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  1. ANTIBACTERIAL ACTIVITY OF CLOVE (Syzigium aromaticum) POWDER IN THE DIETS OF COCKROACH NYMPHS:Cockroaches have become the most common pest in many households. Their presence usually raises concern, especially as carriers of pathogenic bacteria. The present study was conducted to assess the antibacterial

  2. SCREENING FOR OVA OF ENDOHELMINTHS OF DOMESTICATED DOGS IN OWERRI, NIGERIA:Dogs are hosts of zoonotic helminths in countries that are socio-economically disadvantaged including Nigeria. Therefore, a randomized survey of gastrointestinal helminthic infections of domesticated dogs in metropolitan Owerri of Imo

  3. Clarias gariepinus (African Catfish) Liver and Gills Susceptible to Heavy Metal Toxicity in Fish Farms Harvested in Benin Metropolis, Nigeria:

  4. ANALYSIS OF GUMBEL EXTREME VALUE DISTRIBUTION FOR PREDICTION OF EXTREME FLOOD EVENTS OF RIVER BENUE ALONG IBI, TARABA STATE, NIGERIA.:Prediction of flood frequency is vital for flood management and construction of hydraulic structures. It is on this basis that this study is set to analyse flood frequency of river

  5. METHALOTHIONEIN AND LIPID PERIOXIDATION: COMBINATIONAL BIOMARKER PROTOCOL IN BIOMONITORING OF SOME HEAVY METALS EFFECTS IN MUS MUSCULUS (MICE):The study evaluated the sub lethal effects of selected heavy metals; Cd, Fe, Mn, Pb and Zn utilising metallothionein (MT) induction and Lipid perioxidation (LPO) as biomarker indice using a

  6. EVALUATION OF AQUIFER HYDRAULIC PARAMETERS IN SITE 3, DELTA STATE UNIVERSITY(DELSU), ABRAKA, WESTERN NIGER DELTA, NIGERIA, USING PUMPING TEST AND WELL LOGGING METHODS:Delta state university (DELSU), Abraka has witnessed increase in both human as well as infrastructural development recently, due to the return of all her students from Anwai campus, Asaba, which

  7. DATA ANALYTICS FRAMEWORK FOR THE DIAGNOSIS OF PREVALENT ILLNESS AMONG UNIVERSITY STUDENTS: This study proposes the development of a data analytics framework for diagnosis of prevalent illness among university students. A high-level model methodology with a Cross Industry Standard Process for

  8. POTENTIALS OF SHEA WASTES (OIL AND WATER) AS PRESERVATIVES AGAINST WOOD BIODEGRADATION:The problem of insufficient wood and wood products especially among the inhabitants of Ayetoro has led to the use of woods with lesser durability potentials commonly, Funtumia elastica and Daniella

  9. FORAMINIFERAL BIOSTRATIGRAPHY AND PALEODEPOSITIONAL ENVIRONMENT OF ABARA-1 WELL, NIGER DELTA BASIN, NIGERIA:Foraminiferal biostratigraphic analysis was carried out for sequences within the depth interval of 200-9840 feet of Abara-1 well located onshore of the Western Niger Delta. The analysis showed that the


  11. ASSESSMENT OF ROAD TRAFFIC CRASHES ALONG ABEOKUTA - SAGAMU HIGHWAY IN OGUN STATE, SOUTH-WEST NIGERIA USING ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORK:The severity of injuries in motor vehicle crashes is of considerable interest to policy makers and safety specialists. Traffic safety has been recognized as an important issue due to the

  12. GEO-MAGNETIC MODELING AND POTENTIAL HYDROCARBON TRAPS FROM HIGH RESOLUTION AEROMAGNETIC DATA OVER THE GONGOLA BASIN UPPER BENUE TROUGH NORTHEASTERN NIGERIA:Geo-magnetic modeling and potential hydrocarbon traps over the Gongola basin was carried out using the high-resolution aeromagnetic data utilizing the Oasis MontajTM software, total magnetic intensity map was done and

  13. DEVELOPMENT OF AN ARDUINO TEMPERATURE DATA LOGGER - A FRAMEWORK:Temperature monitoring is an integral part of human daily living. Generally, the design process involved in logging temperatures has witnessed significant growth with the use of different platforms. The procedure

