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  1. EFFECTS OF CURING TIME AND COMPACTIVE EFFORT ON UNCONFINED COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH TEST OF MICROBIAL INDUCED CALCITE PRECIPITATE TREATED LATERITIC SOIL:Unconfined compressive strength (UCS) of soil is usually affected by curing time (in days) and compactive effort. In order to determine the effect of curing days and compactive effort on

  2. DURABILITY ASSESSMENT OF WASTE TYRE ASH (WTA) CONCRETE:This paper presents the findings of an investigation into the durability assessment of Waste Tyre Ash (WTA)-concrete in acid and salt media. The WTA used was obtained by open burning

  3. STATISTICAL RATING OF OPERATING SYSTEM SOFTWARE USING ONLINE SOFTWARE REPOSITORY DATA:Operating System Software (OSS) had been rated with different yardsticks. However, this study had used new yardsticks. The yardsticks were estimated total software download and the Internal Software Download Error

  4. THE IMPACT OF HUMAN ACTIVITIES ON LITTERFALL PRODUCTION, TREE DIVERSITY AND STRUCTURAL CHANGES IN TROPICAL RAINFOREST:Homo sapiens greatly depend on food, shelter and cloth which forest produces majorly. The impact of anthropogenic activities on the changes of forest quality and quantity is increasing overtime which

  5. SEROPREVALENCE OF NEWCASTLE DISEASE VIRUS IN LOCAL CHICKENS SLAUGHTERED IN SELECTED MARKETS IN ZARIA, KADUNA STATE:The incidence of Newcastle disease (ND) in Nigeria is high and is a persistent cause of mortality and (or) morbidity among chickens causing huge economic losses. It has been observed

  6. SUB-CHRONIC SAFETY ASSESSMENT OF CRUDE METHANOL EXTRACT OF Solanum aethiopicum (L.) FRUIT IN RATS:Safety assessment of medicinal plant is vital and necessary during the course of drug development. Establishing the toxicity profile of a medicinal plant approves or disapproves next step during bioassay

  7. COMPARING f-k FILTERING AND BANDPASS FILTERING IN GROUNDROLL ATTENUATION OF A LAND SEISMIC DATA – THE D-10 DATASET CASE STUDY:This work aims to present a comparison between the f-k and bandpass filtering methods in reducing ground roll energy in a land seismic dataset. The f-k filter used is based

  8. DIETS SUPPLEMENTED WITH A MIXTURE OF POMEGRANATE, GINGER AND GARLIC IMPROVES HEALTH AND MEAT QUALITY OF BROILER CHICKENS:Some indices of health and meat quality of broiler chickens fed diets supplemented with a mixture of ginger, garlic and pomegranate were investigated. Dried and pulverized spices, ginger, garlic and

  9. DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF A (5 IN 1) MULTI-LUG NUTS REMOVER AND TIGHTENER:The primary aim of this article is to develop a modified 5 in 1 multi-lug nuts remover and tightener device with a cordless direct current (D.C) electrical impact wrench attachment

  10. POTENTIAL AND NUTRITIVE EVALUATION OF PIG HOOF MEAL AS DIETARY PROTEIN FEED INGREDIENT:There has been an increase in the number of pigs slaughtered worldwide due to population growth. Pig Hoof, a non-edible slaughter-house waste, disposal is generating concern for the authorities and

  11. COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF IMAGES BASED ON LEAST SIGNIFICANT BIT (LSB) STEGANOGRAPHY :Steganography helps to conceal information between the sender and intended recipient so that others are not aware of the message presence, largely, it is to hide information. Digital steganography applies

  12. PAHs and PCBs PROFILE IN SURFACE WATER OBTAINED FROM FALCORP MANGROVE SWAMP, WARRI, DELTA STATE:Surface water samples were regularly sourced for a period of 18 months; February 2013 – July 2014, from five (5) sampling stations on the Falcorp mangrove swamp and Ifie creek,

  13. SUGAR, ANTINUTRIENT AND FOOD PROPERTIES LEVELS IN RAW, FERMENTED AND GERMINATED PEARL MILLET GRAINS:Bulrush or pearl millet is an important food as well as forage crop. This work contained the report on the sugar, ascorbic acid and antinutrients of raw, fermented and sprouted

