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  1. GASTROINTESTINAL PARASITES OF CATTLE IN KEBBI STATE, NORTH-WEST NIGERIA:Cattle are considerably important for purposes such as meat, milk, pulling of plows and carts, and indicator of economic status in many parts of the world. Unfortunately, their health and

  2. MODULATORY EFFECT OF LEAF EXTRACTS OF Pterocarpus santalinoides HOOK F. (RED SANDAL WOOD) ONACETAMINOPHEN-INDUCED HEPATOTOXICITY IN ALBINO RATS:There is increasing incidences of drug (paracetamol) toxicity resulting from its overdose and quests for the use of alternative medicinein the prevention and treatment of liver related ailments worldwide. Ethanol

  3. RESERVOIR CHARACTERIZATION OF Z-FIELD CHAD BASIN, NORTH-EASTERN NIGERIA:Well log data from deep parts of the 5 wells located in Z-Field of Chad basin were used in characterization of available reservoir sands. Well log data used include, sonic,

  4. GROWTH AND BIOMASS ACCUMULATION OF SEEDLINGS OF COWPEA (Vigna unguiculata L. WALP) IN RESPONSE TO SOIL SALINITY:This study was carried out during the early planting season at the mini Research Farm of the Department of Botany, Delta State University, site 2 Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria to

  5. ECOLOGICAL AND HUMAN HEALTH RISKS OF TOXIC METALS IN SOILS UNDER DIFFERENT LAND USES IN MAKURDI, NIGERIA:The study assessed the levels, ecological and human health risks of mixed contaminants (toxic metals and petroleum hydrocarbons) in soils under different land uses in Makurdi, Nigeria. Composite surface soil

  6. MULTINOMIAL LOGISTIC REGRESSION ANALYSIS OF VEHICULAR ACCIDENT IN NIGERIA:Vehicular accidents are major problem in developing countries and Nigeria is no exemption to this worldwide dilemma. In Nigeria, transportation has been largely by road and this means of transportation


  8. GENDER ANALYSIS OF IRISH POTATO (Solanum tuberosun L.) PRODUCTION IN JOS–SOUTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF PLATEAU STATE, NIGERIA:The study was on comparative analysis of male and female involvement in Irish Potato (Solanum tuberosun L.) production in Jos-South Local Government Area of Plateau State, Nigeria. The specific objectives

  9. A STUDY ON MECHANIC WORKSHOP POLLUTED SOIL AMENDED WITH GREEN WASTE (Citrus aurantifolia POWDER):Bioremediation potential of 400 g of lime powder (Citrus aurantifolia) on mechanic workshop soil was studied for a period of 56 days. Mechanic workshop soil samples were collected from three

  10. EFFECT OF BLANCHING TIME ON OXALATE AND PHYTATE CONTENT OF NON-CONVENTIONAL LOCAL VEGETABLES IN BENUE STATE NIGERIA:The effect of blanching time on the oxalate and phytate content of five non-conventional green leafy vegetables consumed in Benue State, Nigeria, was investigated. Titrimetric analysis was employed to determine

  11. A GAME-THEORETIC COOPERATIVE ADVERTISING MODEL: THE FEASIBILITY OF THE DISTRIBUTOR’S INVOLVEMENT IN A MANUFACTURER-DISTRIBUTOR-RETAILER CHANNEL:Most cooperative advertising works to date consists of only two parties: the manufacturer(s) and the retailer(s). This work uses Game theory to address the possibility of the distributor being an

  12. EFFECT OF MINING OPERATION ON THE LEVEL OF HEAVY METALS IN SOILS FROM AREAS AROUND TANTALITE MINES IN OGAPA OTTO, NASARAWA STATE, NIGERIA:The effect of mining on the concentration of heavy metals in soils from areas around tantalite mines was studied. Forty topsoil samples and fifteen control samples were collected with hand


  14. COMPARATIVE STUDIES OF RESPONSE SURFACE METHODOLOGY (RSM) AND PREDICTIVE CAPACITY OF ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORK (ANN) ON MILD STEEL CORROSION INHIBITION USING WATER HYACINTH AS AN INHIBITOR:Response surface methodology (RSM) and artificial neural network (ANN) on modeling and optimization of corrosion inhibition efficiencies of mild steel using water hyacinth as an inhibitor was carried out in

  15. IMPACT OF FERMENTATION ON FOOD BORNE PATHOGENS:Microorganisms have been utilized to modified food through the process of fermentation. This study was carried out to assess the effect of fermentation on cereal-based food and lactic acid bacteria

  16. THE EFFICIENCY OF RESISTIVITY METHOD IN DELINEATING LITHOLOGIC UNITS OF THE QUATENARY DEPOSITS OF THE NIGER DELTA:The most widely used geophysical technique for groundwater prospecting is the Vertical electrical sounding. This method determines rock resistivity which is crucial for hydrogeological purposes because it allows differentiation between

