE AND FEMALE UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS IN FOUR NIGERIAN UNIVERSITIES:Hypertension is one of the most modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular diseases associated with high Body Mass Index (BMI), age and sex. However, the relationship between blood pressure, BMI, age

  43. RICE HUSK ASH SILICATE COMPOSITE AS FLAME RETARDING AGENT IN DEHYDRATED CASTOR SEED OIL ALKYD RESIN PAINT COATING:Flame retardant gloss paint coatings were prepared using medium oil length alkyd resin from dehydrated castor seed oil while superfine micro silica particles were used as flame retardant agent. The

  44. DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF AN AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE REGULATOR IN POULTRY ARENA USING ATMEL 8052 MICROCONTROLLER:An automatic temperature regulator is a system for controlling and monitoring the internal condition of livestock’s in poultry environment. Microcontroller is a single based data chip that is used in

  45. PREVALENCE OF SOIL TRANSMITTED HELMINTHES IN CHILDREN ATTENDING PUBLIC PRIMARY SCHOOLS IN SAMARU, ZARIA, NIGERIA:The prevalence of geohelminth infection in children attending two public primary schools in Samaru, Zaria, Nigeria was studied, using stool samples and soil collected from various parts of the schools.

  46. SYNTHESIS OF AZO DISPERSE DYES DERIVED FROM 4-PHENOXYANILINE AND 3-CHLOROANILINE AND THEIR DYEABILITY ON POLYESTER FABRIC:A series of disazo disperse dyes were synthesized by the diazotization of 4-phenoxyaniline and coupling reaction of 3-chloroaniline to give an intermediate dye compound. The structure of these disperse dyes

  47. UTILIZATION OF MFSA METHODOLOGY IN CONDITION ASSESSMENT AND PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION OF A MARINE DIESEL ENGINE OF SHIP IN OFFSHORE ENVIRONMENT:Comprehensive Maritime Formal Safety Assessment (MFSA) methodology is applied in marine diesel engine of a ship that is used in offshore environment to improve engine performance by reduction, prevention and

  48. THE POTENTIAL OF Centrosema pubescens LEAF EXTRACT IN THE CONTROL OF CORROSION OF MILD STEEL IN ACIDIC MEDIUM:The influence of Centrosema pubescens leaf extract on electrochemical corrosion behavior of mild steel, exposed to stimulated acidic medium, was investigated. The results of the phytochemical screening revealed the presence

  49. FITTING PROBABILITY MODEL OF A FAMILY USING BRANCHING PROCESS IN RELATION TO POISSON, LOGARITHMIC AND NEGATIVE BINOMIAL DISTRIBUTION:As old as subject of branching process theory, its application still extend to our contemporary time, the focus of this research work is on the application of branching process to

  50. DIESEL LEVEL DETECTOR WITH AUTOMATIC SWITCH OFF FOR A STATIC ENGINE:Diesel Tank level detector with an automatic “Switch OFF” is an electronic circuit used for continuous tank gauging or detecting the level of diesel in an engine tank, the level

  51. SOLUTIONS OF SOME NON-LINEAR VOLTERRA INTEGRO- DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS OF THE SECOND KIND USING MODIFIED VARIATIONAL ITERATION METHOD:In this paper, Modified Variational Iteration Method is used to solve some nonlinear Volterra Integro-Differential equations of the second kind. With illustrative examples, the method provides a sequence of functions

  52. HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENTS OF HEAVY METALS IN KAOLIN DUST FROM A KAOLIN MILLING PLANT IN ALKALERI, BAUCHI STATE, NIGERIA:This study concerns the health risk assessments of Kaolin dust from a Kaolin milling plant in Alkaleri, Bauchi State. The aim is to determine the concentration of elements and the

  53. ANTIOXIDANT EVALUATION OF ROOT EXTRACTS OF Cochlospermum Planchonii (KUNTH):This work was aimed at evaluating the biological and anti-oxidant potential of the ethyl acetate and methanol fractions of the root of Cochlospermum planchonii and also to carryout biological activities

  54. THE INHIBITORY EFFECT OF CHITOSAN ON NATURAL MICROFLORA AND INOCULATED CHALLENGE SPOILAGE YEASTS IN LABORATORY OZONATED TROPICAL FRUIT JUICES:The major problem of fresh tropical juices is their limited shelf life. Food grade chitosan was investigated for its ability to inactivate both inherent microflora and challenge spoilage yeasts in

  55. EXTRACTION OF MORINGA SEED OIL: KINETICS AND THERMODYNAMIC STUDIES:Extraction of oil from moringa seed was carried out in this work and the kinetic and thermodynamic parameters of the extraction process determined. The proximate analysis of moringa seed revealed

  56. BACTERIOLOGICAL QUALITY OF FRESHLY-CUT AND READY TO EAT VEGETABLES SOLD IN DUTSE MARKET NORTH WEST, NIGERIA:Despite the enormous health benefits attributable to the consumption of vegetables, contamination by pathogenic microorganisms inevitably leads to public health problems. This study was conducted to assess the bacteriological quality

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