(A Peer Review Journal)
e–ISSN: 2408–5162; p–ISSN: 2048–5170


Pages: 65-68
A. Uba, M.G. Liman, M. Yahaya, M. I. Abdullahi and A. J. Yusuf

keywords: Physicochemical parameters, heavy metals, sludge, raw and treated water


Access to safe drinking water is still a major challenge globally, especially in developing countries. The assessment of water quality is largely determined by the physicochemical parameters as well as organic and inorganic compounds that are either dissolved or suspended in it. The physicochemical and heavy metal concentrations of rawtreated and sludge water samples from a treatment plant in Sokoto, North West Nigeria were analyzed. The raw water was collected at the raw water intake along Kware road in Sokoto (10 km North-West of the treatment plant) latitude 13 13 10.347 N and longitude 5 15 52.293 E while the sludge and treated water was collected at the sampling points within the treatment plant. The physicochemical parameters were determined using standard analytical procedures for water analysis while the heavy metal contents were analyzed using atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS). The samples showed a slightly acidic pH ranging from 5.30 – 6.43 while the levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) ranged from (3.13 – 4.10 mg/L) and (15.50- 17.97 mg/L), respectively, with raw water having the highest. The total content of HCO3- ,Cl-, Na, K, Ca, Mg, PO and SO in all the samples were within the specified limit set by the World Health Organization. Carbonates and copper were not detected in all the samples. Manganese and Iron concentration in the three samples as well as lead concentration in the raw water sample was above the permissible limits. These findings infer that the treatment procedures adopted by the water treatment plant is efficient as most of the parameters considered were within the permissible limits.


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