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  1. PROXIMATE COMPOSITION, SENSORY CHARACTERISTICS AND ECONOMIC ANALYSES OF THREE FORMS OF SOY/MORINGA BEEF MEATBALLS:Recent evidence suggest that aside producing enough food to meet the worlds soaring population, nutritious diets are also an important means of lowering incidences of malnutrition. This study aimed to

  2. COMPARATIVE STUDY OF UNIVARIATE TIME SERIES MODELS ON FORECASTING MONTHLY EXCHANGE RATE IN NIGERIA:The exchange rate plays a critical role in an economy like Nigeria because import and export contribute a large part of the economy. This paper considered the forecasting performance of

  3. PROXIMATE AND VITAMINS COMPOSITION OF HONEY IN RIBAH, WASAGU-DANKO LGA OF KEBBI STATE, NIGERIA:The proximate and vitamins composition of honey in Ribah, Wasagu-Danko LGA, Kebbi State Nigeria was investigated. Treatment was replicated three times and the mean was taken. Analysis of the data

  4. ASSESSMENT OF RADIOFREQUENCY RADIATION LEVELS OF MOBILE PHONES AND EVALUATION OF SPECIFIC ABSORPTION RATE TO TISSUES OF HUMAN HEAD LAYERS:This study is aimed at accessing and quantifying the dosimetry quantities of radiofrequency radiation of mobile phones used in Delta State, Nigeria. In-situ measurement of electric (E)-field, magnetic (H)-field strengths

  5. REACTION OF S2O ION AND µ–OXO–TETRAKIS(1, 10–PHENANTHROLINE)DIIRON(III) COMPLEX ION IN AQUEOUS PHENANTHROLINIUM BUFFER: A KINETIC STUDY:Redox reaction between S2O and [Fe2O(phen)4(H2O)2]4+ in aqueous phenanthrolinium buffer medium, pH 4.50, has been studied. This was carried out under pseudo first order condition such that [S2O ]

  6. IDENTIFICATION AND ANTIBIOGRAM OF BACTERIA FROM USED TOOTHBRUSHES BY STUDENTS OF FEDERAL UNIVERSITY WUKARI, NORTH EAST, NIGERIA:Toothbrushes play a significant role in disease transmission and increase the risk of infection since they can serve as a reservoir for microorganisms. This study was carried out to investigate

  7. SURVEY ON EXOTIC PLANT SPECIES IN AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY ZARIA BOTANICAL GARDEN:Exotic plant species can replace native species by becoming invasive and causing change in habitat structure, affect ecosystem processes and threaten biodiversity if not detected and managed early. In some

  8. EFFECTS OF MAGNETIC FIELD ON NATURAL CONVECTIVE STEADY FLOW PAST AN IRREGULAR VERTICAL CHANNEL IN THE PRESENCE OF VISCOUS DISSIPATION:Magnetic field effects on Steady free Convective flow through an irregular vertical channel in the presence of viscous dissipation is considered. The dimensional governing equations of the problem involving continuity,

  9. PHYTOCHEMICAL SCREENING AND HYPOGLYCEMIC EFFECT OF METHANOL LEAF EXTRACT OF Phyllantusamarus IN ALLOXANINDUCED DIABETIC RATS:The aim of this study is to investigate the phytochemical constituents and determine the hypoglycemic effect of methanol leaf extract of Phyllantusamarus in alloxan induced diabetic rats. Diabetes was induced

  10. TREATMENT AND BLEACHING OF PALM OIL WITH ACID ACTIVATED PLANTAIN AND BANANA STEMS:The bleaching performance of crude palm oil (CPO) using pulverized acid activated banana and plantain stems as bleaching agent was the main goal of this research. The best bleaching performance

  11. COMPARATIVE STUDY OF HYDROXYAPATITE NANOCRYSTALS USING THE CHEMICAL PRECIPITATION AND HYDOTHERMAL TECHNIQUES:Nano crystalline hydroxyapatite was prepared at physiological conditions of pH (7.4) and temperature (37oC) by precipitation and hydrothermal methods using Ca(NO3).4H2O and NH4H2PO4 as precursors. The prepared samples were characterized

  12. MAPPING AND ASSESSMENT OF TERRESTRIAL GAMMA RADIATION EXPOSURE IN NORTHERN ZAMFARA STATE, NIGERIA:This study measured and mapped terrestrial gamma radiation (TGR) exposure in seven local government areas of Northern Zamfara State, Nigeria. The assessment was carried out using a portable survey meter,

