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  1. RHEOLOGICAL AND SENSORY PROPERTY OF MILLET-SESAME AND MORINGA BLEND PORRIDGES:The rheological and sensory properties of porridges reconstituted from instant cereal mixes (ICM) of blends of .......................

  2. PRELIMINARY STUDY ON THE ANTIBACTERIAL EFFECT OF ETHANOLIC EXTRACT OF VISCERAL ORGANS OF AFRICAN CATFISH Clarias gariepinus (BURCHELL, 1832) ON SELECTED BACTERIA:The use of raw visceral organs of fish for the treatment of wounds is common practice among local fishers in northern Nigeria. This preliminary study was carried out in order

  3. EFFECT OF SOIL WATER CONSERVATION TECHNIQUES ON THE GROWTH AND YIELD OF MAIZE (Zea mays L) IN LAFIA, NASARAWA STATE, NIGERIA:Water conservation practices are used in crop production for enhancing soil water storage especially when there are fluctuations in rainfall under rain-fed cropping. This study was carried out to evaluate

  4. COMPARATIVE FOLIAR EPIDERMAL STUDY ON SOME SPECIES OF Senna FOUND IN MINNA, NIGER STATE, NIGERIA:Comparative foliar epidermal morphology of some species of Senna were studied in Minna. These include Senna alata (L.) Roxb, Senna hirsuta (L.) Irwin and Barneby, Senna obtusifolia (L), Senna occidentalis

  5. DETERMINATION OF ANTIMALARIAL ACTIVITY OF METHANOL EXTRACT OF Euphorbia hirta USED LOCALLY AS HERBAL TEA AMONG RURAL DWELLERS IN OVIA NORTH-EAST LGA, EDO STATE, NIGERIA:The research was conducted to determine the antimalarial activity of methanol extract of Euphorbia hirta in Plasmodium-infected mice. The plant is the first line herbal recipe for the treatment and

  6. FABRICATION AND PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF ELECTROLESS-NICKEL DEPOSITION LINE FOR METAL ALLOYS AND PLASTIC SUBSTRATES:Cottage metal casting and plastic industries producing diverse automobile and automotive spare parts are springing up at very high rate in the country. Surface finishing defects usually affect and reduce

  7. APPLICATION OF BIOMARKERS IN DRUGS DEVELOPMENT:Biomarkers are characteristics that are objectively measured and evaluated as an indicator of normal biologic processes or a pharmacologic response to a therapeutic intervention. Biomarkers fast track the development and

  8. PRODUCTION EFFICIENCY AND PROFITABILITY OF CASSAVA FARMING IN ILARO AGRICULTURAL ZONE, OGUN STATE, NIGERIA:The study was conducted to examine the technical efficiency and profitability of cassava farming in the study area. Primary data were collected with structured questionnaire from 140 respondents through a

  9. INVESTIGATION OF SOME PHYSICAL PARAMETERS OF RAW BOVINE MILK SAMPLES AND COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE EVAPORATED MILK SAMPLES:In this study, four physical parameters (viscosity, electrical conductivity, electric potential and pH) were determined for three milk samples obtained within Benin City. The study was conducted with the aim

  10. EFFECT OF BIOCHAR PRODUCED FROM SELECTED PLANT RESIDUES ON SEEDLINGS GROWTH OF Mansonia altissima (A Chev.) FWTA:Biochar is a fine- grained charcoal high in organic carbon and largely resistant to decomposition, it is produced from pyrolysis of plant and waste feedstock. Very little scientific research has

  11. GEOLOGIC IMPLICATION OF GROUND MAGNETIC SURVEY DATA OF MICHAEL OKPARA UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE UMUDIKE ABIA FIELD:Proton precession magnetometer of G857 model with 0.1 gamma sensitivity was used to survey a field in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture in Umudike to ascertain the magnetic fabric of

  12. SUSCEPTIBILITY STATUS OF Anopheles MOSQUITO TO PIRIMIPHOSE METHYL AT RIVER UKE, NASARAWA STATE, NIGERIA:This study was conducted to investigate the susceptibility and resistance status of Anopheles gambiaes.l to Pirimiphose Methyl at River Uke, Nasarawa State, Nigeria from May to July 2019. Anopheles mosquito