  14. THE COMPARISON OF THE EFFECTS OF SOME MEDICINAL PLANTS ON HEAMATOLOGICAL PARAMETERS AND LIVER ENZYMES IN WISTAR RATS:This study was conducted to investigate the comparative effects of aqueous leaves extracts of some medicinal plants; Vernonia amygdalina, Momordica charantia, Moringa oleifera, Jatropha curcas, Phyllantus amarus, and Rauvolfia vomitoria

  15. NEOGENE PLANKTIC FORAMINIFERAL BIOSTRATIGRAPHY OF SECTION OF KAM- 1 WELL, WESTERN NIGER DELTA, NIGERIA:Neogene planktic foraminiferal Biostratigraphy of 6,960 ft (2121.4 m) – 10,140 ft (3090.7 m) intervals of Kam -1 well, Western Niger Delta, Nigeria was studied to delineate the intervals into

  16. ETHNOBOTANICAL SURVEY OF MEDICINAL PLANTS USED FOR THE TREATMENT OF NEUROPSYCHIATRIC DISORDERS IN NORTHWEST NIGERIA:Ethno-botanical survey is a process of obtaining information on the use of medicinal plants from grassroots. The aim of this research was to document medicinal plants used traditionally in the

  17. BIOCONTROL ACTIVITIES OF SOME LOCAL NIGERIAN PLANT SPICES AGAINST SWEET POTATOES SPOILAGE FUNGI:Sweet potato (Iponmea batatas) ranks as the fifth most important food crop in developing countries. It is mainly affected by fungal and bacterial diseases, which reduces its yields, quality, storage

  18. ON THE GENERALIZED MINIMUM COST FLOW PROBLEM: AN APPLICATION IN NATURAL GAS DISTRIBUTION NETWORKS:We consider an extension of the minimum cost flow problem (MCFP) in a network where each edge (i,j) (arc or link) has a multiplier α(i,j). Such problems occur in network

  19. SOLVABILITY AND UNIQUENESS OF SOLUTIONS OF TWO DIMENSIONAL OPTIMIZATION PROBLEMS:This paper examines the 2 – dimensional optimization theory, its problems and solutions. Lots of work exist in literature studying the one - dimensional optimization theory and its problems /

  20. A HYBRIDIZATION Of MACHINE LEARNING AND DEEP LEARNING MODEL FOR DETECTING CREDIT CARD FRAUDULENT ACTIVITIES:Fraud has for decades been a major problem for merchants, especially for the online business sector that deals with credit cards.The challenging problem of fraud detection is that fraudsters make

  21. DEEPFAKE DETECTION USING CONVOLUTION NEURAL NETWORK:Over the past few decades, artificial intelligence (AI) has been developing rapidly. It has applications in various fields for countless purposes. But not all AI products have a positive impact


  23. BIOTECHNOLOGY IN THE 21ST CENTURY, A WAY OUT OF POVERTY AND HUNGER FOR AFRICAN NATIONS:Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the most food insecure regions in the world. Africa’s overall food production capacity is said to be increasing at the rate of 1.4% while its

  24. EFFECT OF COVID-19 ON ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT OF SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS IN JALINGO LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF TARABA STATE:When WHO declared COVID-19 as Pandemic and fast spreading, several governmental measures were taken to counteract the risk of the disease spreading such as travel restrictions, mandatory quarantine for travellers,

  25. COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF CYANIDE CONCENTRATION IN PROCESSED CASSAVA PRODUCTS:Human consumption of cyanide in cassava food products above the threshold has detrimental effect on the body system. This study investigated ten (10) different cassava products purchased to determine their

  26. ASSESSING GROUNDWATER POTENTIAL AND AQUIFER VULNERABILITY USING GRTER AND GOD INDEX:A multi-criteria model (GRTER), created as G (geology), R (resistivity), T (thickness of the aquifer), E (elevation) and R (bedrock relief) and groundwater occurrences (G), general lithology of the overlying

  27. IMPACTS OF QUARRYING ON LAND AND SOIL IN KAMPANI KIRIYA COMMUNITY NEAR ZUNGERU, NORTH CENTRAL NIGERIA:This research was conceptualized to determine the potentially toxic elements concentrations of topsoil due to quarrying activities around Kampani Kirya and environs, near Zungeru North-Central Nigeria. Geological mapping was conducted

  28. EVALUATION OF PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND MICROBIAL CHARACTERISTICS OF SOME BOREHOLE WATER IN EDO STATE, NIGERIA:Borehole water was collected from some communities in Edo state to assess the water quality by examining the physicochemical properties of the water. A total of twenty-five (25) such parameters