  13. GENDER DIFFERENTIALS IN QUANTITIES OF RESOURCES ACCESSED AND ITS EFFECTS ON GINGER FARMERS YIELD IN KADUNA STATE:The objectives of the study were to describe the major sources of resources accessed by the respondents in the study area, as well as the adequacy of the resources. A

  14. ECONOMIC LOAD DISPATCH OF NIGERIAN POWER NETWORK USING A HYBRID OF EVOLUTIONARY PROGRAMMING AND EFFICIENT PARTICLE SWARM OPTIMIZATION:Economic load dispatch (ELD) is one of the most important optimization problems in a power system. The objective of ED is that the sharing of power demand among the online

  15. INHIBITORY EFFECT OF ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITY OF HIBISCUS CALYX EXTRACT ON BACTERIAL ISOLATES OBTAINED FROM FOOD SAMPLES:Antimicrobial activity of hibiscus calyces extract was carried out on isolates of bacteria obtained from “kunu” and bread samples determine the inhibitory effect of the hibiscus calyces extracts on the

  16. PHYTOEXTRACTION OF HEAVY METALS BY Ricinus communis IN SOIL AMENDED WITH CHELANTS AND POULTRY MANURE:Pot experiments were designed to investigate the response of R. communis to heavy metals phytoextraction tested under single or mixed chelants and poultry manure assisted scenarios. This was achieved when

  17. MOLECULAR CHARACTERIZATION OF HSP 70 GENE USING SINGLE NUCLEOTIDE POLYMORPHISM IN NIGERIAN BREEDS OF ZEBU CATTLE:Heat shock protein (HSP) 70 gene is a member of HSPs sub-family that act as molecular chaperons whenever animals come under thermal assault , they fulfill essential roles of providing

  18. EVALUATION OF THE ANTIFUNGAL ACTIVITY, OF Datura metel LINN ETHANOLIC LEAF EXTRACT ON Candida albicans:The antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of Datura metel has been studied by different researchers in the north, west and east of Nigeria except the south-south precisely Delta State. The study

  19. A STUDY OF SOME MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF Tectona grandis:This study examined some mechanical properties of seasoned and unseasoned teak using wood samples from the core of 25-30 years old freshly fallen teak tree. This was with a view

  20. ANTIDIABETIC EFFECTS OF HYDROETHANOL EXTRACTS OF Acanthospermum hispidum ROOT IN STZ-INDUCED DIABETIC RATS:This study examined the antidiabetic effect of hydroethanol (ethanol: water, 50: 50 v/v) extracts of Acanthospermum hispidum root in streptozotocin (STZ) induced diabetic rats. Diabetes was induced in rats by

  21. ASSESSMENT OF MEAT PROCESSORS AND THEIR PERCEPTIONS OF ABATTOIRS MANAGEMENT IN OGUN STATE, NIGERIA :This study was carried out to assess the socio-economic characteristics of meat processors and their perception of abattoirs management in Ogun State, Nigeria. One hundred and twenty questionnaires were administered

  22. ON THE PERFORMANCE MEASURE ANALYSIS OF THE RESIDUAL SERVICE TIME IN THE M/G/1 QUEUEING MODEL :This present study, the residual service time on the M/G/1 queueing system where the arrival process is Poisson with rate λ and service times of customers are independent and identically

  23. IMPACTS OF EFFLUENTS ON URBAN TROPICAL RIVER: HEAVY METAL POLLUTION PERSPECTIVE:Surface water samples from Romi River were collected for 24 months (2015 - 2016) and analyzed quantitatively for the concentration of thirteen heavy metals namely: Arsenic (Ar), Cadmium (Cd), Chromium

  24. CHARACTERISTIC AEROSOL LOADING OF THE SAVANNAH BELT OF NIGERIA USING A TEN YEAR AERONET DATA :The climate of the savannah belt of Nigeria is a transition between the equatorial rain forest in the south and the Sahel in the north. It exhibits a well marked

  25. INVIGORATED WEB-BASED RESULTS PROCESSING AND TRANSCRIPT GENERATING DATA HANDLING SYSTEM FOR UNIVERSITIES IN NIGERIA:Processing of results is a process embanks upon in every semester ending by academic staff to, convert student examination scores into a meaningful information (transcripts and results). This paper is