  13. IMPLEMENTATION OF WEB BASED WASTE DISPOSAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM WITH INTEGRATED PAYMENT:Solid Waste Management in Lagos state today is a largely manual process. From the initial process of user waste evacuation down to the payment method, the entire value chain of

  14. THE ANTIDIABETIC, ANTIOXIDANTS AND ANTIOBESITY PROPERTIES OF ORAL ADMINISTRATION OF AQUEOUS LEAF EXTRACT OF Momordica charantia IN ADULT MALE WISTAR RATS:This study was conducted to investigate the antidiabetic, antibody as well as antioxidant properties of aqueous leaves extract of Momordica charantia (MC) in male Wistar rats. Twenty-four male Wistar rats

  15. INFLUENCE OF REDISET-WMX (ADDITIVE) ON MIXING TEMPERATURE OF ASPHALT CONCRETE:The high energy consumption and emission of air pollutants to the environment during the asphalt concrete production process, contribute to global warming. This effect leads to the development of warm

  16. ORAL CELLGEVITY® IMPROVES ANTIOXIDANT PARAMETERS AND STALLS DAMAGES IN STZ-DIABETIC RAT PANCREAS:Oxidative stress-induced pancreas damage is a key event in beta cell impairment and diabetes development. Catalase (CAT), glutathione peroxidase (GPx), and superoxide dismutase (SOD) are three important cellular antioxidant enzymes

  17. MIXED LIGAND COMPLEXES OF URANIUM (VI) WITH ACETONE NICOTINOYL AND ISONICOTINOYL HYDRAZONES:Acetone nicotinoylhydrazone (ANH) and acetone isonicotinoylhydrazone (AINH) and their mixed ligand complexes with dioxouranium; [UO2(ANH¬¬¬¬)2(NO3)2] xH2O (1), [UO2(AINH)2(NO3)2] xH2O (2), [UO2(ANH¬¬)2 (CH3COO)2]xH2O (3) and [UO2(AINH)2(CH3COO)2]xH2O (4) were synthesized. The compounds

  18. ON RAY FAIR’S MODEL OF EXTRA MARITAL AFFAIRS IN NIGERIA: BAYESIAN PERSPECTIVE:There are so many factors that could result in extra marital affairs in the society. The well-known procedure in the study of extramarital affairs is a classical maximum likelihood method.

  19. NUTRITIONAL COMPOSITION OF SOME INSECTS CONSUMED IN DELTA STATE, NIGERIA:African palm weevil (Rhynchophorus phoenicus), termite (Macrotermes bellicosus) and cricket (Brachytrypes spp) are common palatable species consumed in Delta state and various parts of Africa. This study determined the nutritional

  20. ASSESSMENT OF THE CONTAMINATION OF GROUNDWATER AROUND OPEN WASTE DUMPSITE IN AWOTAN, IBADAN, SOUTHWESTERN NIGERIA, USING INTEGRATED ELECTRICAL RESISTIVITY AND GEOCHEMICAL METHODS:The effects of leachate percolation on groundwater contamination were investigated at Awotan open waste dumpsite using both electrical resistivity and geochemical techniques to assess the quality of hand-dug wells bordering

  21. AN OVERVIEW OF INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION AND ITS IMPLEMENTATION APPROACHES FOR BOOSTING NIGERIAN AND OTHER DEVELOPING ECONOMIES:Countries that are heavily applying automation technologies in industrial processes are seen to be the most productive nations globally with higher GDPs and standard of living while developing countries continue

  22. KINETICS AND MECHANISM OF REDOX REACTION OF TETRAKIS (2, 2’- BIPYRIDINE)-µ- OXODIIRON (III) COMPLEX AND GLUTATHIONE IN AQUEOUS HYDROCHLORIC ACID:Redox reaction of tetrakis(2,2’- bipyridine)-µ-oxodiiron(III) complex, Fe2O4+ and glutathione (GSH) has been carried out in aqueous hydrochloric acid. The reaction was carried out at [H+] = 0.001 mol

