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  1. EFFECTS OF Terminalia catappa, Chromolaena odorata AND Psidium guajava LEAF EXTRACTS ON GROWTH, BIOCHEMICAL AND HAEMATOLOGY OF Clarias gariepinus:This study evaluated the effects of T. catappa (TC), C. odorata (CO), and P. guajava (PG) leaf extracts as feed additive on growth, haematological and biochemical indices of African catfish,


  3. PHYTOCHEMICAL AND ANTIMICROBIAL STUDIES OF THE LEAF EXTRACTS OF Carissa edulis:Carissa edulis leaf extracts were tested against six clinical isolates of Aspergillos fumigatus, Candida albicans, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes. The extracts were obtained by successive

  4. BAYESIAN ANALYSIS OF REGRESSION MODEL WITH OUTLIERS AND MISSING DATA: A SIMULATION STUDY:Outliers and missing value are common problem in applied work. They can lead to inefficient of inferences if they are not properly handled. Bayesian technique had been applied to the

  5. ISOLATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF BACTERIA WITH BIOFERTILIZER POTENTIAL:Biofertilizer is an environmental friendly alternative to chemical fertilizers to increase soil fertility. It is also used in crop production in sustainable farming, because the long term use of chemical

  6. PROXIMATE AND MINERAL CHARACTERISTICS OF NIGERIAN LOCAL CHEESE (WARA):The report here contained the analytical characteristics of the proximate and mineral evaluation of Nigerian local cheese popularly called wara prepared from the local extract coagulant from Calotropis procera. Analyses

  7. PHYTOCHEMICAL SCREENING AND ANTIBACTERIAL ACTIVITIES OF Carica papaya L. AND Azadirachta indica L. AGAINST SOME BACTERIAL ISOLATES FROM BARBERING TOOLS:The study was carried out to investigate the Antibacterial, qualitative and quantitative phytochemical screening of aqueous and ethanolic extracts of Carica papaya L. seeds and Azadirachta indica L. leaves against

  8. DEVELOPMENT OF PATIENT HEARTBEAT AND TEMPERATURE MONITORING SYSTEM FOR SECURED HEALTH USING IoT:The emergence of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has significantly increased the global demand for healthcare services in Nigeria. A large numbers of elderly and vulnerable people are battling with prolonged

  9. ASSESSMENT OF ZOOPLANKTON IN RELATION TO PHYSICOCHEMICAL PARAMETERS AFTER POST-DREDGING OF AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY (ABU) RESERVOIR ZARIA, KADUNA STATE, NIGERIA:Assessment of Zooplankton in relation to physicochemical parameters after post-dredging of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Reservoir Zaria, Kaduna State Nigeria was investigated. Five sampling stations were selected for the collection

  10. A BAYESIAN SIMULATION APPROACH TO MODELLING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN RICE MILL LOSS RATE AND MOISTURE CONTENT WITH INCOMPLETE DATA: A CASE STUDY:The Classical Binary Logistic Regression model can be used in relating Rice Mill Loss Rate and Moisture content, but the shortcomings of this model in handling cases of incomplete or

  11. NUTRITIONAL COMPOSITION, ANTIBACTERIAL AND ANTIFUNGAL ACTIVITIES OF CANARY MELON SEED (Cucumismelo) OIL:The chemical analysis revealed that canary melon seed (Cucumismelo) oil extracted using the solvent extraction method has saponification values, unsaponifiable matter content, acid value, peroxide values, free fatty acids, iodine,

  12. FERMENTED HORSE MILK EXHIBITS ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITY IN VITRO:Oxidative stress has been implicated in the pathogenesis of chronic and degenerative diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. There is increasing research interest on the therapeutic

  13. ANALYSIS OF RICE PRODUCTION GROWTH IN THE NORTH EAST AND THE NORTH WEST, NIGERIA: PRE- AND POST- ATA POLICY:This study analyzed growth rates in rice production, area and productivity in the North East and the North West regions in Nigeria from 1999 to 2018. The period was divided

  14. STUDY OF TOTAL SOLAR IRRADIANCE TIME SERIES USING CHAOTIC AND WAVELET POWER SPECTRUM ANALYSIS:This study reported the analyses of daily–recorded variability of the Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) (daily means) measurements using chaos theory such as mutual information, false nearest neighbours (FNN), Lyapunov exponent,

