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  1. AQUEOUS PHASE ABATEMENT OF PHENOL AND CADMIUM USING HYDROXYIRON (III) CALCINED WITH BENTONITE:In this study, Raw Bentonite (RB), Carbonized Bentonites(CB), Hydroxyiron (III) bentonite- composite (HBC), have been used for the adsorption of phenol and cadmium from aqueous solution. Effect of initial pH

  2. ASSESSMENT OF THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC IMPACTS OF RIVER SAND MINING ALONG THE WARRI RIVER, DELTA STATE:The increase in the demand for sand for construction and other purposes has placed immense pressure on the environment where sand resources occur. Thus, this study was carried out to

  3. CHEMICAL FRACTIONATION OF HEAVY METALS IN SOILS NEAR METAL DUMPSITES IN ZARIA, NIGERIA:This research was carried out to determine the chemical form of metals and to evaluate their mobility and bioavailability in soils near metal dumpsites in Zaria, Nigeria. Sequential extraction was

  4. PHYTOCHEMICAL, OLIGOSACCHARIDES, IN VITRO STARCH/PROTEIN DIGESTIBILITY AND ELEMENTAL COMPOSITION OF ACHA MORINGA FLOUR BLEND:The research investigated into the effects of added moringa seed powder on the phytochemical, oligosaccharide, in-vitro starch/protein digestibility and the elemental content of acha-moringa flour blend. The moringa seed flour

  5. THERMAL MODEL AND EXPERIMENTAL VALIDATION OF IRF 3205 MOSFET SWITCHES FOR INVERTER APPLICATION:Power inverters operate under dynamic loads; the varying loads cause thermal expansion and contraction, which stress the internal boundaries between the material layers in the semiconductor. Eventually, the stress wears

  6. EFFECTS OF VARIOUS VOLUMES OF RED WINE ON LIVER FUNCTION OF MALE WISTAR RATS:This study investigated the effects of various volumes of red wine on liver function of male Wistar rats. The essence of this research is to determine, if the potential toxicity

  7. PREVALENCE OF ENTEROPATHOGENS CAUSING DIARRHEA IN CHILDREN (0-5 YEARS) IN KEFFI LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF NASARAWA STATE, NIGERIA:A study on the prevalence of Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (EPEC) and other associated Enteropathogens among children (0-5 years) in Keffi Local Government Area, Nasarawa state, Nigeria was carried out to

  8. ANTIMICROBIAL AND PHYTOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF LEAVES, STEMS AND MALE INFLORESCENCE OF Alchornea cordifolia (SCHUM. & THONN.) MUEL. ARG.:Alchornea cordifolia (Schum. & Thonn.) Muel. Arg. is used by traditional medicine practitioners in Nigeria to treat stomach disorders, diarrhoea, skin infections (wound healing), ear infections, and eye defects. To

  9. SPECTROSCOPIC STUDY OF KETO-ENOL TAUTOMERISM IN N-ARYLSALICYLALDIMINE DERIVATIVES HYDROGEN BONDING AND ELECTRONIC EFFECTS OF P SUBSTITUENTS:Keto enol tautomerism in some N-arylsalicylaldimine derivatives has been evaluated from spectroscopic data. The effect of substituents on the hydrogen bonded ortho hydroxyl Schiff bases were studied using different p

  10. INDUCTION OF GENETIC VARIABILITY IN SESAME (Sesamum indicum L.) WITH SODIUM AZIDE:An evaluation of the mutagenic efficiency and mutagenic effectiveness of fast neutron and sodium azide to induce genetic variability and beneficial mutation on Sesamum indicum was carried out. The seeds

  11. TRANSIENT HEAT TRANSFER OF HYDROMAGNETIC VARIABLE ELECTRIC CONDUCTIVITY JOULE HEATING FLUID PAST A DARCY-FORCHHEIMER POROUS INCLINED CYLINDER MEDIUM:In this study, analysis of transient free convective Joule heating flow of viscous dissipation and radiative heat transfer in an inclined Darcy-forchhemier porous cylinder medium with the constant uniform source

  12. NUTRITIONAL QUALITIES, CHEMICAL COMPOSITION AND POLYCYCLIC AROMATIC HYDROCARBON LEVELS IN SALTED AND UNSALTED Clarias gariepinus SMOKED WITH Lophira alata WOOD:The study investigated the effects of smoking Clariasgariepinus with Lophiraalata wood on the nutritional qualities, chemical composition and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon levels (PAHs) when stored for 28 days. For organoleptic