  26. INVESTIGATION OF ESSENTIAL COMBUSTION PROPERTIES OF WOOD WASTE (SAWDUST) BRIQUETTES PRODUCED BY A MODIFIED BLOCK MOULD MACHINE AT DIFFERENT BINDER CONCENTRATION :An investigation on essential combustion properties of sawdust briquettes of varying starch binder concentrations produced from a block mould machine was carried out. The study was carried out in order

  27. ASSESSMENT OF DOMINANT SOIL BORNE FUNGAL PHYLA AND SPECIES FROM AMUKPE TOWN, DELTA STATE, USING NEXT GENERATION PROTOCOL:Fungal phyla associated with bulked soils from a commercially operated farm holding in Amukpe town, labeled as farmed soil and a nearby control

  28. GRAVIMETRIC AND ELECTROCHEMICAL STUDIES OF Balanitea egyptiaca DEL. ETHANOLIC LEAVES EXTRACT AS CORROSION INHIBITOR FOR DUPLEX STAINLESS STEEL (DSS) IN 1.0M HCl SOLUTION:The corrosion inhibition performance of Balanitea egyptiaca Del. on Duplex stainless steel (DSS) in 1.0M HCl solution was studied by means of gravimetric measurement and Potentio-dynamic polarization techniques. The inhibition

  29. EVALUATING THE EFFICIENCY OF QUEUING SYSTEM :A queue is formed when the demand for service is greater than supply (i.e. the arrival or birth is greater than departure or death). Queuing theory permits the derivation and

  30. AQUEOUS Anacardium occidentales (CASHEW) APPLE FRUIT EXTRACT: AN EXCELLENT CARBON SOURCE FOR FUNGAL GROWTH MEDIA:In a bid to investigate the antifungal properties of cashew fruit (apple fruit), a fungal sensitivity test on both ethanolic and aqueous cashew apple fruit extract was conducted. The results

  31. PHYTOCHEMICAL AND ANTIBACTERIAL ACTIVITIES OF Ocimum gratissimum ON SOME SELECTED DRUG RESISTANT BACTERIA :The use of Ocimum gratissimum (scent leaf) as food and medicine could be attributed to its phytochemical and antimicrobial properties. This work is aimed at evaluating the phytochemicals and antibacterial

  32. INVESTIGATIONS INTO THE OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE OF IBRAHIM TAIWO-CIVIC CENTER SIGNALIZED INTERSECTION, KANO STATE:The study is to investigate the operational performance of Ibrahim Taiwo-Civic Center Signalized Intersection and this was achieved through determination of operational traffic volume, establishment of performance parameters and lastly

  33. DELINEATION OF SALTWATER ZONES AROUND THE COASTAL AREA OF OGIDIGBEN IN THE WESTERN NIGER DELTA FROM 2D ELECTRICAL RESISTIVITY TOMOGRAPHY:The area under consideration is faced with absence of fresh groundwater for the people of the community, especially from shallow aquifers. Consequently a 2D electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) was employed

  34. ANTI-MALARIA, NOCICEPTIVE AND ANTI-INFLAMMATORY POTENTIAL OF BI-HERBAL EXTRACT OF Guiera senegalensis AND Psidium guajava:Malaria being universal worries largely with appearance of several drug resistivity strains in Plasmodium falciparum, requiring of novel and efficient anti-malarial agents. Bi-herbal leaves extract of Guiera senegalensis and Psidium

  35. RADIOLOGICAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT OF SOIL MATRICES FROM SAJE AND ILARO DUMPSITES IN SOUTHWESTERN NIGERIA:The radiological assessment of soils from two dumpsites in Southwestern Nigeria was carried out to determine the level of human exposure in the area. A total of 15 representative samples

  36. ASSESSMENT OF KIDNEY FUNCTIONS AND TRANSAMINASE ACTIVITIES IN WEANLING WISTAR RATS MAINTAINED ON DIFFERENT WEANING DIETS :This research was conducted to evaluate kidney functions and transaminase activities in Wistar rats fed on Caelifera-supplemented weaning diets made from locally available feed ingredients. Twenty-four (24) weanling Wistar rats,

