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  1. COMPARATIVE STUDIES ON THE EXTRACTION, CHARACTERIZATION AND COMPARATIVE STUDIES OF SOME NIGERIAN SEED OILS:Physico-chemical properties of four Nigerian seeds namely: Poga oleosa, Ricinus communis L. (Castor seed oil), Butyrospernum parkii (shea butter), and Hevea brasilensis (rubber) seeds were extracted for its oils with

  2. INFLUENCE OF INDEPENDENT VARIABLES ON THE MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF ROLLED CARBON STEEL:Mechanical properties of carbon steel are controlled by the ferrite and pearlite fractions, carbon content, grain sizes and strength of both phases. The carbon content affects the pearlite hardness and

  3. EFFICACY OF PLANT EXTRACTS AND NUTRITIONAL ALTERATIONS ON Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) UNDER IN VITRO CONDITIONS:The fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) is the main pest of maize in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. Neem plant (Azadirachta indicaL.) has been used for

  4. ASSESSMENT OF MINERAL ELEMENTS AND MICROBIAL QUALITIES OF BOREHOLE WATER IN SOUTHERN NASARAWA STATE, NIGERIA:Mineral elements and bacteria in water may have some adverse health effects. The research was carried out to evaluate mineral elements and microbial contamination of some borehole water in Southern

  5. PARAMETRIC DESIGN OF A SOLID DRYER FOR PROCESSING CASSAVA STARCH USING SIMPROSYS 2.0 PROCESS SIMULATION SOFTWARE:Natural sun drying is one of the most common ways to preserve agricultural products. Many agricultural products are spread on the ground to be dried by sun and wind. This

  6. ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS OF THE GUPPY (Poecilia reticulata) FROM DRAINAGE CANAL SYSTEMS IN LAGOS, SOUTHWESTERN NIGERIA:The physico-chemical parameters of the drainage canal systems were monitored. The air temperature ranged from 23.0 to 32.0oC (mean: 28.4 ± 2.63oC). The surface water temperature ranged from 21.0

  7. ANALYSIS OF FOOD SECURITY STATUS AND COPING STRATEGIES AMONG RURAL HOUSEHOLDS IN OLUYOLE LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF OYO STATE, NIGERIA:This study analyzed the food security status and coping strategies among rural households in Oluyole local government areas of Oyo State, Nigeria. The specific objectives were to; describe the socio-economic

  8. THERMAL RADIATION EFFECTS ON HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER OF MHD FLOW IN POROUSMEDIA OVERAN EXPONENTIALLY STRETCHING SURFACE:The study investigated thermal radiation effect on heat and mass transfer of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) boundary layer fluid flow in a porous medium over an exponentially porous stretching sheet in the

  9. EFFECTS OF VARYING VOLUME OF CYPERMETHRIN PESTICIDE ON Chrysomya albiceps (FABR.) (DIPTERA: CALLIPHORIDAE) REARED ON RABBIT CARRIONS:This research work assessed effects of varying volumes of cypermethrin pesticide on the larval body length, weight, and developmental time of blowfly Chrysomya albiceps (Diptera: Calliphoridae) reared on rabbit carrions.

  10. ASCARIASIS AMONG CHILDREN ATTENDING TWO PRIMARY SCHOOLS IN IJEBU NORTH–EAST, SOUTH–WEST NIGERIA:Ascariasis is an important disease often associated with poor hygiene especially among indigent individuals and households in developing countries. Faecal samples from 306 pupils (125 males and 181 females) from

  11. VISCOUS AND JOULE DISSIPATION EFFECTS ON HEAT TRANSFER IN MHD POISEUILLE FLOW IN THE PRESENCE OF RADIAL MAGNETIC FIELD:This study investigates analytically the effects of pressure forces, radial magnetic field, viscous and Joule dissipations on the Nusselt number for a steady, fully developed MHD pressure driven flow through

  12. CHARACTERIZATION OF A COAL DEPOSIT OVER PART OF TAI AREA OF GOMBE, NORTH EASTERN NIGERIA:The purpose of this research work is to delineate the strike direction of a coal deposit at Tai area of Gombe, Northeastern Nigeria using a 2-D electrical resistivity method. ABEM

  13. DESIGN, FABRICATION AND TESTING OF A TRACTOR DRAWN SOYBEAN PLANTER:A tractor drawn Soybean drum planter was designed, fabricated and tested in the DESFABENG Company Limited, Bida, Niger State. The project was undertaken due to the fact that most of

  14. EFFECT OF CATALYST CONCENTRATION AND REACTION TIME ON THE QUALITY OF BIODIESEL PRODUCED FROM USED VEGETABLE OIL:The transesterification of used cooking oil with short-chain alcohols, in the presence of base catalyst sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and methanol as solvent, by means of single step batch process in

  15. LOG LIKELIHOOD RATIO TEST OF ELDERLY CRISIS IN NIGERIA:This paper highlighted some of the problems facing our elderly population which includes: poverty, unemployment, non-payment of pension and gratuity, cultural decay, homelessness, non-institutionalized policy for the elderly, poor medical