  17. TOXICITY STUDY OF ETHANOL EXTRACT OF SCLEROTIA OF Pleurotus tuberregium ON REPRODUCTIVE PARAMETERS OF NON-PREGNANT WISTER RATS:The Sclerotia of Pleurotus tuberregium are used in the South-south region of Nigeria to treat infertility in women. The effect of the ethanol crude extract of P. tuberregium on some

  18. A NEW THREE STEP SECOND DERIVATIVE LINEAR MULTISTEP METHODS FOR THE SOLUTIONS OF STIFF INITIAL VALUE PROBLEMS:This paper is concerned with the accuracy and efficiency of a three step second derivative linear multistep method for the approximate solution of stiff initial value problems. The main methods

  19. FUNGAL DEGRADATION OF VEGETABLE OIL (GROUNDNUT OIL) ON THE SURFACE OF CLAY:The study of fungal degradation of vegetable oil on the surface of the clay was carried out in Kogi State University, Anyigba, Kogi State. The soil sample was collected in

  20. EVALUATION OF SOIL ENZYMATIC ACTIVITIES AFTER TREATMENT WITH VARIOUS HYDROCARBONS:Pollution of farm land is ubiquitous in oil producing regions. The intent of this study was to evaluate the influence of various hydrocarbons on soil catalase (CAT) as well as

  21. ASSESSMENT OF THE LEVEL OF CONTAMINATION OF SOILS FROM A DUMPSITE AT ONITSHA, NIGERIA:The concentrations of heavy metals and other soil variables; textural classes, pH, bulk density and soil moisture in soil receptacles of a solid waste dumpsite at Onitsha, Nigeria were assessed

  22. SEASONALITY OF OLIVE BABOONS’ FOOD AND THE IMPORTANCE OF PLANT PHENOLOGY TO WILDLIFE FEED AVAILABILITY IN KAINJI LAKE NATIONAL PARK, NIGERIA:Olive baboons (Papio anubis) are referred to as savanna dwelling species. Kainji Lake National Park (KLNP) is an example of a savanna ecosystem characterized by seasonality in plant productivity. Wild

  23. HEAVY METAL ACCUMULATION AND BIOMARKER RESPONSES IN THE EARTHWORM (Lumbricus terrestris) COLLECTED FROM KOLO CREEK, BAYELSA STATE, NIGERIA:In this study, heavy metals (HMs) accumulation and biomarker responses in Lumbricus terrestris (LT) collected from Kolo Creek, Bayelsa State Nigeria, were evaluated. Composite soil and LT samples were collected

  24. PREVALENCE OF INTESTINAL PARASITES AMONG CHILDREN IN SELECTED PRIMARY SCHOOLS IN KATSINA-ALA LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF BENUE:Intestinal parasites are serious public health problems in Nigeria with children being major victims. High prevalence has been reported among primary school children in Nigeria. This study aims at assessing

  25. ANTIBIOTICS RESISTANT PATTERN OF Staphylococcus aureus ISOLATES AMONG UNDERGRADUATES STUDENTS OF DELSU ASABA CAMPUS:Staphylococcus aureus is widespread in hospitals and communities among patients due to the increasing resistance to several antibiotics. This study was planned to determine the prevalence and antibiotics resistant pattern

  26. COMPARATIVE STUDY ON THE EFFECT OF DIRECT AND INDIRECT CYANIDE ORAL ADMINISTRATION ON THE HEALTH OF BROILER BIRDS IN RELATION TO ENERGY:The study aimed at comparing the effect of direct and indirect cyanide oral administration on the health of broiler birds in relation to energy levels. Eighty four day old chicks

  27. GEOSPATIAL VARIATION OF WEATHER PARAMETERS AND AIR QUALITY AT OLOGBO FLOW STATION IN EDO STATE, NIGERIA:One of the characteristics of petroleum industry in developing countries is incessant flare of gases with its attendant socio-ecological impacts. Gas flaring has not only contributed to poor environmental quality

  28. MODIFICATION OF RATIO ESTIMATOR UNDER TWO PHASE SAMPLING:In this paper, modification of Adebola and Adegoke’s report on ratio estimator was suggested. The modified estimator was obtained through transformation in two cases using sample mean of auxiliary variables.