  37. POLLUTION LOAD INDEX (PLI), A YARDSTICK FOR ASSESSING THE QUALITY OF WATER IN SHIKA DAM:Eleven sampling sites along Shika Dam, Sabongari LGA, Kaduna State, Nigeria were chosen to collect and assess the levels of As, Cr, Ni, Pb, Co and Cd in the dam

  38. ENUMERATION OF MICROBIAL QUALITY OF YOGHURT INCORPORATED WITH Moringa oleifera SEED FLOUR DURING STORAGE:Yoghurt is one of the most popular fermented dairy products widely consumed all over the world. It is obtained by lactic acid fermentation of milk by the action of a

  39. MATHEMATICAL MODEL OF IMPACT OF VACCINATION AND TREATMENT STRATEGY FOR ERADICATION OF TUBERCULOSIS WITH ABSENCE OF EMIGRATION EFFECT:In this study, we proposed a mathematical model for the vaccination and treatment strategy to eradicate tuberculosis with absent of emigration effect, where we modified the existing model by incorporating

  40. GEOCHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF MARBLE FROM UBO RIVER AREA: IMPLICATION FOR PALEO-ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS:Twenty (20) marble samples from Ubo River area were obtained and subjected to geochemical analysis with the aim of determining the paleo-depositional environment of the original sediments using major elemental

  41. DIESEL FUEL ABILITY OF VEGETABLE OIL – PETROLEUM FUEL BLENDS:Ternary blends of palm kernel oil (PKO), kerosene (DPK) and petroleum diesel (AGO) were prepared in different proportion of eight. The percentage of the PKO in the blends ranges from

  42. ENGINEERING INDEX PROPERTIES OF THE NUMANHA BLACK COTTON SOIL IN GUYUK AREA, NORTHEASTERN NIGERIA:Structural failure along the Numan-Gombe road around Guyuk area is manifested in pavement distress and this is due mainly to insufficient strength of the Numanha black cotton soil that covers

  43. KINETIC, EQUILIBRIUM AND THERMODYNAMIC STUDIES ON ADSORPTION OF ACID RED 1 FROM AQUEOUS SOLUTION USING ACTIVATED TAMARIND KERNEL POWDER:Activated tamarind kernel powder (ATKP) was prepared from tamarind fruit (Tamarindus indica) and utilized for the removal of Acid Red 1 (AR 1) from its aqueous solution. The powder was

  44. STRUCTURAL AND APPLICATION POTENTIALS OF NATURAL FIBERS FOR SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION OF STRUCTURAL CONCRETE IN NIGERIA: A REVIEW:Fiber-reinforced concrete is yet to enjoy appreciable patronage in Nigeria. Most importantly, fibers from natural source, despite their abundance in Nigeria, are rarely considered as material for structural concrete. This

  45. LIVER FUNCTION AND HAEMATOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF ETHANOLIC EXTRACTS OF DATE FRUIT, COCONUT AND TIGER NUT IN ALBINO RATS:Phoenix dactylifera fruit, Cyperus esculentus nut and Cocos nucifera nut are plant materials that are commonly consumed by man in many parts of the world. This research evaluated the liver

  46. BIOSURFACTANT PRODUCTION POTENTIALS OF SOME BACTERIA RECOVERED FROM AGRO-INDUSTRIAL WASTES :Biosurfactants are amphiphilic molecules that accumulate at interfaces, decrease interfacial tensions and form aggregate structures. Biosurfactants are important alternatives to chemical surfactants due to low toxicity, thermo-tolerant, specificity and ability

  47. IMPROVING WOMEN PARTICIPATION IN AGRICULTURAL VALUE CHAIN IN NIGERIA: A GENDER-BALANCED COMMUNICATION PERSPECTIVE :Smallholder agriculture today is very much feminized because young people and men tend to migrate from rural areas to urban areas. While women are engaged in feeding their families and

  48. EXCITED TRIPLET STATE ENERGY OF PHTHALOCYANINES: INVESTIGATION OF THE EFFECT OF CENTRAL METAL :The investigation of the effects of presence of central metal on the excited triplet state energy of octakis(pentylthio)-derivatisedphthalocyanines (-H2Pc, -H2Pc, -PdPc and -PdPc) is presented. Though all the molecules show

  49. MODIFIED RATIO-CUM-PRODUCT ESTIMATORS OF POPULATION MEAN IN LINEAR SYTEMATIC SAMPLING UNDER TWO PHASE SAMPLING SCHEME:This paper is basically aimed at suggesting two modified ratio-cum-product estimators having two auxiliary variables, under the linear systematic sampling. These suggested ratio-cum-product modified estimators under the two-phase sampling scheme

  50. PROFITABILITY ANALYSIS OF GROUNDNUT (Arachis hypogaea L.) MARKETING IN YOLA NORTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF ADAMAWA STATE, NIGERIA:The study examined the Profitability of groundnut marketing in Yola North Local Government Area, Adamawa State with a view to identifying and proffering solution to the problems affecting groundnut marketing.