  23. ASSESSING SOME PHYSICOCHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS OF ABATTOIR EFFLUENTS AND ITS IMPACT ON THE DISSOLVED OXYGEN OF IKPOBA RIVER IN BENIN CITY, NIGERIA:This study focused on the impact of Abattoir effluent on the dissolved oxygen (DO) of Ikpoba River with a special interest on the critical oxygen deficit and its time of

  24. MORPHOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF SOME Millettia SPECIES (FABACEAE - PAPILIONOIDAE) IN NIGERIA:In spite of a century long research on Millettia (Fabaceae-Papilionoideae) species, the taxonomy remains controversial. In attempt to resolve this problem, a detailed morphological study was conducted on some indigenous

  25. DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A BREAD SLICING MACHINE:The need for a bread slicing machine that is cheap, affordable, and efficient for both domestic and industrial applications cannot be overemphasized. The ease of cutting for the bread slicing

  26. MHD THERMAL BOUNDARY LAYER FLOW OVER A VERTICAL PLATE WITH MAGNETIC FIELD INTENSITY, ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY AND CONVECTIVE SURFACE BOUNDARY CONDITIONS:This paper investigates an MHD thermal boundary layer flow over a vertical plate with magnetic field intensity, electrical conductivity and convective surface boundary conditions. The governing nonlinear partial differential equations

  27. SUITABILITY OF RANDOM AMPLIFIED POLYMORPHIC DNA (RAPD) MARKERS FOR IDENTIFICATION OF SOME FISH SPECIES IN THE NIGER-BENUE CONFLUENCE RIVER, NIGERIA:This study assessed the suitability of Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) technique for the characterization of Oreochromis niloticus, Heterobranchus longifilis, and Heterotis niloticus from the Niger-Benue River confluence in Lokoja,

  28. DEVELOPMENT AND ACCEPTABILITY OF HOME-MADE COMPLEMENTARY FOOD FROM COMPOSITE FLOUR OF PROVITAMIN A BIOFORTIFIED MAIZE:Complementary Food (CF) was developed from provitamin A biofortified maize to address the problem of Vitamin A deficiency (VAD) among rural children. Three composite flour blends were formulated using different

  29. SYNTHESIS AND CHARACTERIZATION OF CO (II) COMPLEX WITH L-LEUCINE:Cobalt (II) amino acid complex in aqueous basic solution {[CoL2(H2O)2].H2O and L = L-leucine} was synthesized and analyzed by means of gravimetric analyses, molar conductivity measurements, UV-Visible and IR

  30. EFFECT OF METHANOL AND ACETONIC EXTRACTS OF Bombax ceiba LEAVES ON ALLOXAN INDUCED DIABETIC RATS:The present study aims to determine the effect of methanol and acetonic extracts of Bombax ceiba leaves on blood glucose levels of alloxan-induced diabetic rats. Diabetes was induced in Wistar

  31. SURVEY OF THE DISTRIBUTION AND ABUNDANCE OF BENTHIC MACRO-INVERTEBRATES IN NASARAWA STATE UNIVERSITY MAIN STREAM, KEFFI, NIGERIA:This study aimed to survey the distribution and abundance of benthic macroinvertebrates conducted at Nasarawa State University Keffi, main stream between January and June 2019. The stream was divided into

  32. CORROSION INHIBITION OF CARBON STEEL IN SALINE AND CARBON DIOXIDE SATURATED SALINE SOLUTIONS USING PUMPKIN POD EXTRACT AS INHIBITOR:The evaluation of the inhibitive efficiency of pumpkin pod extract as a green inhibitor in mitigating carbon steel corrosion using weight loss method was investigated. The environment considered were 3.5%

  33. AN APPRAISAL OF VALUE MANAGEMENT PRACTICE IN CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS DELIVERY IN NIGERIA:A successful project requires timely delivery within budget and specification. This is often not achieved in construction projects. Value management is a structured approach to identifying the functions of a

  34. EFFECTS OF DEHULLING ON THE LEVELS OF MICRONUTRIENTS IN MAIZE, MILLET AND SORGHUM GRAINS:Cereals are major staple foods in Nigeria, and are rich sources of nutrients especially when used as whole grains. However, to improve palatability and organoleptic qualities, most grains undergo further