  15. EFFECT OF SIMULATED ACID RAIN ON MORPHOLOGY AND STOMATAL TRAITS IN LEAVES OF Celosia argentea L. (AMARANTHACEAE) AND Corchorus olitorius L. (MALVACEAE):The impact of acid rain, resulting from the industrial emissions on plants, is of global concern. This study investigated the effect of Simulated Acid Rain (SAR) on some quantitative leaf


  17. ANTIBIOTIC SUSCEPTIBILITY PROFILE OF BACTERIA ISOLATED FROM DIFFERENT RECREATIONAL WATERS IN ABRAKA COMMUNITY, DELTA STATE, NIGERIA:The study was aimed at assessing the antibiotic susceptibility profile of bacteria isolated from recreational waters in Abraka community as well as the determination of physicochemical parameters and heavy metal

  18. SPOT HEIGHT DIGITAL ELEVATION MODEL OF YEWA DIVISION, OGUN STATE NIGERIA:Digital elevation models (DEM) are useful for estimating phenomenon on the earth surface and understanding ecological processes. Satellite imageries have been extensively used for quantitative modeling of terrain forms of

  19. APPLICATION OF CRUDE SAPONIN EXTRACT FROM Balanitis aegyptiaca AS BIO-SURFACTANT FOR MALE GOATSKIN LEATHER TREATMENT:To create a way for green chemistry and sustainable development using bio-based surfactant as the potential for treatment of leather, which lead to saponin extraction from fruit of Balanites

  20. A SURVEY OF SOME APPROXIMATION METHODS IN MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS:In this paper, we examine some approximation methods often applied in mathematical physics and optimization/numerical analysis. The survey classifies the types of approximation methods particularly in quantum mechanics according to

  21. ASSESSMENT OF ENDOPHILIC MOSQUITOES AND PARITY STATUS AS CONTINUOUS MEANS OF LYMPHATIC FILARIASIS TRANSMISSION IN SELECTED COMMUNITIES, ONDO STATE, NIGERIA:Mosquitoes are known to transmit lymphatic filariasis (LF) which causes varying disease conditions in humans. This study assessed indoor mosquitoes and their parity status in some communities of Ose Local

  22. ELECTRICAL LOAD STUDY AND DETERMINATION OF THE PREVAILING LOAD FACTOR FOR FEDERAL UNIVERSITY WUKARI, TARABA STATE, NIGERIA:Load study and energy management is a vital key for the study of electricity demand and supply and as such there is every need for such a study to be

  23. CURRENT DYNAMICS OF SOFTWARE PRICE DETERMINATION:To determine the price of a product that will not only yield the highest possible benefits for vendors but also yield expected value for customers is usually not an easy

  24. RELIABILITY ASSESSMENT OF REINFORCED CONCRETE PANELLED-BEAMS:This study presents reliability assessment of a large span reinforced concrete panelled-beams floor system designed in accordance with BS 8110 (1997). Deterministic designs against flexure, shear and deflections of the

  25. POST-HARVEST LOSSES AND WELFARE OF YAM PRODUCERS IN UKUM LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA, BENUE STATE, NIGERIA:Global efforts in the fight against hunger, improving food security and to raise farmers’ income especially in the world’s poorest countries has led to the prioritization of postharvest food losses.

  26. CIRCUIT REALIZATION, ACTIVE BACK-STEPPING SYNCHRONIZATION OF SPROTT I SYSTEM AND APPLICATION TO SECURE COMMUNICATION:This study analyzed the Sprott I system through synchronization using active backstepping control, circuit realization and demonstrated its application to secure communication. The feasibility of the theoretical model of the

  27. ADOPTION OF AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION AGENTS’ INNOVATIVE PACKAGES BY CASSAVA FARMERS IN OVIA SOUTH-WEST LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA, EDO STATE, NIGERIA:The study examined the Adoption of Agricultural Extension Agents innovative packages by cassava farmers in Ovia South-West Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria. Primary data were elicited through well

  28. MIXTURE OF GAMMA REGRESSION ON MATERNITY LENGTH OF STAY:In literature one of the risk factors for maternity length of stay (MLOS) is age. Women are mostly fertile at age less than 25 years and it greatly reduced thereafter

  29. EFFECT OF SURFACE MODIFICATION ON THE SORPTION CAPACITY OF Piliostigma reticulatum AS A SORBENT FOR CRUDE OIL REMOVAL FROM WATER:The need to seek inexpensive, abundant and effective materials as oil spill sorbents in water has focus on natural organic sorbents mainly from agricultural products. This study explored the used

  30. BACTERIOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT OF WATER FILTRATION UNITS OF INDUSTRIES IN IJEBU ODE MUNICIPALITY:Water filtration is one of the oldest water treatmentprocedure used in eliminating pathogenic bacteria during water treatment in industries. This study aimed to assess the microbial load of water filtration