  16. ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH DETERMINATION AND ASSESSMENT OF PHYSICO-CHEMCIAL CHARACTERISTICS IN OLOSHI RIVER, NIGERIA:The Physico-chemical characteristics of the surface waters and sediment in Oloshi River, non-tidal fresh water were studied between July and December 2015. The Oloshi River drains and receives effluents from

  17. DEVELOPMENT OF A ROTARY TABLE FOR DOMESTIC USE:A rotary table is a device that aids in precision work mainly in manufacturing industries. There has however been little research done in the development of rotary table for domestic

  18. LEAVENING ABILITY OF SOME WILD YEASTS AND THE MUTANT SPECIES ISOLATED FROM FERMENTED ORANGE JUICE IN BAKERY PRODUCT (BREAD):The characterization of the indigenous yeast flora was carried out using analytical profile index techniques (API AUX 20C kit), physiological characterization and genetic modification by mutation (nitrous acid and ultra

  19. EFFECTS OF SHELF LIFE OF EXTRACTS FROM Moringa oleifera, Hibiscus sabdariffa AND Hibiscus esculentus SEEDS ON REMOVAL OF WATER TURBIDITY:The study examined the effects of shelf life and efficiency of the extracts of Moringa oleifera, Hibiscus sabdariffa and Hibiscus esculentus seeds on removal of water turbidity. Two different methods

  20. SEASONAL ANALYSIS OF WATER QUALITY IN TWO SETTLEMENTS OF WUKARI LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA, TARABA STATE, NIGERIA:In the present study, some physico-chemical parameters and heavy metals content in water samples collected from three sources (wells, boreholes and river) at two different areas (Kente and Hospital Ward)

  21. QUANTIFICATION OF SMOKE CONTRIBUTED PAHs IN ROASTED COWHIDE (PONMO) FROM NORTHERN NIGERIA:Cowhides were collected from processors before and after exposure to smoke generated from burning wood. Dried cowhide samples (roasted and hot water processed) were extracted using 3:1 ratio of dichloromethane:

  22. HEAVY METAL COMPOSITION IN Amaranthus caudatus FROM WASTE DUMP SOILS IN AGRICULTURAL FIELDS OF JEGA, KEBBI STATE, NIGERIA:This study was conducted to determine the presence, concentration and bioaccumulation of selected heavy metals in amaranths grown on soils from waste dump sites. The selected heavy metals were analysed

  23. CYTOGENOTOXICITY ASSESSMENT OF BOREHOLE WATER SOURCES IN DENSELY POPULATED LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREAS OF LAGOS STATE, NIGERIA USING THE Allium cepa TEST:In recent time, increased population in Ikotun, Ikeja and Alimosho local government areas of Lagos State, Nigeria is becoming alarming as this is expected to create pressure on the facilities

  24. CHARACTERIZATION AND VARIABILITY OF SOILS FORMED ON A TOPOSEQUENTIAL FLOODPLAIN IN URATTA, SOUTH EASTERN NIGERIA:The study was carried out on a floodplain formed by Okitankwu River, Uratta South-eastern Nigeria with the aim of characterizing and studying the variability of soils of the area for

  25. DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF A PIPELINE PROTECTION CIRCUIT:This paper presents the design and construction of an electronic circuit that will protect petroleum-product carrying pipelines from being vandalized. It involves the mounting of vibration sensors on the pipelines

  26. ASSESSMENT OF HUMAN HEALTH RISK IN RELATION TO CONCENTRATIONS OF SOME HEAVY METALS IN SMOKE-DRIED BONGA FISH (Ethmalosa fimbriata, BOWDICH, 1825) SOLD IN FISH MARKETS IN WARRI, NIGER DELTA, NIGIERA:This study specifically ascertained the levels of Zinc (Zn), Iron (Fe), Copper (Cu), Cadmium (Cd) and Lead (Pb) in samples of smoke-dried Ethmalosa fimbriata (Mean length=26.52 ± 3.35 cm; mean

  27. ASSESSMENT OF SOLID WASTE COLLECTION AND DISPOSAL SYSTEM IN JIMETA, ADAMAWA STATE, NIGERIA:Human activities, such as agriculture, industry and domestic activities generate wastes that need to be carefully collected and disposed for safer environment. The paper examined solid waste collection system with

  28. APHICIDAL EFFICACY OF AQUEOUS NEEM SEED EXTRACT AGAINST APHIDS (Myzus persicae SULZER) INFESTATION ON SWEET PEPPER (Capsicum annum L.):Field trials were conducted to comparatively evaluate the aphicidal efficiency of aqueous neem seed extract against Myzus persicae infestation on two varieties of sweet pepper (California wonder and Yolo wonder).