  51. THE EFFECT OF PARTICLE SIZE DISTRIBUTION ON THE MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF DPF AND GNSF-RECYCLED LOW DENSITY POLYETHYLENE COMPOSITES:The particle sizes analysis on the properties of date palm–wood-flour (DPF) and groundnut shell–flour (GNSF) in recycled low density Polyethylene (r-LDPE) were studied. The study was performed at 150, 212,

  52. BODY MORPHOMETRICS, CARCASS AND MEAT CHARACTERISTICS OF AFRICAN ANTELOPE (Antilope cervicapra) FOUND IN AGO-IWOYE ECOLOGICAL ZONE OF OGUN STATE, NIGERIA:This study was carried out to evaluate the body morphometric, carcass and meat characteristics of African Antelope (Antilope cervicapra). Twelve antelopes of between 2 to 21/2 years old were purchased

  53. PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF MONTMORILLONITE, KAOLINITE AND MAIZE-STARCH PREPARED BY DIRECT COMPRESSION WITH PARACETAMOL POWDER: (2) A COMPARATIVE STUDY:Clay minerals can accommodate polar organic compounds between their layers to form a variety of intercalated compounds; from which drugs release are potentially controllable, hence these new materials have great

  54. A STOCHASTIC DIFFERENTIAL EQUATION MODEL OF VARIATION OF RICE PRODUCTION:The study assessed the Stochastic Differential Equation (SDE) model of the variation in rice production in Benue State, Nigeria. We considered variation in rice output to be subject to random

  55. COMPARISON OF SOLIDIFICATION SHRINKAGE IN AL-SI ALLOYS A1200 AND A8011 (RECTANGULAR CASTINGS) FROM FINITE ELEMENT MODEL:Solidification plays a critical role in the production of sound castings. Hence, an understanding of the casting solidification mechanism and how it can be controlled are important considerations in foundry

  56. PHYTOCHEMICAL SCREENING OF HEALTHY AND SUGARCANE CHLOROTIC STREAK VIRUS-INFECTED LEAVES OF Saccharum officinarum:Sugarcane, Saccharum officinarum is a species of grass cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical countries worldwide. It is affected by Sugarcane chlorotic streak virus (SCSV), a leafhopper-transmitted virus which causes chlorotic

  57. COMPARATIVE STUDY OF SELF-ASSEMBLY AND ELECTROPOLYMERIZATION TECHNIQUES:Conducting polymer and self-assembled monolayer (SAM) of iron phthalocyanine complex are formed on glassy carbon electrode (GCE) and gold (Au) electrode, respectively. The polymer is formed via electropolymerization, while SAM

  58. CD4, CD8 T-LYMPHOCYTES AND WBC PROFILES DURING PREGNANCY AMONG HIV-SERONEGATIVE WOMEN IN WUKARI, NORTH EAST, NIGERIA:This study aimed at instituting the standard values of CD4 and CD8 total counts among apparently healthy pregnant women in Wukari, Nigeria. Sixty (60) apparently healthy pregnant women age group

  59. ASSESSMENT OF THE LEVELS OF HEAVY METALS IN WATER, SOIL, PLANT AND FISH SAMPLES FROM MATARA-UKU WETLAND:The aim of this study was to determine the levels of heavy metals in soil, water, plants and fish samples from Matara-Uku in Hadejia-Nguru wetlands. Twenty (20) samples of soil,

  60. A STACKELBERG GAME-THEORETIC COOPERATIVE ADVERTISING MODEL: THE EFFECT OF PLAYERS’ STRATEGIES IN A THREE-MEMBER CHANNEL:This work considers cooperative advertising in a manufacturer-distributor-retailer supply chain. The manufacturer is the Stackelberg leader. The distributor is the first follower while the retailer is the second follower. The

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