  13. SPECTROSCOPIC, STRUCTURAL, MOLAR CONDUCTIVITY, MAGNETIC AND ANTIBACTERIAL ACTIVITY STUDIES OF CO(II) AND NI(II) COMPLEXES OF L METHIONINE AND L LEUCINE:Four metal(II) amino acids complexes in aqueous basic solution were synthesized and analyzed by means of gravimetric analyses, molar conductivity measurements, magnetic susceptibility measurements, powder X-ray diffraction analysis, UV Vis

  14. CARCASS PROXIMATE COMPOSITION AND AMINO ACID PROFILE OF MASCULINIZED Clarias gariepinus (AFRICAN CATFISH):Carcass proximate and amino acid composition of lyophilized bull and goat testes meal masculinized Clarias gariepinus was evaluated. Artificially bred Clarias gariepinus were masculinized, masculinization was carried out through feeding

  15. IMPACT OF VEHICULAR EMISSION ON LEVEL OF LEAD IN SOIL AND PLANTS ALONG HIGHWAYS IN LAGOS STATE:This study was designed to evaluate the levels of lead and the spatial distribution of the pollution caused by automobile exhaust emission associated with volume of traffic density in Lagos

  16. THE EFFECTS OF SEED PRIMING TECHNIQUES IN IMPROVING GERMINATION AND EARLY SEEDLING GROWTH OF WATER MELON – Citrullus lanatus THUMB:The effect of seed priming techniques in improving germination and early seedling growth of Citrullus lanatus Thumb (Water melon) was carried out in Odi, Bayelsa State, Nigeria. This experiment was

  17. ASSESSMENT OF ALIPHATIC BIOMARKERS IN SOME SELECTED COAL DEPOSITS IN NORTHERN NIGERIA:This research investigates the distribution of n-alkanes (m/z 85), Steranes (m/z 218) and hopanes (m/z 191) in Chikila, Lamja, Lafia Obi, Maiganga and Okaba coals from Northern Nigeria in order

  18. ANTI BACTERIAL ACTIVITY OF NEEM (Azadirachta indica) LEAF EXTRACT ON Klebsiella pneumoniae AND Staphlococcus aureus IN ZARIA, KADUNA STATE:Azadirachta indica commonly known as neem is a medicinal plant belonging to the family Meliaceae. The research was carried out to determine the antimicrobial effects of aqueous extracts of the

  19. FEED UTILIZATION STUDY ON SOME BREEDS OF RABBIT IN THE HUMID TROPICAL REGION:In this study, feed utilization of ninety-six (96) rabbits which include New Zealand white, Californian, Palomino brown and Havana black rabbits raised in the humid tropics were appraised. The experiment

  20. EFFECTS OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS SPILLAGES ON THE WATER QUALITY OF BENIN –ETHIOPE FLUVIAL SYSTEM IN OGHARA, NIGERIA:Activities of petroleum industries downstream sector companies in and around Oghara town results in continuous spillages of petroleum products and lubricating base oil in the water of the Benin-Ethiope Fluvial

  21. HEPATOPROTECTIVE ACTIVITY OF ETHANOL EXTRACT OF PURPLE ONION BULB (Allium cepa Linn) ON CCl4 INDUCED HEPATOTOXICITY IN WISTAR RATS:Carbon tetrachloride is widely used for experimental induction of liver damage by lipid peroxidation, decreased activities of antioxidant enzymes and generation of free radicals. Onions are known to contain anthocyanins

  22. ECONOMETRIC ANALYSIS OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN UNEMPLOYMENT AND CRIME:This study focuses on the determination of the relationship between Unemployment rate and Crime rate in Nigeria. Data on crime rate and unemployment rate were collected from National Bureau of

  23. UNSTEADY TWO-LAYERED CONDUCTING FLUID FLOWS THROUGH A POROUS MEDIUM BETWEEN PARALLEL PLATES IN A ROTATING SYSTEM:This paper analyzes the heat transfer of a two layered rotatory fluid flow in a horizontal channel under the action of an applied magnetic and electric fields. The fluid in

  24. KINETICS AND MECHANISM OF REDUCTION OF [(FE(SALOPH))2-µ-DICARPY] COMPLEX BY L-ASCORBIC ACID IN ACID MEDIUM:The kinetics and mechanism of the reduction of iron(III) dimer, [(Fe(saloph))2-µ-dicarpy] by L-ascorbic acid (H2A), in perchloric acid has been studied spectrophotometrically at λmax = 424 nm. The stoichiometric studies

  25. EVALUATION OF HYDROPOWER GENERATION POTENTIAL OF ASEJIRE DAM:Nigeria is blessed with abundant natural water resources. These water resources can be harnessed for hydropower generation for the nation or for the neighboring communities surrounding the natural water resources.