  14. ASSESSMENT OF NATURAL RADIOACTIVITY LEVELS OF SOME NIGERIAN MARBLE DEPOSITS:The natural radioactivity levels of some marble deposits in parts of Nigeria were carried out to evaluate possible radiological hazard associated with them. This will help to assess the possible

  15. CO-FERMENTATION OF MILLET AND AFRICAN BREADFRUIT SEEDS FOR THE PRODUCTION OF KUNNU AND EFFECT ON MICROBIAL QUALITIES:This study conducted the co-fermentation of pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum L. R. Br.) and African breadfruit (Treculia africana Decne) seeds for the production of nutritionally improved kunnu (tentatively called kunnu-ukwa).

  16. PHYTOCHEMICAL AND ANTIMICROBIAL EVALUATION OF AQUEOUS AND METHANOL LEAF EXTRACTS OF Sterculia setigera ON SOME ABDOMINAL MICROFLORA:The aqueous and methanol extracts of Sterculia setigera was analyzed for some of its phytochemical components and evaluated forits antimicrobial properties on some gram-negative abdominal bacteria of humans, in vitro.

  17. ASSESSMENT OF BACKGROUND IONIZING RADIATION LEVEL IN THE CENTRAL PART OF DELTA STATE, NIGERIA:Assessment of background ionizing radiation (BIR) in some oil producing communities in Delta State Nigeria has been conducted using a Geiger Muller counter 320 plus (GMC 320 +). The purpose

  18. ISOLATION OF LUPEOL FROM METHANOL EXTRACT OF THE ROOT BARK OF Bombax costatum:Bombax costatum is a member of the family Bombacaceae and is commonly called red-flowered silk-cotton tree or red kapok tree. In Nigeria, it is locally known as Kurya or Gujjiya

  19. ENHANCEMENT OF MECHANICAL, WEAR AND WATER ABSORPTION PROPERTIES OF CHICKEN FEATHER FIBRE REINFORCED NATURAL RUBBER VULCANIZATES VIA ALKALINE TREATMENT:Limitations of keratin based fillers amongst other organic fillers generally include high moisture absorption, relatively low strength and poor dispersion in matrix. Therefore, several surface treatment methods are employed in

  20. EFFECTS OF THERMAL RADIATION AND CHEMICAL REACTION ON AN UNSTEADY FORCED AND FREE CONVECTION FLOW PAST AN INFINITE PERMEABLE VERTICAL PLATE:One dimensional free and forced convection flow of a viscous incompressible fluid through an infinite permeable vertical plate controlled by suction/injection(S_*) was studied. Temperature(θ), velocity(u), concentration(C) and skin friction(τ) profiles

  21. ASSESSING THE INFLUENCE OF PROCUREMENT SYSTEMS ON PERFORMANCE OF CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS IN NIGERIA:Every client at the beginning of any project aims at having value for the money spent via a quality structure delivered on time and within budget by the contractor. However,

  22. SPLITTING TENSILE STRENGTH AND COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH RATIOS AND RELATIONS FOR CONCRETE MADE WITH DIFFERENT GRADES OF NIGERIAN PORTLAND LIMESTONE CEMENT (PLC):The results of splitting tensile strength and compressive strength ratios, as well the expression relating splitting tensile strength and compressive strength of concrete produced with Portland limestone cement are presented

  23. SOME SMOOTHING TOOLS FOR CONFIRMED CORONAVIRUS CASES IN NIGERIA:This paper evaluated and compared the performance of a family of smoothing models such as autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) models andHolt’s exponential smoothing methods: Additive and multiplicative; to forecast

  24. ANTIBIOGRAM OF Garcinia kola SEEDS EXTRACT ON SOME SELECTED ENTERIC BACTERIA:Garcinia kola is a plant of Western and Central African origin and has been found to be medicinally important. Antibacterial activity of aqueous and methanol extracts of the plant was