  29. PHYTOCHEMICAL SCREENING, ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITY AND MINERAL COMPOSITION OF SOURSOP (Annona muricata) PULP, PEEL AND SEED:Traditionally the outermost parts of most fruits are peeled off and discarded as waste which can constitute environmental pollution. To reduce this, the society must be made to see the

  30. POST FADAMA III PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF BENEFICIARIES IN NIGER DELTA AREA SINCE THE WITHDRAWAL OF WORLD BANK’S ASSISTANCE TO NIGERIA:The study concentrated on evaluation of the performance of Fadama III agricultural project in the Niger Delta Area of Nigeria. The study was carried out in Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa and

  31. MICROBIOLOGICAL AND PHYSICOCHEMICAL ASSESSMENT OF SURFACE WATER IMPACTED BY RAW ABATTOIR WASTES:The microbiological and physicochemical qualities of surface water collected from Ikpobariver at different points were evaluated using standard procedures. The samples were collected into sterile 4 liter plastic containers once

  32. MICROBIAL SPOILAGE OF FOOD IN INDUSTRY: A REVIEW:Food spoilage is a metabolic process that causes foods to be undesirable or unacceptable for human consumption due to changes in sensory characteristics. Spoilage organisms are not initially a basic

  33. PHYTOCHEMICAL, ELEMENTAL AND LD50 SCREENING OF AQUEOUS LEAF EXTRACT OF Annona senegalensis IN ALBINO WISTAR RATS:Aqueous leaf extract of Annona senegalensis was screened for phytochemical and elemental components using standard methods ................................................................................

  34. USING BAYES’ THEOREM IN THE ESTIMATION OF PREVALENCE OF HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE IN CERTAIN AGE GROUPS:This is a community population-based study that considered the occurrence of high blood pressure in adults aged 18 years and older, classified into different age groups. The study collated data


  36. COMPARATIVE IN VITRO ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITY AND TOTAL PHENOLIC CONTENTS OF DIFFERENT PARTS OF Vernonia amygdalina:A comparative in vitro assessment of the leaves, stem and roots of Vernonia amygdalina was done in this study using acetone and methanol extracts by 1, 1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH), β-carotene bleaching,

  37. HEAVY METAL CONCENTRATIONS IN DOMESTIC WATER SOURCES IN SOME COMMUNITIES OF EDO STATE, NIGERIA:Water is an important resource to life. However, it is usually contaminated by human activities sometimes to an extent of posing serious health problem to man. Seventy-five (75) samples from

  38. THE SEDIMENTARY THICKNESS OF UGEP AND ITS ENVIRONS, INFERRED FROM ANALYSIS OF ITS MAGNETIC DATA:Aeromagnetic magnetic map over Ugep, sheet 314, located in the southern Benue Trough Nigeria was acquired, processed and interpreted, to determine the structural trend, depth to these magnetic anomalies, and

  39. IN-VITRO SCREENING OF SOME SELECTED ANTIMICROBIAL AGENTS ON SOME UROPATHOGENIC BACTERIAL ISOLATES FROM AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY TEACHING HOSPITAL, ZARIA, NIGERIA:Some selected antimicrobial agents were screened and evaluate their susceptibility on some uropathgenic bacterial isolates from Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Zaria, Nigeria. 300 patients participated in the study. Samples

  40. A STUDY ON JOHANSEN COINTEGRATION APPROACH IN ANALYZING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CAPITAL MARKET ON THE ECONOMIC GROWTH IN NIGERIA:The study is to analyze the relationship between Nigerian capital markets in relation to her economic growth using cointegration approach. The capital market economic indicators (variables) used in this study

  41. PROXIMATE AND ESSENTIAL MINERAL COMPOSITION OF FRESH AND SMOKED CATFISH AND BEEF SOLD IN MINNA, NIGER STATE:This study was carried out to assess the nutritional composition of fresh and smoked Catfish and beef available in Minna, Niger state. Samples were analyzed for proximate parameters (moisture, crude

  42. FACTORS INFLUENCING IRISH POTATO (Solanum tuberosun L.) OUTPUT AMONG MALE AND FEMALE FARMERSIN JOS–SOUTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF PLATEAU STATE, NIGERIA:The study assessed the factors influencing Irish Potato (Solanum tuberosun L.) output in Jos-South Local Government Area of Plateau State, Nigeria. The specific objectives of the study were to describe

  43. ALLELE FREQUENCIES AND HAPLOTYPE DIVERSITIES OF FIVE Y-CHROMOSOME SHORT TANDEM REPEAT LOCI IN A RANDOM SAMPLE OF YORUBA POPULATION IN LAGOS, NIGERIA:Y-chromosome short tandem repeats (Y-STRs) are specialized class of short tandem repeats located on human Y (male) chromosomes and are passed unchanged (barring a mutation) from one generation to the

  44. BACTERIOLOGICAL AND PHYSICOCHEMICAL ASSESSMENT OF FISH POND WATERS COLLECTED FROM IDOGBO COMMUNITY, EDO STATE, NIGERIA:The physicochemical and bacteriological profiles of water obtained from fish ponds stocked with the African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) in Idogbo community were evaluated using standard procedures. A grand total