  29. PHYSICOCHEMICALAND HEAVY METAL ANALYSIS OF RAW, TREATED WATER AND SLUDGE SAMPLES FROM A TREATMENT PLANT IN SOKOTO, NIGERIA:Access to safe drinking water is still a major challenge globally, especially in developing countries. The assessment of water quality is largely determined by the physicochemical parameters as well as

  30. STATISTICAL QUALITY CONTROL OF THE PRODUCTION MATERIALS IN LIFE LAGER BEER:Consumers make complaint about the state of home-made goods. Some of the consumers claim that foreign goods are of high quality compared to home-made goods. We discovered that many indigenous

  31. A SURVEY OF VASCULAR EPIPHYTES OF OIL PALMS (Elaeisguineensis JACQ.) IN LEKKI CONSERVATION CENTRE, LAGOS, NIGERIA:A survey of vascular epiphytes of Elaeis guineensis was carried out at the Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos. A total number of nine species of epiphytes were collected and identified. Their

  32. ANALYSIS OF POLYAROMATIC HYDROCARBONS IN SOIL AROUND AUTO-MECHANIC WORKSHOPS IN MAJOR TOWNS IN BENUE STATE, NIGERIA:The analysis of polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) at different depths of soils in the vicinity of auto-mechanic workshops sites in three major towns (Makurdi, Gboko and Otukpo) within Benue State, Nigeria

  33. THE AMINO ACIDS COMPOSITION OF SMOOTH LOOFAH (Luffa cylindrical L.), ROSELLE (Hibiscus sabdariffa) AND SESAME (Sesamum indicum) SEEDS:The amino acid composition of smooth loofah, roselle and sesame seeds were determined using standard analytical techniques. The amino acid analysis revealed that all the samples contained nutritional useful quantities

  34. STUDIES ON BILIRUBIN CLEARANCES OF METHANOLIC LEAF OF VELVET BEANS (Mucuna pruriens) ON CCl4 INDUCED ALBINO RATS:This study investigated the bilirubin clearance and the hepatoprotective properties of the methanolic extract of Mucuna pruriens leaves in Carbon Tetrachloride (CCl4) induced albino rats. CCl4 was injected into the

  35. THE LAPLACE TRANSFORM SERIES DECOMPOSITION METHOD FOR SOLVING NONLINEAR VOLTERRAINTEGRO-DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS:The Nonlinearity of differential equations has been a hard to crack nut for years. Recently many researchers have devised several approximate methods of handling it. In this work the Laplace

  36. TOXIC METALS IN OFFICE DUST AS GEOCHEMICAL INDICATORS OF INDOOR CONTAMINATION:In this study, indoor settled dust samples were collected from twenty one offices within the seven College buildings of the University of Agriculture Makurdi, Nigeria. The dust samples were analysed

  37. ANALYSES OF STATES, CONTROLS AND COST FUNCTIONAL IN ONE DIMENSIONAL WAVE EQUATION WITH ENERGY EFFECT UP TO TEN NODAL POINTS:The fourier solution proposed by Duchateau and Zachmann for deriving the general equations for states and controls was applied to the problems of one dimensional quadratic functionalMin ∫ [z,u] =Min

  38. EFFECT OF FLOW IMPROVER BLENDS ON CRUDE OIL RHEOLOGY:Arterial blockage in the petroleum industry is mostly due to the deposition of heavy organics like wax from petroleum fluids. Wax is an undesirable constituent in crude oil due to

  39. ASSESSMENT OF RADIOLOGICAL DETRIMENTS IN ROCK SAMPLES FROM SOUTH WEST OF THE KERRI–KERRI FORMATION UPPER BENUE TROUGH, NORTHEAST NIGERIA:There was speculation that the Kerri-Kerri Formation is a potential host of uranium mineralization hence the need to assess the radiological hazard in the rocks of the area. Activity concentrations

  40. DETERMINATION OF HEAVY METALS IN BLACK TATTOO INK SOLD WITHIN ZARIA, NIGERIA:The aim of this study is to determine the concentration of cadmium, lead, nickel, mercury and zinc in three different imported black tattoo ink sold in Zaria, Nigeria. Three commonly

  41. NUMERICAL MODELING OF GEOLOGIC STRUCTURES USING 2D RESISTIVITY IMAGING WITH SEVEN ELECTRODE ARRAYS:Numerical modeling of geological models was used to compare the resolution and effectiveness of 2D resistivity imaging survey with seven electrode arrays. The arrays used are the pole-dipole (PD), wenner-alpha(WN),

  42. EFFECT OF THREE COMMON ORANGE FLAVORED DRINKS ON PROGENY COUNTS AND SEX RATIO OF Drosophila melanogaster FLIES:Fruit drinks are a perfect fast food for today’s eat on the run lifestyle. In this study, Drosophila melanogaster flies were exposed to three local and common orange flavoured drinks

  43. EVALUATION OF MANURE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES AND NITROGEN LEVELS ON SOIL NITROGEN AND THE PERFORMANCE OF MAIZE IN AN ALFISOL:Field experiments were carried out in two locations to determine the effects of cow dung subjected to different management practices, time of application and Urea fertilizer levels on the nitrogen

  44. EXTRACTION, ISOLATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF SOME ALKALOIDS FROM THE BARK OF Pericopsis laxiflora (FAMILY: FABACEAE):Extraction and purification of some of the nitrogenous bases present in the bark of Pericopsislaxifloraled to the isolation and characterization of three alkaloids. The structures of the isolated compounds on