  26. OIL PALM LEAF TREATMENT ALTERS SOIL ENZYME ACTIVITIES OF CRUDE OIL POLLUTED SOIL:One problem in crude oil producing regions of the world is pollution of farmlands. As a result, researches are being conducted worldwide to avail a simplified way of reclaiming petroleum

  27. CADMIUM, LEAD AND MERCURY CONTENTS IN SOME KEYPADS OF CELLULAR PHONES SOLD IN ZARIA, NIGERIA:The aim of this research work is to determine the levels of cadmium, lead and mercury in some keypads of cellular phones sold in the market within Zaria, Nigeria. The

  28. DELINEATING THE LINEAMENTS WITHIN THE MAJOR STRUCTURES AROUND EASTERN PART OF LOWER BENUE TROUGH FROM 2009 AEROMAGNETIC DATA:Magnetic susceptibility in the area ranged from -689 nT to 613 nT, positive magnetic anomalies were observed at the Northern end of the area above Kwalla and Wamba in Plateau

  29. ASSESSMENT OF MOSS PLANTS AS BIO-MONITORS OF AIRBORNE HEAVY METALS IN SELECTED TOWNS OF NORTHWESTERN NIGERIA:Significant contribution of air pollution to the diminished health status of the exposed human populations has become a matter of global concern. This work was designed to study the use

  30. CHARACTERIZATION AND EFFECTS OF RADAR-MEASURED RAINFALL PARAMETERS IN TROPICAL CONVECTIVE AND STRATIFORM RAINS:Measurements of rainfall parameters such as the liquid water content (M), radar reflectivity factor (Z), rain rates (R) and the falling velocities (w) were carried out in this study using

  31. PHYTOCHEMICAL AND HEAVY METAL ANALYSIS OF Gongronema latifolium, Talinum triangulare AND Amaranthus hybridus:Heavy metals contamination of soil has continued to increase globally as a result of increase in anthropogenic actions. The phytochemical and heavy metals (Zn, Cu, As, Pb, Cd, Hg) content

  32. CHARACTERIZATION AND CLASSIFICATION OF SOME SOILS OF EDO STATE FORMED UNDER DIFFERENT PARENT MATERIALS:Soils systematic arrangement into groups or categories on the basis of their characteristics has become imperative in view of the ever increasing need for the soil-with particular reference to sustainable

  33. TRENDS IN PHYSICO-CHEMICAL PARAMETERS IN DADIN-KOWA RESERVOIR GOMBE, NIGERIA:This study was conducted to determine the monthly variation in some physico-chemical parameters in Dadin-Kowa reservoir. The water, electrical conductivity, total dissolved solids, and pH were measured by Hanna conductivity

  34. PHYSICO-CHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF GROUNDWATER SAMPLES FROM ISOLU AREA OF ODEDA LGA, OGUN STATE, NIGERIA:The study was carried out to assess the suitability of potable water used for domestic activities in ten selected locations at Isolu area of Odeda Local Government, Abeokuta. This is

  35. SOCIO-ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF AGIDI PRODUCTION IN OYO STATE, NIGERIA:Maize is among the primary food staples and its consumption is widespread across Nigeria irrespective of household wealth. It is widely used in the preparation of traditional foods. Agidi, a

  36. PERFORMANCE AND PROFITABILITY OF GROWER GRASSCUTTERS FED DIETS CONTAINING CASHEW KERNEL PROCESSING WASTE:The study was conducted to investigate the performance and profitability of feeding growing grasscutters with diets containing graded levels of Cashew Kernel Processing Waste (CKPW). Twelve grasscutters were randomly allotted

  37. FACTORIAL DESIGN ANALYSIS FOR THE SORPTION OF CHROMIUM (VI) ION ON MODIFIED CALYX OF GOLD COAST BOMBAX:The removal efficiency of Cr (VI) from aqueous solution onto modified calyx of gold coast bombax was studied. The effects of contact time, adsorbent dosage, solution concentration and pH of

  38. EFFECT OF VARYING DOSAGE OF OVULIN ON THE BREEDING PERFORMANCE OF Clarias gariepinus IN IMPROVISED HATCHERY TANKS IN BENUE STATE UNIVERSITY, MAKURDI, BENUE STATE, NIGERIA:Fish production under controlled conditions (artificial breeding) using hormones depends on high gamete quality and progeny performance. This study is aimed at determining the effect of varying doses of Ovulin