  29. BACTERIOLOGICAL QUALITY OF FRESH-CUT-FRUITS: A CASE STUDY OF IBADAN, NIGERIA:The consumption of fresh-cut-fruits constitutes health risks owing to the effects of microbial contamination. This study assessed the bacteriological safety of fresh-cut-pineapples and -watermelons vended in Ibadan, Nigeria. Sixteen samples

  30. IN-VIVO INTERACTION STUDIES OF CHLORAMPHENICOL AND METFORMIN USING REVERSE-PHASE HIGH-PERFORMANCE LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHY (RP-HPLC):Metformin is mostly prescribed with chloramphenicol in the treatment of diabetic mellitus with gastroenteritis and possible infections. However, the effect of this drug on the pharmacokinetic profile of metformin is

  31. EFFECT OF FLAVONOIDS OBTAINED FROM METHANOL FRUIT EXTRACT OF solanum aethiopicum ON CHRONIC MODEL OF ANXIETY :Anxiety is a group of mental disorders characterized by sudden feeling of intense fear and avoidance, panic, learning and memory impairment. Solanum aethiopicum fruit is used as sedative and contain

  32. SUCCESSION AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES OF CARRION INSECTS ON CLARIAS GARIEPINUS POISONED WITH SNIPER (DICHLORVOS):A study was carried out on the forensic entomotoxicological evaluation of carrion insects found on fish poisoned with Sniper (Dichlorvos) on the main campus of the University of Ibadan. Fish

  33. ANTICONVULSANT ACTIVITY OF METHANOL LEAF EXTRACT OF STRYCHNOS SPINOSA (Lam.) IN MICE AND CHICKS:Strychnos spinosa is a pantropical plant with wide applications in the treatment of both communicable and non-communicable diseases. The objective of this study is to evaluate the anticonvulsant activities

  34. NECROPHAGOUS ORGANISMS ASSOCIATED WITH CHICKEN (GALLUS GALLUS DOMESTICUS) CARRION IN ABRAKA, DELTA STATE, NIGERIA:Necrophagy is the feeding behaviour of organism that feed on carrion. The decaying flesh of dead animals is an important food source for necrophagous organisms in most ecosystems. The time

  35. GEOCHEMISTRY OF ALIPHATIC HYDROCARBON COMPOUNDS IN CORE SEDIMENTS FROM SADONG RIVER, MALAYSIA:Sadong River is a major river catchment in Sarawak, Malaysia. Sediments are useful tools in understanding the environmental processes and are final sinks of hydrocarbons in rivers. Hydrocarbon biomarkers are

  36. EFFECT OF SOLAR WIND PRESSURE ON GEOMAGNETIC NORTHWARD COMPONENT OVER SOME SELECTED LOW-LATITUDE AFRICAN STATIONS:The geomagnetic field is a magnetic field that extends into space, interacting with the solar wind, a stream of charged particles emanating from the sun. The geomagnetic (H) component data

  37. Foaming and Emulsification Properties of Surface Active Saponin Extracts from Balanite aegyptiaca Delile and Securidaca longepedunculata Fresen:The Foamability and emulsification capacity was analyzed for the Enriched surface active saponins of HBAR, HSLR, HSQER, HSQE25-30%, synthetic surfactant SDS, and Tween 80. The enriched saponin extracts showed positive

  38. COMPARATIVE PERFORMANCES OF BLOCKS PRODUCED FROM PARTIAL REPLACEMENT OF FINE AGGREGATE WITH SAWDUST AND RICE HUSK:Sand was partially replaced with prepared sawdust and rice husk respectively to produce light weight blocks. The rice husks and sawdust were used to replace sand in the order of

  39. COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF SOME SAMPLING TECHNIQUES FOR THE ESTIMATION OF REGISTERED LIFE BIRT:In this paper, comparative analysis of three different sampling techniques which are simple random sampling, stratified random sampling and systematic random sampling for the estimation of registered life birth were

  40. A REVIEW OF THE SHORTCOMINGS OF MAIZE PRODUCTION IN WEST AFRICA AND THE CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS:Maize seeds have various uses in our communities. They have very important roles in ensuring food security and a healthy dieting. However, research suggests that the optimal production practices of

  41. EFFECTS OF DIETARY ETHANOLIC EXTRACT OF ALCHORNEA CORDIFOLIA LEAF ON HAEMATO-IMMUNOLOGY AND ANTIOXIDANT STATUS OF AFRICAN CATFISH (CLARIAS GARIEPINUS) FINGERLINGS:The effects of dietary ethanolic extract of Alchornea cordifolia leaf (ACLE) on haematology, serum biochemistry, immune response and antioxidant capacity of African catfish, Clarias gariepinus was studied. A control diet