  45. PREPARATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF PHOTOCATALYTICMODIFIED KAOLINITE CLAY CERAMIC MEMBRANE FILTER FOR REMEDIATION OF POLLUTED WATER:Photocatalytic ceramic membrane filter was prepared mainly from raw kaolinite clay. Ag-doped TiO2 nanoparticles (STOX) were intercalated in the ceramic membrane to modify its properties. Characterizations of the materials were

  46. ECOLOGICAL RISK ASSESSMENT OF POTENTIALLY TOXIC METALS IN SOILS AROUND USED AUTOMOBILE PARTS AND MECHANIC WORKSHOPS IN LAGOS STATE, NIGERIA:Soil samples from 12 major automobile spare parts sales and car dismantling sites in Lagos and a control sample were analysed for selected potentially toxic metals (PTM): Cd, Cr, Cu,

  47. PHARMACOGNOSTIC STUDIES OF THE LEAF OF Ficus benghalensis LINN:Pharmacognostic studies of fresh and powdered leaves of F. benghalensis (Linn.) was carried out to determine the macroscopical features, preliminary phytochemical diagnostic features, physico-chemical properties, quantitativeand qualitative microscopical features and

  48. LOCAL STABILITY ANALYSIS OF A SUSCEPTIBLE PROTECTED INFECTED TREATED RECOVERED (SPITR) MATHEMATICAL MODEL FOR MALARIA DISEASE DYNAMICS:Malaria is one of the oldest diseases studied for a long time from all angles. Many infectious diseases including malaria are preventable, yet they remain endemic in many communities due

  49. COMPARATIVE PROXIMATE AND MINERAL ANALYSES OF Dioscorea rotundata AND Dioscorea bulbifera GROWN IN MAKURDI, BENUE STATE – NIGERIA:This study compared the nutritional values of Dioscorearotundata and Dioscoreabulbifera grown in Agboughul village nearby Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria. Samples of the Dioscoreaspecies were collected and analyzed for their proximate

  50. PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF FIR DIGITAL FILTER DESIGN BY USING HAMMING AND KAISER WINDOW TECHNIQUES:Digital signal processing (DSP) is all of digital filters. Finite Impulse Response (FIR) digital filter is preferred than Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) for many key advantages. In this article, FIR

  51. INTERPRETATION OF HIGH RESOLUTION AEROMAGNETIC DATA OVER NSUKKA AND UDI AREAS OF ENUGU STATE, NIGERIA:Aeromagnetic data analysis and interpretation of Udi sheet and that of Nsukka sheet in Enugu State, Anambra Basin was carried out. The data which were obtained by Nigeria Geological Survey

  52. CHARACTERIZATION OF THE VULNERABILITY OF SCHOOL CHILDREN EXPOSED TO ROAD TRAFFIC NOISE IN SOME SELECTED SCHOOLS IN ZARIA, KADUNA STATE, NIGERIA:Noise is considered as an environmental pollutant to which man is subjected to throughout his life. It has been reported to cause cardiovascular diseases, annoyance, aggression, impairment of cognitive performances

  53. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION AND QUALITY CHARACTERISTICS OF ENSILED MAIZE STOVER:Maize stover (MS), an abundant crop residue is a potential feed for ruminants. The nutritive value is reduced when left on the field without processing and preservation due to further

  54. 1D-NMR SPECTROSCOPY OF THE POLYSACCHARIDE STARCH FROM Plectranthus esculentus. A POTENTIAL EXCIPIENT:Plectranthus esculentus (Lamiaceae)tubers in Jos, Nigeria produced a white starch. This starch was characterized by the application of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) and 1-Dimensional (ID) Nuclear Magnetic Resonances (NMR) spectroscopy.

  55. DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF INTELLIGENT ENERGY-SAVING STREETLIGHT SYSTEM USING ONE SHOT PULSE GENERATOR:Street lights are very crucial devices that enable vision especially during dark hours. Electrical energy lighting makes up the largest part of power consumption in the world particularly through the

  56. HEAVY METALS CONTENT IN SOIL AROUND THE VICINITY OF BLACKSMITH WORKSHOPS IN ZARIA, NIGERIA:This research workwas carried out to determine the heavy metals content in soil around the vicinity of blacksmith workshops in Zaria, Nigeria. Soil samples were collected from five different locations

  57. ASSESSMENT OF POST-HARVEST LOSSES OF YAM (Dioscorea spp.)IN SELECTED DISTRICTS OF KARU LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA, NASARAWA STATE:The aim of this study is to introduce a method for the direct assessment of post-harvest losses in yam caused by rodents. Key informants comprising practicing yam farmers; the agriculture

  58. NUTRITIONAL ASSESSMENT OF Urena lobata LEAVES:The aim of this study is to evaluate the nutritional qualities of Urena lobata leaves consumed in Katsina State, Nigeria. The sample was analyzed using the methods recommended by the