  25. POULTRY TECHNOLOGIES ADOPTION BY FARMERS IN THE NIGER DELTA AREA OF NIGERIA:Do extension workers recommend poultry technologies and are they adopted by farmers? The study engaged in the adoption of poultry-based recommended technologies by farmers in the Niger Delta area of

  26. CORN SILK FROM WASTE MATERIAL TO POTENTIAL THERAPEUTIC AGENT: A MINI REVIEW:Corn silk is traditionally regarded as waste material, however recently is gaining much interest in Asian and African countries particularly due to its several health promoting effects. For instance, several

  27. DERIVATION OF PRIOR AND POSTERIOR DISTRIBUTIONS OF REGRESSION PARAMETERS BASED ON ZELLNER’S G-PRIORS:In Bayesian analysis, posterior distribution summarises what we know about uncertain quantities. It is a combination of the prior distribution and the likelihood function. Inference proceeds from the posterior distribution

  28. ADSORPTION OF CONGO RED DYE UNTO Luffa cylindrica FIBERS: KINETIC AND THERMODYNAMIC STUDIES:Adsorptive removal of Congo Red dye from aqueous solution with Luffa cylindrica fibers was investigated. The effects of various experimental parameters such as the contact time, solution pH, temperature, biosorbent

  29. HAEMONCHOSIS IN SHEEP REARED UNDER THE TRADITIONAL HUSBANDRY SYSTEM AT GYELLESU ZARIA, KADUNA STATE, NIGERIA:The present study was carried out to investigate the prevalence of Haemonchus contortus in sheep in Gyellesu, Zaria. A total of 350 sheep fecal samples were collected from three different

  30. FINAL YEAR STUDENT PROJECT ALLOCATION ARCHIVING AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM:Student Projects are documents that student write after they research a particular subject in depth. In most institution, conventional method is been used for supervision and management of final year

  31. PHYTOCHEMICAL SCREENING AND ANTIBACTERIAL ACTIVITY OF ETHANOL EXTRACTS OF LEAF AND SEED OF Annona muricata (SOURSOP) LINN:Annona muricata belongs to the Annonaceous family which has been of great importance to humans since ancient times. Soursop have contributed to the world pharmacologically in providing antimicrobial, anti-arthritis, antioxidant,

  32. DFT COMPUTATIONS OF SOME MOLECULAR AND PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF GLUTAMINE-TEMPLATED NOBLE METAL NANOCLUSTERS FOR APPLICATION IN BIOSENSING:The molecular geometry of Glutamine derived nanoclusters with Gold carriers for Biosensing are studied using ab-initio Quantum Chemical calculations. Density functional calculations at the Becke3LYP (B3LYP) are carried out using

  33. ALBINISM ALLELIC FREQUENCY IN HUMAN SUBJECTS LIVING IN THE NORTHERN GUINEA-SAVANNAH OF NIGERIA:Albinism an autosomal recessive allele is a disease characterized by lack of pigmentation in the eye, skin and hair. Albinism allelic frequency was estimated by counting the number of albinos

  34. GENETIC POTENTIAL FOR FEED UTILIZATION IN THREE STRAINS OF BROILER CHICKEN:Optimization of feed utilization is one of the main challenges in improvement programmes in poultry genetics. Feed utilization of one hundred and fifty day-old broiler chicks comprising of Arbo acre,


  36. SOLVING FIRST ORDER DELAY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS USING MULTIPLE OFF-GRID HYBRID BLOCK SIMPSON’S METHODS:This paper deals with derivation of the continuous formulations of two step Hybrid Block Simpson’s Methods incorporated with one, two and three off-grid points respectively by multistep collocation method using

  37. EVALUATION OF CLASS A PAN COEFFICIENT MODELS FOR ESTIMATION OF CROP REFERENCE EVAPOTRANSPIRATION FOR GERIYO IRRIGATION SCHEME, YOLA, NIGERIA:Evapotranspiration and evaporation measurements are vital parameters for many agricultural activities such as water resource management and environmental studies. There are several models which can determine pan coefficient Kp, using

