(A Peer Review Journal)
e–ISSN: 2408–5162; p–ISSN: 2048–5170


Pages: 733-736
G. G. Yebpella, A. M. Magomya, E. A. Yerima and R. Odoh

keywords: Arufu, water, sediment, heavy metals, continental crust


The study was conducted to investigate the impacts of galena mining on heavy metal concentrations in water and sediment from streams around Arufu community after acid digestion using atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The mean concentrations (mg/L) of heavy metals in water were Cd (0.05 ± 0.11), Cu (0.32 ± 0.25), Zn (0.32 ± 0.19), Cr (0.36 ± 0.21), Pb (1.46 ± 1.84), Mn (4.48 ±3.33), Fe (5.01 ± 5.39) while in sediment the mean concentrations (μg/g) were Cd (5.57 ± 15.59), Cu (46.14 ± 25.97), Zn (61.63 ± 27.19), Cr (76.74 ± 34.31), Mn (131.52 ± 86.74), Pb (196.19 ±385.23), Fe (1972 ±1033.82). The concentrations of heavy metals in the sediment samples were generally higher compared to water. The levels of Fe, Mn, Pb and Cd in water were above the NIS and WHO guidelines for water while the concentrations of Cu, Fe, Mn, Pb, Zn and Cd in sediments were above concentration values reported for soil worldwide and upper continental crusts, respectively. This indicates contamination of the two media by heavy metals. The trend of heavy metals concentrations in water were in the following order of decreasing magnitude: Fe >Mn>Pb> Cr > Zn > Cu > Cd, while in sediment the concentrations were in the following order of decreasing magnitude: Fe >Pb>Mn> Cr > Zn > Cu > Cd.


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