  59. DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION AND TESTINGOF VOLTAGE SENSITIVE SINGLE-PHASE AUTOMATIC CHANGEOVER SWITCH FOR LOW POWER GENERATORS:The erratic supply of power experienced over time in Nigeria and other developing countries which have been detrimental to certain health (surgical), occupational and general practices can now in this

  60. CHARACTERIZATION OF DISSOLVED ORGANIC MATTER IN SELECTED WETLANDS FROM NORTHERN NIGERIA:The molecular composition of dissolved organic matter (DOM), collected from Baturiya, Nguru, Matara-Uku, Jebba and Lokoja wetlands of the Northern Nigeria were characterized using Fourier Transform Infra–Red (FTIR) and Gas

  61. EFFECTS OF OVEN–DRYING AND SMOKE–DRYING ON THE NUTRITIONAL QUALITY OF SNAKEHEAD (Parachanna obscura) AND UPSIDE-DOWN-CATFISH (Synodontis clarias) IN DELTA STATE:This study examined the effects of smoke drying and oven drying on the nutritional qualities of Synodontis clarias and Parachanna obscura. Twelve pieces each of both species of same size,

  62. SYNTHESIS, CHARACTERIZATION AND ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITIES OF ISONICOTINIC ACID HYDRAZIDE AND ITS METAL COMPLEXES:Complexes of isonicotinic acid hydrazide with Cu(II), Co(II) and Ni(II) have been prepared and characterized by analytical and physico-chemical techniques, such as elemental analysis, melting point and solubility studies, magnetic

  63. INVESTIGATION OF PHYTOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES AND ANTIBACTERIAL ACTIVITIESOF HONEY EXTRACTS FROM SOUTH WEST NIGERIA ON Staphylococcus aureus AND Escherichia coli:In Africa, microbial resistance to synthetic antimicrobial drugs has created growing interest and dependence on the use of natural products for medicinal purposes. Honey samples obtained from Oyo, Ogun, Edo,

  64. SYNTHESIS, CHARACTERIZATION AND STRUCTURE ACTIVITY RELATIONSHIP OF SCHIFF BASES DERIVED FROM 2-AMINOPHENOL AND SUBSTITUTED BENZALDEHYDES:The structure-antibacterial activity of six Schiff bases synthesized from 2-aminophenol and substituted benzaldehydes was studied by relating the effect of substituent groups on antibacterial activity. The study showed that compounds

  65. THE DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF A 2-DIGIT ELECTRONIC LOCK SYSTEM USING SIMPLE CIRCUIT ELEMENTS AND DIGITAL ELECTRONIC LOGIC GATES:The design, construction and implementation of a 2-digit electronic locking system for crime and intrusion prevention is reported in this work. The electronic locking system was designed and constructed using

  66. EFFECT OF LOADING METHODS ON RELEASE PROFILES OF METHOTREXATE AND DOXORUBICIN FROM ALGINATE-HYDROXYAPATITE COMPOSITES:Drug delivery systems alter the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of the drug by modifying the rate at which the drug is being released into the system. Its success depends on the

  67. BIOGAS OPTIMIZATION POTENTIALS OF COW DUNG, PIG DUNG AND POULTRY DROPPINGS WITH SUGAR CANE BAGASSE AND WATER MELON PEEL:The potentials of optimizing biogas production using cow dung, pig dung and poultry droppings with sugar cane bagasse and water melon peel were studied. Proximate analyses as well as total

  68. GEOELECTRICAL INVESTIGATION FOR GROUND WATER POTENTIALS OF THE MAIN CAMPUS OF AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY, ZARIA:The provision of portable water has for sometime been a serious problem in the Main Campus of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria. A geo-electric investigation employing vertical electrical soundings (VES)

  69. ASSESSMENT OF QUALITY PROTEIN MAIZE TECHNOLOGIES ADOPTION AMONG FARMERS IN BAUCHI SOUTH SENATORIAL ZONE:The objective of this study was to determine the farmers’ adoption of quality protein maize technologies in Bauchi south senatorial zone. Using survey research, a pre-tested structured interview scheduled was

  70. DEVELOPMENT OF A LOW COST AUTOMATED SLIDING DOOR:In this work, a low cost automated sliding door system is developed. This has been occasioned by the high cost of imported automated door systems found in the country. The

  71. AN IMPROVED LIGHT-SOURCE FOR A NEONATE HELIOTHERAPY DEVICE:This research focuses on the improvement of a neonate heliotherapy device light source by replacing the conventional fluorescent light with Blue Light Emitting Diodes (BLED). The improved light source achieved

  72. AN ENERGY-AWARE CLASS-BASED LOAD BALANCING MODEL FOR RESOURCE MANAGEMENT IN CLOUD COMPUTING:Cloud Computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous and on-demand access to shared resource pool. It represents a paradigm shift from traditional personal computing to computing as a pay-per-use utility.