  42. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN COMMUNITIES OF BIRDS AND INDICES OF HUMAN ACTIVITIES IN THE FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE ABEOKUTA NATURE RESERVE :Study on the relationship between communities of birds and human activities in the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta Nature Reserve were necessary because of dearth of information. Transects sampling method

  43. THE COMPARATIVE EFFECTS OF SOME MEDICINAL HERBS (IN SOUTHWEST, NIGERIA) ON BLOOD GLUCOSE LEVEL IN MALE WEST AFRICAN DWARF GOATS:This study was conducted to investigate the comparative effects of aqueous leaves extracts of some medicinal herbs: Jatropha curcas, Moringa oleifera, Ocimum gratissimum, Rauwolfia vomitoria and Phyllantus amarus on blood


  45. EMPIRICAL ANALYSIS OF TRAFFIC CONGESTION AND DELAY AT INTERSECTIONS IN URBAN AREAS, A CASE STUDY OF FEDERAL CAPITAL TERRITORY, ABUJA, NIGERIA:Congestion and delays are serious issues in many cities around the world in both developed and developing countries. Road intersections are the most complex locations in a city traffic system

  46. OIL SPILLAG ON THE NIGER DELTA ENVIRONMENT AN ITS ECONOMIC IMPACT:Many years ago before the discovery of the oil in the Niger Delta areas the environment has been economically, ecologically, physically and biologically friendly. Until their foreign multinational companies invaded

  47. BIODEGRADABILITY OF NON-EDIBLE VEGETABLE OILS AND ITS BIOLUBRICANTS: EXPERIMENTS AND EMPIRICAL MODELS:The environmental concern associated with the use of mineral oil based lubricants has necessitated the search for biodegradable lubricants. Currently, vegetable oils are considered to be alternatives to mineral oils

  48. USE OF COLLOIDAL CRYSTAL SELF-ASSEMBLY METHODS FOR THE PRODUCTION AND STUDY OF POLYMETHYL METHACRYLATE COLLOIDAL CRYSTALS :Two different self-assembly techniques were used to successfully fabricate polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) colloidal crystals: vertical deposition by evaporation approach as well as a modified floating (i.e. air-water interface) approach. Also,

  49. ASSESSMENT OF SOME HEAVY METALS IN SELECTED COSMETICS AND THEIR HUMAN HEALTH EFFECT:This study focused on the assessment of some toxic heavy metals Pb, Hg, Zn, Cd, Cu and Ni found in Carotone, Caro white, Skin light, Peau clair, Perfect white,

  50. DETERMINATION OF ANTICONVULSANT ACTIVITY OF METHANOL LEAVES EXTRACT OF CARICA PAPAYA USING MICE AND CHICKS:Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder of the brain function that is characterized by a periodic and unpredictable occurrence of seizures. Carica papaya infusion has been used to treat epilepsy

  51. PHYTOCHEMICAL SCREENING, PROXIMATE COMPOSITION AND NUTRIENT CONTENT OF THE LEAVES AND ROOTS OF PAWPAW (Carica papaya):Carica papaya (male and female) leaves and roots were collected, dried and reduced to powdered form by mechanical grinder separately. These parts were analyzed to identify the phytochemicals present as

  52. DETERMINATION OF THE DEPOSITIONAL ENVIRONMENT OF THE RESERVOIR ROCK IN “SCOJAS -43” WELL USING CORE SAMPLES:The aim of this study is to carry out Sedimentological core description in order to characterize the different depositional environments of the reservoir sandstones in “SCOJAS” -43 well. The depositional


  54. ROAD NETWORK EXTRACTION FROM HIGH-RESOLUTION SATELLITE IMAGERY OF WUSE DISTRICT, ABUJA, NIGERIA USING ON SCREEN MANUAL DIGITIZATION :The advent of high resolution satellite imageries has paved way for easy and faster approach in map updating and production. This study was aimed at extracting road network from high

  55. GEOTECHNICAL PROPERTIES OF SOILS ALONG SOME COASTAL PARTS OF THE NIGER DELTA, NIGERIA:Geotechnical properties of soils along some coastal communities in parts of the southern Niger Delta was carried out with a view of linking the upland and some coastal communities in

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