(A Peer Review Journal)
e–ISSN: 2408–5162; p–ISSN: 2048–5170


Pages: 239-243
K. Omoruyi, O. Okpeva and M. M. Abdullahi

keywords: Proximate composition, Parachanna obscura, Synodontis clarias


This study examined the effects of smoke drying and oven drying on the nutritional qualities of Synodontis clarias and Parachanna obscura. Twelve pieces each of both species of same size, weight and source were procured from Mac-Iver market, Warri in Delta State, Nigeria. The fresh samples were divided into two groups, dried using Magbon-Alade and Gas Oven to a constant weight. The proximate and sensory quality of the samples were determined. The proximate composition of the fresh samples results were 66.33 and 64.67 (Moisture), 4.92 and 1.48 (Ash), 19.13 and 25.07 (Protein), 2.73 and 7.90 (Fat), 2.10 and 3.78 (Crude fibre) and 0.51 and 2.57% (Carbohydrate) for Synodontis clarias and Parachanna obsura respectively while smoke-dried Synodontis clarias and oven dried Synodontis clarias results were 6.74% and 4.97% (Moisture), 10.77% and 9.41% (Ash), 60.50% and 65.65% (Protein), 15.90% and 13.34% (Fat), 2.99% and 2.89% (Crude fibre) and 3.12% and 3.74% (Carbohydrate), respectively. The proximate composition of oven dried Parachanna obscura and smoke dried Parachanna obscura results were 5.96% and 6.39% (Moisture), 7.97% and 11.22% (Ash), 61.33% and 55.10% (Protein), 16.10% and 21.19% (Fat), 4.06% and 2.54% (Crude fibre) 4.92% and 4.17% (Carbohydrate). The organoleptic test for smoke-dried and oven-dried samples of both species assessed showed preferences for oven-dried samples in comparison with smoke-dried ones in terms of taste, colour, aroma, appearance. However, the texture of smoke dried Synodontis clarias was more preferred to the one oven dried. This study therefore recommends oven drying for processors because it has a positive influence on nutrition and acceptability of the dried fish.


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