  31. LEVELS OF CONCENTRATION OF RADIONUCLIDES AND RADIOLOGICAL DETRIMENTS IN SOIL, MOSSES AND LICHEN SAMPLES FROM EKAKPAMRE, NIGERIA:The concentration of radionuclides 238U, 232Th and 40K in soil, moss and lichen samples in Ekakpamre-Uvwiamughe was studied using gamma ray spectrometer with NaI(Tl) detector. The mean activity concentration

  32. ASSESSMENT OF THE OVERALL EQUIPMENT EFFECTIVENESS IN A SACK MANUFACTURING COMPANY IN KANO, NIGERIA:Successes of the current government policy in Nigeria for domestic production of food crops and other products require continuous and efficient functioning of other industrial production companies, such as sacks

  33. CELLGEVITY® AMELIORATES STZ-DIABETIC NEUROCHEMICAL CHANGES AND NEURONAL DAMAGES IN MALE RATS:Reactive-radicals’ mediated neurochemical changes caused by diabetic hyperglycemia, participate in cognitive impairment and neurodegeneration. The present study investigated the effect of Cellgevity® (marketed glutathione enhancer) on cognitive function, inflammation, and

  34. ANALYSIS OF SEAT AND PULPIT FURNITURE PREFERENCE IN CHURCHES WITHIN SELECTED WARDS IN OTUKPO LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA, BENUE STATE, NIGERIA:This study assessed seat and pulpit furniture preference in churches within three selected Wards in Otukpo, Otukpo Local Government Area (LGA) of Benue State. Google Form structured questionnaire was administered

  35. EFFECT OF PLANT SPACING AND NPK 15-15-15 FERTILIZER RATES ON THE GROWTH AND YIELD OF SWEET POTATO (Ipomea batatas LAM) IN KASHERE, GOMBE STATE:A field experiment was conducted to determine the effect of plant spacing and NPK 15-15-15 fertilizer rates on the growth and yield of sweet potato (Ipomea batatas Lam.) at the

  36. SUMUDU TRANSFORM WITH HOMOTOPY PERTURBATION METHOD FOR SOLVING LANE-EMDEN TYPE SINGULAR INITIAL VALUE PROBLEMS:This paper studied Sumudu Transform coupled with Homotopy Perturbation Method for solving Lane–Emden equations as singular initial value problems. Sumudu Transform with Homotopy Perturbation Method was applied to obtain the

  37. SUITABILITY OF GROUNDWATER FROM BASEMENT AND SEDIMENTARY TERRAINS FOR THEIR USE IN IRRIGATION ACTIVITIES:The needs for sustainable food supply have made assessment of groundwater resources for irrigation a mandatory act. The present study evaluates the possible use of Ogun State groundwater for irrigation

  38. PALYNOLOGICAL STUDIES OF LATE EOCENE TO EARLY OLIGOCENE SEDIMENTS, DEB-1 WELL, NORTHERN DELTA DEPOBELT, NIGER DELTA BASIN:Ditch cutting samples recovered from interval 640 to 3500 ft of Deb-1 well in the Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria were investigated for sedimentological and palynological characteristics. The stratigraphic successions in

  39. AEROBIC MICROORGANISMS ASSOCIATED WITH CASSAVA PEELS BIODEGRADATION IN MAKURDI METROPOLIS:This research was aimed at investigating microorganisms associated with the biodegradation of cassava peels. Cassava peels collected from villages near Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi, were washed using tap

  40. BLOCK HYBRID METHOD FOR SOLVING HIGHER ORDER ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATION USING POWER SERIES ON IMPLICIT ONE-STEP SECOND DERIVATIVE:Our focus in this research is to developed block method for solving higher order ordinary differential equation using power series on implicit one-step. In order to achieve the aim and

  41. ACUTE WATER INUNDATION STRESS: THE RESPONSE OF AN EARTHWORM:Earthworms are soil invertebrates whose roles are essential and indispensable to sustainable agroecosystem services. In the soil environment, earthworms have to cope with a number of natural and anthropogenic stressors,

  42. THE EFFECT OF INDUSTRIAL EFFLUENTS ON THE QUALITY OF GURAH-LOH-MANCHA STREAM WATER IN JOS, NIGERIA:This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of industrial effluents on Gurah-Loh-Mancha stream water, Jos, Nigeria. Water samples were collected from four sampling points along the length of the