  45. EVALUATION OF HEAVY METALS CONTAMINATION OF SOIL AROUND THE ABANDONED COAL ASH DUMPSITE IN OJI, ENUGU STATE, NIGERIA:The assessment of heavy metals levels in the soil from the Oji coal ash dump was evaluated. Concentration levels of the thirteen metals Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb, Cd, Cu, Cr,

  46. DETERMINATION OF MOISTURE CONTENT, TOTAL AFLATOXIN CONTENT AND MOULD COUNT IN PURCHASED AND PROCESSED GROUNDNUT (Arachis hypogea L.) PRODUCTS OBTAINED FROM PARTS OF BENUE STATE-NIGERIA:The evaluation of total aflatoxins (TAF) in purchased and processed groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) products in some areas (Makurdi and Otukpo) of Benue State, Nigeria was studied using Direct Competitive

  47. AN APPRAISAL OF MATERIAL MANAGEMENT ON CONSTRUCTION SITES IN KADUNA STATE:Ineffective material management has become a source of problem to successful construction Projects because materials take about 60 percent of the total cost of a construction project. The purpose of

  48. PHYTOCHEMICAL, ELEMENTAL AND LD50 SCREENING OF AQUEOUS LEAF EXTRACT OF Annona senegalensis IN ALBINO WISTAR RATS:Aqueous leaf extract of Annona senegalensis was screened for phytochemical and elemental components using standard methods. LD50 was evaluated using the arithemetic method. The phytochemical screening revealed the presence of

  49. ADSORPTION OF CHROMIUM (VI) BY Delonixregia (FLAME OF THE FOREST) PODS: KINETICS AND THERMODYNAMIC STUDIES:In this study we engaged the use of a low-cost adsorbent, Delonixregia in the adsorption and removal of Cr (VI) ions from synthetic wastewater. The effects of different experimental conditions

  50. EVALUATION OF THE EFFECTS OF DIFFERENT FAST NEUTRON IRRADIATION (FNI) DOSES ON OBA98 MAIZE (Zea mays L.) IN KEFFI LGA, NASARAWA STATE NIGERIA:This study investigated the effect of different irradiation exposure periods (IEPs) of fast neutron irradiation on OBA98 maize. 20 seeds (per treatment) were carefully selected and exposed to fast neutron

  51. CANOPY STRUCTURE OF SECONDARY FOREST IN THE FEDERAL UNIVERSITY DUTSE, JIGAWA STATE: COMPOSITION AND IMPORTANCE OF WOODY SPECIES:The study determined the diversity, distribution and composition of woody species in the Faculty of Agriculture, Federal University Dutse, Jigawa State. Using a systematic sampling technique for plots demarcation, a

  52. ADSORPTIVE REMOVAL OF CHROMIUM FROM SIMULATED INDUSTRIAL WASTEWATER USING KAOLIN-BASED ADSORBENT:In this study, an adsorbent was developed for the treatment of industrial wastewater using the kaolin sourced from Bauchi, Nigeria. The derived adsorbent was employed in the removal of chromium

  53. FOUR-STEP BLOCK HYBRID EXPLICIT METHODS FOR THE SOLUTION OF INITIAL VALUE PROBLEMS:In this research paper, the continuous Block Hybrid explicit methods for k equal4 was derived from Adams Bashforth methods. The continuous scheme was evaluated at different points to obtain discrete

  54. PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF FEATURE SELECTION ALGORITHMS ON SKIN DISEASE PREDICTION:This paper investigates the influence of feature selection approach in the prediction of skin diseases using data mining techniques. Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Information Gain (GA) and Chi-square were the

  55. DEVELOPMENTS IN INCREASING NUTRIENT USE EFFICIENCY OF APPLIED NITROGEN AND PHOSPHORUS: A REVIEW:Fertility decline through nutrient mining as a result of continuous cultivation and nutrients depletions lower soil productivity and pose threats to environmental health. With a geometric increase in global population,

  56. ON THE ECONOMIC FORECAST OF WORKING AGE POPULATION STRUCTURE IN NIGERIA:The Nigerian economy as at 2016 stands the most population African nation and the most populous black nation on earth with 185,989,640 people with a dominating working age population. The

  57. COMPARATIVE AIR POLLUTION TOLERANCE INDEX (APTI) ASSESSMENT OF SELECTED PLANTS AROUND INDUSTRIAL SITES IN DELTA STATE:Air pollution tolerance index (APTI) is used by the environmental chemist to evaluate plant species that are tolerant to air pollution. Biochemical characteristics such as plant relative water content, pH,

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