(A Peer Review Journal)
e–ISSN: 2408–5162; p–ISSN: 2048–5170


Pages: 350-354
U. I. Oduah, G. W. Onokpite, and O. S. Dairo

keywords: Digital timer, infrared sensors, microcontroller, vehicle speed tracking, speed limit


This research developed an improved vehicle speed tracking device for the purpose of reducing road accidents. There is a compelling need for a device which can be used to detect vehicles driving above the approved speed limit set for various roads. The developed Vehicle Speed tracking device uses two infra-red sensors which are installed at a fixed distance of 50 cm apart on the side of the road. When the first sensor detects the presence of an oncoming vehicle, the microcontroller to which it is connected starts a digital timer which is then stopped when the second sensor detects the vehicle. The time interval taken for both sensors to detect the vehicle and the distance between the sensors is used by the microcontroller to calculate the speed of the vehicle which is then displayed on the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen. A buzzer, alerting traffic police, is activated if the vehicle’s speed is higher than the specified speed limit of the road. The novelty of this work is in the precision of the machine speed, up to micro seconds and robustness of the developed vehicle speed tracking device.


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