  35. RADIOFREQUENCY ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD FROM MOBILE BASE STATIONS IN SOME LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREAS IN KATSINA STATE, NIGERIA: ARE HUMANS AFFECTED?:The power density of the radiofrequency electromagnetic field from mobile base stations in some Local Government Areas of Katsina, Nigeria were studied to ascertain the safety of human

  36. ASSESSMENTS OF HEAVY METALS IN HIGHLAND GREEN TEA LEAVES IN KAKARA DISTRICT OF TARABA, NIGERIA:The levels of heavy metals were determined in green tea leaves samples collected from Kakara tea estates, Taraba State. The concentrations of heavy metals were determined by the use of

  37. MORPHOLOGICAL VARIATIONS AMONG SELECTED Euphorbia SPECIES (EUPHORBIACEAE L.) IN NIGERIA:A morphometric study of the six species of Euphorbia in some parts of Nigeria was performed. Quantitative features were measured, recorded and thereafter subjected to appropriate statistical analyses (principal components

  38. ANTIMALARIAL POTENTIAL OF METHANOL EXTRACT OF Stigmaphyllonovatum IN Plasmodium falciparum INFECTED MICE:Stigmaphyllonovatum, family- Malpighiaceae is a medicinal plant used in the traditional treatment of fever and malaria in rural areas in Benin City, Edo State. The research was conducted to determine

  39. EFFECTS OF INTERNAL HEAT GENERATION AND SUCTION/INJECTION ON A CHEMICALLY REACTING MHD HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER FLUID FLOW OVER A PERMEABLE SURFACE WITH CONVECTIVE BOUNDARY CONDITIONS:This work investigates the effects of internal heat generation and suction or injection parameter on a chemically reacting heat and mass MHD fluid flow over a permeable surface with convective

  40. DEVELOPMENT OF FIBRE BRAGG GRATING SENSOR MODEL FOR SIMULTANEOUS MONITORY OF STRAIN, STRESS AND APPLIED LOAD ON COMPOSITE STRUCTURES :This research work presents the development of fibre Bragg grating sensor model for simultaneous monitory of strain, stress and applied load on composite structures. The deployment of composite structures in

  41. CREDIT AVAILABILITY, UTILIZATION AND REPAYMENT AMONG WOMEN ARABLE CROP FARMERS IN EGBA DIVISION OF OGUN STATE, NIGERIA:The study was carried out to examine the credit availability, utilization and repayment among women arable crop farmers in Egba Division, Ogun State, Nigeria. The total number of sampled respondents

  42. NEWTONIAN HEATING ON MHD STAGNATION-POINT FLOW OVER A FLAT PLATE:A study on incompressible, steady magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) stagnation point flow of an electrically conducting fluid over a flat plate with variable thermal diffusivity and Newtonian heating has been considered. The

  43. HEAVY METALS EXPOSURE THROUGH QUARRY OPERATION IN AGO IWOYE, OGUN STATE, NIGERIA:Global mortality and morbidity due to environmental pollution are on the increase, while a substantial proportion of the total burden of diseases has have also been linked to environmental factors

  44. EFFECTS OF SOWING DATES AND NITROGEN RATES ON YIELDS AND REVENUE OF WATERMELON (Citrullus lanatus THUMB) IN JEMA’A LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA, KADUNA STATE:A field experiment was conducted between September and December, 2015, in two sites at Katsit, suburb of Kafanchan, Jema’a Local Government area of Kaduna State, Nigeria. The experiment was aimed

  45. ON THE EFFICACY OF CONCRETE PRODUCED USING NIGERIAN CEMENT IN SHIELDING GAMMA AND X-RAY FACILITIES:The radiation shielding quality of concrete samples fabricated from three selected Nigerian cement brands were studied in this work. Three sets of concrete blocks of different thicknesses were produced using