  39. STUDY OF WATER AND SOIL CONTAMINATION BY HEAVY METALS FROM INDUSTRIAL EFFLUENTS AT BOMPAI INDUSTRIAL AREA KANO, NIGERIA:The paper aimed at assessing the contamination of soil and water by heavy metals from industrial effluents around Bompai industrial area in Kano metropolis. Soil and water samples were collected

  40. GEOCHEMISTRY OF CHEMICAL ELEMENTS IN ASHING PRODUCTS OF BITUMINOUS SEDIMENT SAMPLES FROM TURONIAN-MAASTRICHTIAN AFOWO FORMATION, DAHOMEY BASIN, SOUTH-WESTERN NIGERIA:Eighteen tar sand samples were collected from a vast bituminous sand deposit in Dahomey Basin, Southwestern Nigeria. The tar sand samples were heated at 475oC for 24 h producing 18

  41. ELECTRON TRANSFER REACTION OF GLUTAMIC ACID AND SYNTHESIZED BIS[BIS(ETHYLENEDIAMINE)SUCCINIMIDATO-COBALT(III)]DINITRATE DIHYDRATE IN AQUEOUS HYDROCHLORIC ACIDIC MEDIUM:Redox reaction of the ¬¬glutamic acid, (Glu) and synthesized bis[bis(ethylenediamine)succinimidato-cobalt(III)]dinitrate dehydrate, (suc)(en)2Co(µ-O2)Co(en)2(suc)](NO3)2.2H2O hereby referred Co(O2)Co2+ has been studied in aqueous hydrochloric acidic medium at wavelength 420 nm and temperature

  42. STUDENTS MONITOR FINGERPRINT BIOMETRIC SYSTEM:This research project developed a unique biometric fingerprint scanner applied in the monitoring of students attendance to class. The Students Monitor Fingerprint Biometric System (SMFBS) captures the fingerprint using a

  43. DEVELOPMENT OF CATALYST FROM A LOCAL WASTE FOR BIODIESEL PRODUCTION FROM WASTE COOKING OIL:This study was aimed at investigating the production of biodiesel from waste cooking oil (WCO) using local catalyst developed from chicken egg shell. Egg shells were washed, pulverized and calcined

  44. THE STUDY OF CHARACTERISTICS, CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS AND FUNCTIONAL GROUP ANALYSIS OF Afzelia bipindensis: A TROPICAL TIMBER:The dearth of information on the wood stem of Afzelia bipindensis led to the evaluation of its chemical, physical, phytochemical and functional groups analysis. Some obtained results from physical and

  45. LIPID PROFILE OF THE BRAIN OF MALE FREE-ROAMING DOMESTIC DOG :This study reported the determination of the lipid profile of the brain of the male free-roaming domestic dog (Canis lupus var. familiaris) edible portion on dry weight basis. Parameters determined

  46. EVALUATION OF POLYCYCLIC AROMATIC HYDROCARBONS IN SOIL OF SELECTED URBAN AREAS OF DELTA STATE NIGERIA:Sixteen Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) grouped as endocrine disruption substances (EDSs) were determined for their concentrations, sources and human health risk. Naphthalene (Nap), acenaphthylene (Acy), acenaphthene (Ace), fluorine (Flu),

  47. ISOLATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF LUP-20(29)-EN-3Β-OL (LUPEOL) FROM THE LEAF OF Combretum lamprocarpum DIELS (COMBRETACEAE):The purpose of this work was to isolate and characterize the bioactive compound from the leaf of Combretum lamprocarpum Diels (Combretaceae). The powdered plant material was extracted using Microwave-Assisted Extraction

  48. SEROEPIDEMIOLOGIC STUDY OF HUMAN PARAINFLUENZA VIRUSES (HPIVS) AMONG CHILDREN IN ILORIN, NORTH CENTRAL NIGERIA:Respiratory infection is an important public health problem owing to their high incidence and ease of spread in the community and they impact significantly on health worldwide. This study was

  49. NUMERICAL SIMULATION OF CONTAMINANT TRANSPORT IN OIL CONTAMINATED SOILS:The contaminant transport has been a major issue due to the adverse effect of the contaminants on groundwater quality. Effect and movement of the contaminant in soils and groundwater is

  50. BIOMONITORING OF HEAVY METALS USING Polytrichum commune AS A BIOINDICATOR IN A MACROENVIRONMENT, LAGOS STATE, SOUTHWESTERN - NIGERIA:Mosses plants have proven to be excellent indicators of atmospheric pollution, as they reflect metals concentration gradient and sources of deposition. The major objective of this study is to investigate