  43. PALYNOSTRATIGRAPHY OF OUTCROP SECTIONS ON PARTS OF THE WESTERN FLANK OF ANAMBRA BASIN, SOUTHWESTERN NIGERIA:Palynological investigation of Maastrichtian Shales on parts of the western flank of the Anambra Basin has been carried out using the occurrence of spores, pollens, dinoflagellate cysts, and acritarch. The

  44. DEVELOPMENT OF GSM BASED HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM USING ARDUINO UNO MICROCONTROLLER:With the rapid expansion in population growth, advancement in the building and an associated increase in the energy consumption of energy-demanding appliances in residential building, there is a crucial need

  45. ACCESSING THE INVISIBLE WEB: ISSUES AND CONCERNS:Timely and secured access to reliable information on the web is a key to the advancement of knowledge in all fields of endeavour. The World Wide Web has, since the

  46. SOME NONLINEAR CONJUGATE GRADIENT METHODS USING WEAK WOLFE LINE SEARCH FOR LARGE-SCALE OPTIMIZATION FUNCTIONS:The nonlinear conjugate gradient method is an effective iterative scheme that is widely employed for the solution of unconstrained large-scale optimization problems. Key to any conjugate gradient algorithm is the

  47. EFFECT OF GROUNDNUT CAKE AND SOYABEANS ON CITRIC ACID PRODUCTION BY Aspergillus niger:Citric acid (CA) is a valuable organic acid used in many pharmaceutical and industrial food products. The increased demand for its use has led to search for yielding fermentable strains

  48. CHEMICAL CHARACTERIZATION AND THE PRODUCTION OF KRAFT PULP FROM Bambusa vulgaris:The use of wood pulp for paper making and other varieties of products for industrial applications has been on the increase in recent times. Non-wood materials and other agricultural residues

  49. MODELING ANALYSIS OF CORONAVIRUS EPIDEMIC IN NIGERIA USING LYAPUNOV FUNCTIONS:In this work, a mathematical modelling of coronavirus epidemic using Lyapunov function is analyzed. The basic Kermack-McKendric- type of mathematical model is used to divide the total human population into

  50. QUALITY ASSESSMENT OF SELECTED SACHET WATER PRODUCED IN MUBI METROPOLIS:Water is one of the most essential and indispensable resources for continuous existence of living organism including humans on earth. Sachet water mostly referred to as pure water is a

  51. DETERMINATION OF POTASSIUM BROMATE CONCENTRATION IN SOME BREAD SAMPLES IN JOS METROPOLIS:Potassium bromate is an additive widely employed by bread makers to improve bread quality. On account of its deleterious effect and carcinogenicity in humans, certain levels of potassium bromate are

  52. EFFECT OF MULTIPLE STENOSIS ON BLOOD FLOW IN HUMAN ARTERY:This paper considers the effect of multiple stenosis on blood flow in human arteries taking blood as non-Newtonian fluid. Constraints of blood flow in human arteries are known as stenosis

  53. DEVELOPMENT OF POLYURETHANE FOAM USING BIOBASEDPOLYOL: EFFECT OF Ximenia americana SEED OIL POLYOL ON SOME PROPERTIES OF POLYURETHANE FOAM:Polyurethane foam (PUF) is used outstandingly for various applications, which is manufactured by propelling liquid isocyanate-polyol mixture to form foams with small proportions of silicon oil, stannuoesoctate, dimethyethylamine, methylene chloride

  54. SPECIES RICHNESS AND DIVERSITY OF TERRESTRIAL MOLLUSCS IN GASHAKA GUMTI NATIONAL PARK, TARABA STATE, NIGERIA:Gashaka-Gumti National Park (GGNP), Taraba State, is one of the largest parks in Nigeria known for Biodiversity Conservation. It is characterized by a wide variety of habitats and species currently

  55. COMPARATIVE STUDIES OF THE PHYTOCHEMICAL, ANTIOXIDANT AND ANTIDIABETIC ACTIVITIES OF ETHANOL EXTRACTS FROM THE STEM, LEAVES AND TUBERS OF Anchomanes difformis:The phytochemical composition, antioxidant and antidiabetic activities of ethanol extract of the stem, leaves and tuber of A. difformis, were studied. The antioxidant contents were determined using Ferric-ion Reducing Antioxidant

  56. PESTICIDE RESIDUES IN IRISH POTATOES FROM MANGU, PLATEAU STATE:This study aimed to assess the levels of organochlorine pesticide (OCPs) and organophosphate (OPPs) residues in irish potato in Mangu local government of Plateau state. Liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) method was

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