  73. SOCIO-ECONOMIC ATTRIBUTES AND FOOD INSECURITY COPING STRATEGIES NEXUS AMONG SMALL HOLDER CROP FARMERS IN KADUNA STATE, NIGERIA:The study established the relationship between socio-economic attributes and food insecurity coping strategies adopted by crop farmers. Specifically, the study described socioeconomic characteristics of the household; establish the food security

  74. EMPIRICAL STUDY OF PSYCHOTIC DISORDER PATIENTS IN NIGERIA:A study on psychotic disorder ailment was carried out in this research paper where the target population consists of all patients that has any of the following five psychotic disorders:

  75. GROSS MARGIN ANALYSIS OF SOLE GROUNDNUT (Arachis hypogea LINN.) PRODUCTION IN BAUCHI STATE, NIGERIA:The study was carried out to analyse the production profitability among sole groundnut (Arachis hypogea L.) farmers in Bauchi State, Nigeria. The underlying objectives were to; describe the socio-economic characteristics

  76. ASSESSING THE DISTRIBUTION OF PERMETHRIN RESIDUE IN TREATED CEREAL GRAINS USING COLD SOLVENT EXTRACTION COUPLED WITH UV-VISIBLE SPECTROPHOTOMETRY:The residual levels of permethrin, a pyrethroid insecticide, in two different parts of treated cereal grains have been evaluated. The parts of the grains studied include the husk/bran and the

  77. MIXED CONVECTION FLOW IN HEAT ABSORBING DARCIAN MEDIA WITH VISCOUS DISSIPATION AND THERMAL RADIATION:The present paper deals with the study of a mixed convective flow of Newtonian, incompressible, viscous fluid past a porous vertical plate embedded in heat absorbing Darcian porous media in

  78. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF THE RAW FRUIT COAT, SEED AND PULP OF PASSION FRUIT (Passiflora edulis):This study determined the chemical composition of the various parts of the Passiflora edulis fruit. The various parts were separated and analyzed for –chemical composition and antinutrient contents. Calculated were

  79. YIELD AND CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF Manihot esculenta Crantz FLOUR WITH ORGANIC FERTILIZATION IN QUINTANA ROO, MEXICO:The objective of this study was to evaluate the production and nutritional composition of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) cultivated under different levels of organic fertilizer application. Twenty cassava plots (10

  80. EFFECT OF GINGER ON THE PERFORMANCE, CARCASS, ORGANS AND GUTS CHARACTERISTICS OF JAPANESE QUAILS IN SEMI ARID ZONE OF NIGERIA:This experiment was carried out to determine the effect of ginger on the performance and carcass characteristics of Japanese quails. Five diets were formulated in which ginger was included at

  81. DEVELOPMENT OF AN IMPROVED VEHICLE SPEED TRACKING DEVICE:This research developed an improved vehicle speed tracking device for the purpose of reducing road accidents. There is a compelling need for a device which can be used to detect

  82. SOLVING COMBINATORIAL OPTIMIZATION PROBLEM USING CHEAPEST SHOP SEEKER ALGORITHM:In this paper, a discrete version of the cheapest shop seekers algorithm is presented for solving the traveling salesman problem. The cheapest shop seeker, a recently proposed nature-inspired algorithm

  83. GROUNDWATER QUALITY ASSESSMENT AT SULEJA, NORTH CENTRAL NIGERIA:This research aimed at demonstrating the application of hydrochemical techniques in evaluating the effect of waste dumpsite on groundwater resources of Suleja environs. The samplings were carried out systematically in

  84. A ZERO-STABLE ALGORITHM FOR FOURTH ORDER INITIAL AND BOUNDARY VALUE PROBLEMS INTEGRATION:The paper focuses on derivation of fifth order hybrid linear multistep block method (HLMBM) for the solution of fourth order initial value problems (IVPs) in ordinary differential equations (ODEs). We

  85. IDENTIFICATION OF HEAT TOLERANT LINES AND GENETIC DIVERSITY IN WHEAT (TriticumaestivumL.) USING MOLECULAR MARKERS IN GUINEA SAVANNA, NIGERIA:Field trials were conducted at Lake Chad Research Institute Research Farm at Dadinkowa, Gombe State-Nigeria, during 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 dry seasons. The objectives of this study was undertaken to identify

  86. LAGUERRE COLLOCATION APPROACH FOR CONTINUOUS HYBRID BLOCK METHOD FOR SOLVING INITIAL VALUE PROBLEMS OF SECOND ORDER ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS:In this paper, an implicit one-step method with three off-grid points for numerical solution of second order initial value problems of ordinary differential equation has been developed by collocation and

  87. NEAR SURFACE METEOROLOGICAL MEASUREMENTS IN THE VICINITY OF A SCRAP-IRON RECYCLING FACTORY IN SOUTHWESTERN NIGERIA:This study presents an overview of near surface meteorological measurements carried out in a dense air-pollution plume environment of a scrap-iron recycling factory (7degree 29N, 4degree 28E, 262 m a.s.l)

  88. DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF A MICROCONTROLLER BASED REMOTE CONTROLLED CAR JACK WITH ILLUMINATION SYSTEM:Car jacks are necessary when changing a flat tire or raising any part of the car. Unfortunately, available screw and hydraulic jacks are manually operated thus requiring more physical effort