  46. PREPARATION, CHARACTERIZATION AND EVALUATION OF Irvingia gabonensis SEED SHELL CARBON FOR SORPTIVE REMOVAL OF PHOSPHATE IONS IN WASTEWATER:The sorptive removal of phosphate ions in wastewater from an advanced multipurpose chemistry laboratory was carried out using two activated carbon adsorbents of particle size 150 µm (CIG150) and 300

  47. VARIABILITY IN MORPHOLOGICAL CHARACTERS OF CASHEW TREES (Anacardiumoccidentale L.) GROWING AT EGUME, DEKINA LOCAL GOVERNMENT, KOGI STATE:Morphological variation has been a tool in classification of cultivars and thus used in study of genetic relationship. In this study, the morphological features of cashew trees (Anacardiumoccidentale L.) was

  48. STABILITY ANALYSIS ON SIR AND SIS COMPARTMENTAL EPIDEMIOLOGICAL MODELS:In this paper, we studied the stability analysis of the SIR and SIS compartmental epidemiological models in view to finding out the dynamics of the spread of infectious diseases. This

  49. EFFECT OF MULCH AND DEFICIT IRRIGATION ON YIELD AND WATER USE EFFICIENCY OF COWPEA (Vigna unguiculata (L.) WALP) UNDER GRAVITY DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM:A field experiment was conducted in 2016 dry season at the Department of Agricultural and Bio-resources Engineering irrigation experimental field, Samaru to determine the yield and water use efficiency of

  50. EFFECTS OF FUELWOOD USE ON HEALTH: THE CASE OF HOUSEHOLD INFANTS IN NIGERIA:The study examines the effects of fuelwood use on health: The Case of Household Infants in Nigeria. Secondary data set from the National Demographic Health Survey (2018) was used, also

  51. SYNTHESIS, MAGNETIC AND SPECTRAL PROPERTIES, ANTIOXIDANT AND IN-VITRO ANTI-INFLAMMATORY ACTIVITIES OF SOME HETEROLEPTIC ASPIRIN-ASCORBIC ACID METAL COMPLEXES:Synthesis of Cu(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Mn(II) and Zn(II) complexes with mixed ligands Aspirin (asp) and Ascorbic acid (asc) has been carried out. The complexes were characterized by determination of physicochemical

  52. A PRODUCTION INVENTORY MODEL FOR DELAY DEMAND AND DETERIORATION WITH STOCK PRODUCTION RATE AND CONSTANT HOLDING COST:This paper discusses a production inventory model for delay demand and deterioration. The production rate is a linear function of the on-hand inventory level. The inventory reduces to the level

  53. DETERMINANTS OF LOAN AND PROFITABILITY OF CASSAVA PROCESSING AMONG WOMEN CO-OPERATORS IN YEWA DIVISION, OGUN STATE, NIGERIA:The research was carried out to examine the effects of cooperative loan on cassava processing among women in Yewa Division, Ogun State, Nigeria. Survey data were collected from 120 women

  54. MULTIPLE SLIP ON MHD CASSON FLUID FLOW WITH ALIGNED MAGNETIC FIELD EFFECTS:This paper is on impacts of inclined magnetic field and multiple boundary layer slip flow of convective MHD Casson fluid through an exponentially stretching porous sheet in the presence of

  55. APPLICATION OF DIGITAL MULTIMETER IN THE MEASUREMENT OF SOLAR RADIATION INTENSITY:A microchip solar cell connected to a digital multimeter was applied in the measurement of solar radiation intensity (SRI). The calibration was carried out for thirteen weeks by placing the

  56. EFFECT OF Citrus aurantifolia AND SODIUM CHLORIDE ON BACTERIOLOGICAL AND NUTRITIONAL QUALITY OF FRESH Tympanotonous fuscatus:Effect of single and combination of Citrus aurantifolia and sodium chloride (NaCl) on the bacterial loads and proximate composition of fresh Tympanotonous fuscatus were determined using standard bacteriological and analytical

  57. EFFICIENCIES OF D- AND A-OPTIMAL DESIGNS FOR POISSON REGRESSION MODELS WITH TWO AND THREE VARIABLES:Efficiency plays an important role in the assessment of a design. An efficient design utilizes the design structure and information effectively. This study comparatively examines the design efficiencies of D-

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