(A Peer Review Journal)
e–ISSN: 2408–5162; p–ISSN: 2048–5170


Pages: 772-778
Adeolu Jonathan Adesina* and Emmanuel IlesanmiAdeyeye

keywords: Lipid profiles, processed, raw, Treculiaafricana


The following determinations were carried out on the raw and processed Treculiaafricana seed samples using standard analytical methods: crude fat, fatty acids, phytosterols and phospholipids analyses and the results were subjected to analysis of variance (ANOVA). The results were: crude fat range (g/100g): 10.4, raw dehulled flour (RDF), 2.75, roasted dehulled flour (RSDF) and 3.12, cooked dehulled flour (CDF); SFA range (% total fat): 20.3 – 33.6; MUFA, 32.1 – 38.4; total polyunsaturated unsaturated fatty acid (PUFA = DUFA + TUFA) was RDF (36.6%)


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