  38. ASSESSMENT OF SOME HEAVY METALS CONCENTRATION IN THE SOIL CONTAMINATED WITH E-WASTE IN ABRAKA, DELTA STATE, NIGERIA:The study investigated the concentration level of Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn in e-waste polluted soil in Abraka. The concentration of all the metals in studied site were high, but

  39. RADIOACTIVE WASTE MATERIALS AND DISPOSAL APPROACH:This paper is a review on radioactive waste materials and disposal approach. Radioactive wastes are produced, year in year out from nuclear plants, industries, medical and military facilities. These wastes

  40. WOUND HEALING POTENTIAL OF THE AQUEOUS EXTRACT OF Acacia hockii De WILD ON WOUND EXCISED ALBINO RATS:The Fali tribe of Mubi, Adamawa State, uses the pulverized bark of Acacia Hockii De Wild (Kuffran) for treatment of wounds and traditional embalmment. This experiment was aimed at evaluating

  41. SOLUTIONS OF LINEAR CONVECTION-DIFFUSION PROBLEMS WITH CONSTANT COEFFICIENTS USING MAHGOUB TRANSFORM METHOD:This study focused on linear convection-diffusion problems with constant coefficients with a view of providing the solution with the help of Mahgoub Transform. Convection-diffusion problems can be used to model

  42. DEVELOPMENT OF FUZZY RULES FOR CDSS BASED NEONATAL MONITORING SYSTEM:Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) Fuzzy model helps medical diagnosis, monitoring and classifications of the vital signs of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients which provide support for decision-making in patient

  43. SEASONAL VARIATION OF SOME HEAVY METALS IN SOILS AROUND GOLD MINE IN DARETA-ANKA, ZAMFARA STATE, NIGERIA:Seasonal assessment of the levels of some heavy metals (Zn, Pb, Fe, Cu and Cd) in soils caused by mining activities in Dareta village of Anka local government area of

  44. A SURVEY OF SOFTWARE ENGINEERING MODELS, COMPARISONS AND SCENARIO OF PROJECTS:The choice of appropriate model for the development of software product is a paramount factor in the field of Software Engineering (SE). System development and system testing processes are carried

  45. IN VITRO ANTIMICROBIAL EVALUATION OF THE METHANOL EXTRACT AND ALKALOID FRACTION OF COTTON PLANT (Gossypium hirsutum) LEAVES AGAINST METHICILLIN RESISTANT Staphylococcus aureus:The study was conducted to determine the antimicrobial efficacy of the crude methanolic extract and alkaloid fraction of the leaf of Cotton plant (Gossypium hirsutum) against methicillin- resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

  46. VERIFICATION OF THE EMPIRICAL RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE MASS NUMBER AND SOME PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF HALOGENS:The halogen and its compounds occupy group VII in the periodic table, and they display an almost perfect gradation in physical properties. The halogens constitute fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and

  47. BASELINE CONCENTRATIONS OF HEAVY METALS IN NATIVE FOREST SURFACE SOILS OF KOGI STATE, NIGERIA AS A GUIDELINE FOR SOIL QUALITY DETERMINATION:The potential threat of heavy metals to soil quality and human health has led to many studies on baseline concentrations of these metals in soils; because, knowledge of baseline concentration

  48. STOCHASTIC MODELLING OF DEFORESTATION EFFECT IN NIGERIA: A COMPARATIVE STUDY:Deforestation is a key problem for many countries including Nigeria. About 3500 to 4000 square Kilometre of the Nigeria’s land is lost to deforestation each year which calls for an

  49. ANTI-OXIDANT AND WATER HOLDING CAPACITY OF Nauclea latifolia FRUIT:Fruits are considered in dietary guidance because of their high concentrations of dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals, (especially electrolytes) and more phytochemicals, especially antioxidant. Antioxidant is “any substance that when present

  50. ASSESSMENT OF SOCIO-CULTURAL BENEFITS OF TOURISM TO USERS OF SUNTAN BEACH:Assessment of socio-cultural tourism impact on the host community of Suntan beach has received less attention, probably because of its unpopularity. One effective way of doing so is with the