  89. ADAPTIVE CONTROL AND SYNCHRONIZATION OF MEMRISTOR-BASED HYPERCHAOTIC SYSTEM WITH UNKNOWN PARAMETERS:This paper studies the control and synchronization of hyperchaotic memoristive circuits with unknown parameters using adaptive control approach. The designed adaptive nonlinear controllers globally control and synchronize two identical hyperchaotic

  90. FACTORS INFLUENCING THE USE OF HIGH QUALITY CASSAVA FLOUR AMONG MASTER BAKERS IN MAKURDI LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA, BENUE STATE, NIGERIA:The rising cost of wheat importation for bread production has led to growing interest in the partial use/inclusion of high quality cassava flour (HQCF) alongside wheat flour in bread production

  91. EFFECTS OF ORAL ADMINISTRATION OF AQUEOUS EXTRACTS OF UNRIPEMusa paradisiacaON ALLOXAN INDUCED DIABETIC ALBINO RATS:The hypoglycemic potential and likely antidiabetic properties of the aqueous extract of unripe Musa paradisiacal (plantain) on blood glucose level of wistar rats was investigated and compared with known potent

  92. ACTUALIZATION OF PROFESSIONAL DEMANDS THROUGH ERGONOMICS APPLICATION: TECHNICAL MANPOWER PREPAREDNESS:Sustainability, efficiency and productivity of the operational working system of any nation’s industrial sector are crucial benefits ergonomics offer in all work settings through enhancing safe work environment and minimizing

  93. ASSESSMENT OF COMMUNAL INFLUENCE ON LAND ACCESSIBILITY AMONG RURAL LAND-USERS IN OSUN STATE, NIGERIA:The paper assessed communal influence on land accessibility among rural farmers in Osun State. It specifically described socio-economic characteristics of land users; determined the level of land accessibility; and examined

  94. PHYTOCHEMICAL SCREENING AND ISOLATION OF STEROLS FROM Cassytha filiformis LINN:Cassytha filiformis, a leafless and perennial vine with small scales as a replacement of the leaves is currently being used in the treatment of various disease conditions such as jaundice,

  95. PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND MICROBIAL ANALYSIS OF LOCALLY FERMENTED DRINKS (BURUKUTU AND PITO) FROM CEREALS IN NORTH CENTRAL NIGERIA:Locally fermented drinks (Burukutu and Pito) were collected from seven states of North Central, Nigeria and were analyzed for physicochemical and trace metals. The trace metals were analyzed using Atomic

  96. A CONDUCTOMETRIC METHOD FOR DETERMINATION OF ARSENIC IONS (As3+) BASED ON INHIBITION OF UREASE ACTIVITY:This study describes a conductometric inhibition assay for the quantitative determination of arsenic ions in aqueous systems using soybean (Glycine max) urease. In this approach, the decrease in conductivity as

  97. INDICATORS OF CLIMATE CHANGE IN OYO NIGERIA:This work identified, analyzed and interpreted some statistical indicators of climate change in Oyo, Nigeria. Data on daily rainfall amount (mm), maximum air temperature (oC) and maximum relative humidity (%)

  98. DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING OF A TRACTOR DRAWN FIVE ROW FURROW OPENING DEVICE:A tractor drawn five row furrow opening device having a capacity of 30 hectares per day was designed and fabricated as one of the tillage/planting device with which soil can

  99. FRACTIONATION AND MOBILITY OF CADMIUM, LEAD, CHROMIUM AND COPPER IN THE VICINITY OF DYE PITS IN ZARIA CITY, NORTHERN NIGERIA:The sequential extraction provides information on mobility and stability of various metal species which can be used to evaluate the movement of such metals in soils. The effect of dye

  100. THERMAL RADIATION AND CHEMICAL REACTION EFFECTS ON FREE CONVECTIVE HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER FLOW THROUGH AN IRREGULAR CHANNEL:An analysis of the effects of thermal-radiation and chemical reaction on free convective heat and mass transfer flow through an irregular (wavy) vertical channel (made up of a finitely long

  101. IMPACT OF VEHICULAR EXHAUST AND WASTE BURNING ON HEAVY METALS CONCENTRATION IN WAZO MARKET TOPSOIL, OGBOMOSO, NIGERIA:A study of heavy metals levels in Wazo market top soils, Ogbomoso was conducted during dry and rainy season in year 2015 to ascertain status of the soils. Soil samples

  102. ANTI-CORROSIVE PROPERTIES OF Delonix regia EXTRACT ON MILD STEEL CORROSION IN ACID FLUID FOR INDUSTRIAL OPERATIONS:The corrosion inhibition properties of Delonix regia leaf extract (DLE), flower extract (DFE) and seed extract (DSE) in 0.5M HCl solutions were studied using weight loss technique. Delonixregia extracts inhibited

  103. ANALYSIS OF MARKETING CHANNELS AND MARKETING EFFICIENCY OF SMOKED FISH MARKETERS IN OGUN STATE, NIGERIA:This study analysed the marketing channels and marketing efficiency of smoked fish marketers in Ogun State, Nigeria. A multistage sampling technique was used to select 80 smoked fish marketers from