  51. OCCURRENCE AND DISTRIBUTION OF MOSS PLANTS IN RELATION TO SUBSTRATE TYPES IN SELECTED PARTS OF NORTHWESTERN NIGERIA:This study was carried out to determine the distribution of Moss plants in some parts of northwestern Nigeria which include Zaria, Kamuku (Birnin gwari), Kano and Ringim. Samples were collected

  52. PHYTOCHEMICAL SCREENING AND NUTRITIONAL PROFILE OF Citrullus lanatus SEEDS:In this study the seeds of Citrullus lanatus were analyzed for their phytochemical compositions. The phytochemical screening result indicates that the seeds contain alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, glycosides, steroids, terpenoids and

  53. COMPENDIUM OF NON-TIMBER FOREST PRODUCTS USED FOR COMMUNITY LIVELIHOODS IN TARABA STATE, NIGERIA:NTFP are consumed locally in all the communities in Taraba State and this has been one of the means of livelihoods. Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) have been identified to contribute

  54. EVALUATION OF TOTAL PETROLEUM HYDROCARBONS AND SOME HEAVY METALS IN THE SOIL OF NNPC DEPOT IN ABA, NIGERIA:The study attempt to evaluate the presence of some heavy metals and Total petroleum Hydrocarbons in NNPC Aba soils. Heavy metals concentrations in soil samples were determined using Atomic Absorption

  55. EFFECTS OF METRONIDAZOLE AND AMOXICILLIN ON THE PHARMACOKINETICS OF METFORMIN IN TYPE II DIABETIC PATIENTS:Infection is common in diabetes and in the course of treatment metronidazole and amoxicillin may be co-administered with metformin. The study was designed to evaluate the effects of co-administration of

  56. ANTIBACTERIAL ACTIVITY OF AQUEOUS AND ETHANOLIC LEAVES EXTRACT OF Psidium guajava:This work was carried out to evaluate the phytochemical and antibacterial activities of Psidium guajava (Guava) leaf extract against clinical bacteria species including Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Escherichia

  57. CHARACTERIZATION OF CLAY FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION BY PHYSICOCHEMICAL, XRF, AND TGA METHODS:Ndia clay deposits obtained from Takum Local Government Area of Taraba State Nigeria was characterized for industrial application using physicochemical, XRF and TGA techniques. The results of the chemical analyses

  58. HARNESSING HYDROPOWER POTENTIAL IN EKITI STATE, NIGERIA:The present electricity demand in Nigeria has been estimated as 20000 MW; only about 4000 MW could be generated despite all efforts. This has subsequently led to serious energy crisis

  59. ASSESSMENT OF STAND STOCKING IN AMBOI FOREST RESERVE, TARABA STATE, NIGERIA:The study was carried out to estimate woody plants stand density in Amboi Forest Reserve in Taraba State, Nigeria. All individual woody plants of ≥ 5 cm diameter in

  60. PHYTOCHEMICAL SCREENING OF Ocimum gratissimum GROWN WILD IN ZARIA, NIGERIA:This study investigated the phytochemical screening of plant parts of Ocimum gratissimum grown in Nigeria. Ocimum gratissimum plants were collected and air dried. Powdered samples of leaves stem and roots

  61. EFFECTS OF SALTS ON THE FUNCTIONAL PROPERTIES OF Daniellia oliveri SEEDS FLOUR:The effects of salts, NaCl, CaCl2, KCl, CH3COONa and NaNO3 on some of the functional properties of Daniellia oliveri seed flour were investigated. Results showed that the least gelatin concentration

  62. CHARACTERIZATIONS OF TIO2 THIN FILMS PREPARED FROM METAL-ORGANIC LIQUID PRECURSOR AT DIFFERENT DEPOSITION TEMPERATURE:Thin films of TiO2 were prepared on glass substrates at varied deposition temperature using metal-organic liquid precursor by simple chemical vapor deposition technique. The deposition process was carried out at

  63. GRAPHICAL ANALYSIS OF AEROSOL OPTICAL DEPTH AT THE SAVANNAH BELT OF NIGERIA:Aeronet Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) data of Ilorin in the Savannah belt of Nigeria (80, 32’N: 40, 34’E) for a five year period (2005-2009) were graphically analyzed with a view

  64. EARLY AGE STRENGTH PROPERTIES OF ANTHILL-SANDCRETE BLOCKS:This study assesses the early strength characteristics of sandcrete blocks made by replacing fine aggregate (sand) with anthill material. Normal mixing proportion of 1:6 (cement to sand) was used for

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