  51. PREPARATION OF KERATINOUS PARTICLES FROM CHICKEN FEATHER FIBRES AS POTENTIAL SUBSTITUTE FOR CARBON BLACK REINFORCED NATURAL RUBBER COMPOSITES:Several biowastes have been recently researched as possible substitute for carbon black as filler in natural rubber composites. This work shifted from the usual cellulosic waste to a keratinous waste-chicken

  52. DETERMINATION OF BIOCHEMICAL AND HEMATOLOGICAL PARAMETERS OF ALBINO Clarias gariepinus FINGERLINGS FED WITH FERMENTED Parkia biglobosa:This study was conducted to investigate the changes in hematological and biochemical parameters in albino Clarias gariepinus fed with fermented locust beans (Parkia biglobosa) seed. Albino Clarias gariepinusof mean weight

  53. AN INVESTIGATION OF STRUCTURAL AND ELECTRONIC PROPERTIES OF ZIRCONOLITE (CaZrTi¬-2O7) USING DENSITY FUNCTIONAL THEORY:Zirconolite (CaZrTi2O7) has been acknowledged as the favourable candidate for high level radioactive waste immobilisation due to its effectiveness in aqueous durability, chemical flexibility, waste loading and radiation tolerance. In

  54. GC-MS ANALYSIS OF THE VOLATILE CONSTITUENTS FROM THE AIR-DRIED LEAVES OF Terminalia catappa (LINNAEUS):The volatile constituents of air-dried leaves (200 g) of Terminalia catappa growing in Nigeria was obtained by hydrodistillation using an all glass Clevenger-type glass apparatus. The extracted oil was analyzed

  55. ANTIMICROBIAL EVALUATION OF Annona muricata SEED MEDIATED SYNTHESIZED MANGANESE OXIDE NANOPARTICLES:Green synthesis of metal nanoparticles is an interesting and expanding research area due to the potential applications for the eco-friendly development of novel technologies. Present study report a simple, convenient

  56. ANALYSIS OF UNSTRUCTURED DATASET USING AN ENHANCED DESCRIPTIVE MINING ALGORITHM:The grouping of large unstructured dataset is one of the main tasks in cluster analysis. A dataset is unstructured if it has a muddle of data types whose pattern makes

  57. DESIGN OF SOLAR POWERED WATER PUMPING SYSTEM FOR IRRIGATION IN RURAL FARM DWELLINGS:Nigeria located in the tropical region of the world receives about 1680 – 2264 kWh/m2 solar irradiation daily. Despite this enormous resource, the country citizenry is subjected to electricity blackout

  58. UNSTEADY MHD FLOW OF AN EYRING-POWELL NANOFLUID OF NTH-ORDER CHEMICAL REACTION NEAR STAGNATION POINT PAST A CONVECTIVELY HEATED STRETCHING SHEET IN THE PRESENCE OF THERMAL RADIATION AND INTERNAL HEAT GENERATION IN A POROUS MEDIUM:The objective of this article is to scrutinize the unsteady MHD flow near a stagnation of chemically reacting Powell-Eyring nanofluid over a convectively heated stretched surface using the impact of

  59. EVALUATION OF PALM KERNEL OIL AS ECO-FRIENDLY INHIBITOR AGAINST CORROSION OF MILD STEEL IN ACIDIC AND ALKALINE MEDIA:Corrosion inhibition property of palm kernel oil (PKO) in 1M HCl and 1M NaOH on mild steel was investigated using gravimetric and potentio-dynamic polarization methods. Cathodic and anodic Tafel constants

  60. ENCAPSULATION OF Moringa oleifera LEAVES WITH GALACTOMANNAN HYDROGEL SYSTEMS FOR POTENTIAL APPLICATION IN DIABETIC DRUGS:A novel hydrogel systems were formulated using konkoli (Maesopsiseminii) galactomannan, borax as cross linking agent to encapsulate leaves powder and aqueous extracts of leaves of Moringa oleifera (M. oleifera). Glucose

  61. DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF A RAIN DETECTOR WITH AN ALARM SYSTEM:From time immemorial man has used the sun to dry many things, a process known as sun drying. Sun drying is carried out in the farm, home, industry, laboratory, hospitals

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