(A Peer Review Journal)
e–ISSN: 2408–5162; p–ISSN: 2048–5170


Pages: 514-520
M. O. Iyoko, G. T. Okedayo, T. Aboiyar, and L. N. Ikpakyegh

keywords: Third grade fluid, Joule heating, Magnetohydrodynamics, adomian decomposition method


We investigated the flow of a third grade fluid through a cylindrical pipe in the presence of a magnetic field and joule heating, with the aim of finding approximate analytic solutions to the dimensionless velocity and temperature of the fluid. The Adomian decomposition method was applied to the dimensionless momentum and energy equations for the Reynolds’ viscosity model case. In the absence of magnetic effect and joule heating we found a difference of at most 〖10〗^(-1) between the adomian decomposition solution and the perturbation solution of Jayeoba and Okoya. Graphs depicting the velocity and temperature distributions for various values of the thermo-physical parameters were plotted and analyzed, and it is observed that the magnetic field parameter decreases the velocity of the fluid and increases the temperature while the joule heating parameter reverses the effect of the heat generation parameter.


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