  104. DETERMINANT OF TECHNICAL EFFICIENCY OF GROUNDNUT PRODUCTION IN BAUCHI STATE, NIGERIA:The study was conducted in Bauchi State, with a view to examining the technical efficiency (TE) of sole groundnut farmers in the state, which invariably has a direct bearing on

  105. COMBINED VLF-EM AND GEOELECTRIC SOUNDING FOR GROUNDWATER DEVELOPMENT IN A TYPICAL BASEMENT COMPLEX TERRIAN OF SOUTH WESTERN, NIGERIA:An assessment of three failed boreholes that were earlier drilled at Ibusogboro Area of Ibadan was carried out using integrated Very Low Frequency-Electromagnetic (VLF-EM) and Electrical Resistivity (ER) methods. The

  106. THE ICHTHYOFAUNA OF ELEMI RIVER, NIGERIA: A PRELIMINARY PRE-IMPOUNDMENT SURVEY:A preliminary survey of the pre-impoundment population of the fish in lower river Elemi, prior to the establishment of the Ekiti State University (EKSU) power plant was carried out during

  107. CYTOTOXIC AGENTS FROM NIGERIAN PLANTS: A CASE STUDY OF Spondias mombin LINN (ANACARDIACEAE) LEAVES:In this work, six Nigerian plants traditionally used to manage inflammation and cancer have been screened for cytotoxicity against brine shrimps with the aim of assessing their potential as anticancer

  108. MHD FLOW OF A THIRD GRADE FLUID IN A CYLINDRICAL PIPE IN THE PRESENCE OF REYNOLDS’ MODEL VISCOSITYAND JOULE HEATING:We investigated the flow of a third grade fluid through a cylindrical pipe in the presence of a magnetic field and joule heating, with the aim of finding approximate analytic

  109. HYDROLYSIS OF FATTY ESTERS IN DICHLOROMETHANE/ METHANOL:The preparation of cinnamic acid, palmitic acid and acid carboxylate of 14,16-hentriacontanedione were studied in dichloromethane/ methanol and 2-methyl tetrahydrofuran/ methanol (DCM/MeOH and 2-mTHF/MeOH). Hence, this paper demonstrated the alkaline

  110. MODELLING AND FORECASTING UNEMPLOYMENT RATES IN NIGERIA USING ARIMA MODEL:Unemployment rate is a big macroeconomic issue of our time. Unemployment disrupts lives and is associated with an irrecoverable loss of real output. This paper aims to modeling and forecast

  111. SHORT TERM ANALYSIS OF QUALITY PARAMETERS OF SELECTED DEEP WELLS: A CASE STUDY OF AN AGRARIAN COMMUNITY IN BOSSO LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA, NIGER STATE:Pollution of groundwater at any level has been linked to industrialization and urbanization which has come to stay over time. This study seeks to establish the effect of age of

  112. INVESTIGATING STYLIZED FACTS OF ASSET RETURNS IN AN EMERGING STOCK MARKET IN THE PRESENCE OF GAUSSIAN ERRORS:This paper models the volatility of asset returns that produces several well-documented stylized facts. The Guinness bottling Company Plc daily closing share prices of the Nigerian stock exchange is used

  113. NITRITE, NITRATE AND NITROSAMINE CONCENTRATIONS IN COMMON WINE BRANDS, MALT DRINKS AND FRUIT JUICES IN MAKURDI, BENUE STATE:The nitrite, nitrate and nitrosamine concentration in ten (10) wine brands, five (5) malt drinks and five (5) fruit juices commonly consumed in Makurdi, Benue state were analyzed using UV-Vis

  114. INTRUSION DETECTION SYSTEM ON A COMPUTER NETWORK USING AN ENSEMBLE OF RANDOMIZABLE FILTERED CLASSIFIER, K-NEAREST NEIGHBOR ALGORITHM:Intrusion detection is the process of monitor the event occurring in a computer network and analyzing them for signs of intrusions. In recent years, the needs of internet are felt

  115. INTERSTELLAR C3S: DIFFERENT DIPOLE MOMENT, DIFFERENT COLUMN DENSITY, SAME ASTRONOMICAL SOURCE:Investigation of the physical and chemical conditions of the different molecular clouds requires accurate knowledge of the abundances and distributions of the various molecules. Abundances of interstellar and circumstellar species

  116. ONE STEP HYBRID BLOCK METHODS FOR GENERAL SECOND ORDER ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS USING LAGUERRE POLYNOMIAL:In this paper, self-starting hybrid block method is proposed for the solution of general second order initial value problem of the form Y1 = f(x,y,y1) directly without reducing it to

  117. DESIGN OF AN AUTOMATED DEPLOYMENT ORDER SYSTEM FOR EXPLOSIVE DETECTION USING WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK:Due to the tremendous and continuous rise globally in the use of explosives to attacks government infrastructures, public places and facilities, various institutions are now equipping their infrastructures with devices

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