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  1. BASEMENT AQUIFER POTENTIALS DELINEATION IN ABEOKUTA SOUTHWESTERN BASEMENT COMPLEX OF NIGERIA USING ELECTRICAL RESISTIVITY SURVEY:Electrical resistivity survey was carried out in some parts of Abeokuta, southwestern Nigeria with the aim of delineating the resistivity characteristics of the basement groundwater yield in the study area.

  2. INHIBITION OF ARTESUNATE-INDUCED LIVER MITOCHONDRIAL PERMEABILITY TRANSITION PORE OPENING BY VITAMIN C:It has been demonstrated that artesunate causes hepatoxicity by inducing opening of the mitochondrial permeability transition (MPT) pore; a condition that is exacerbated by ferrous sulphate. Experimental rats in group

  3. SOCIO-ECONOMIC DETERMINANTS OF NET INCOME IN SWEET MELON MARKETING IN BAUCHI AND GOMBE STATES, NIGERIA:The study examined the influence of socio-economic variables on net income of wholesale and retail of sweet melon marketing in Bauchi and Gombe States, Nigeria. Multi-stage sampling technique was used

  4. A MULTI-STATE MARKOV APPROACH TO MONITORING STUDENTS’ ACADEMIC PERFORMANCES:Monitoring students’ academic performances are becoming increasingly important in the face of different technological advancement which may serve as a distraction to weak students. Performance is often monitored on a

  5. QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE PHYTOCHEMICAL SCREENING OF Acalypha wilkesiana HOFFMANNI (GREEN ACALYPHA):Acalypha wilkesiana Hoffmanni is a medicinal plant used in herbal clinical practice in Nigeria and this is due to the combined effects of the phytochemical components it contains. This study

  6. IMPROVED LOG ESTIMATION OF POROSITY AND WATER SATURATION IN SHALY RESERVOIRS- A NIGER DELTA CASE STUDY:In oil and gas prospecting, the impact of clay minerals on the overall formation resistivity makes water saturation and reserves estimation in shaly-sands, an intricate endeavor. The reason for this

  7. COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF SUPPORT VECTOR MACHINE, C4.5 AND NAÏVE BAYES ALGORITHMS FOR BREAST CANCER DIAGNOSIS:Breast cancer is one of the leading cancers for women when compared to all other cancers. It is the second highest cause of death in women. Breast cancer risk in

  8. PERFORMANCE OF LOCALLY FORMULATED FEEDS FOR FEEDING AFRICAN MUD CATFISH Clarias gariepinus (BURCHELL, 1822):Aquaculture production is considered as the future global solution to declining wild fish capture. However, insufficient production of fish due to lack of affordable quality feeds is a major challenge

  9. PHYSICAL AND SENSORY QUALITIES OF RIPE BANANA PEEL AND ACHA (Digitaria exilis) FLOUR BLEND BASED BISCUITS:The physical, chemical and sensory properties of biscuit produced from yellow ripe banana peel and acha flour blends. The yellow ripe banana peel flour was substituted (5, 10, 15, 20,

  10. COMPARISON OF CONVENTIONAL ELASTIC AND IMAGING LIDAR SYSTEMS FOR ATMOSPHERIC AEROSOL MONITORING: A REVIEW:Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) system is an active remote sensing technique which operates within the optical spectral wavelength range. The ability of LiDAR to provide range-resolved information with high

  11. A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF THE VOLATILE CONSTITUENTS FROM THE AIR-DRIED AND FRESH LEAVES OF Baphia nitida (LODD.) OBTAINED IN NIGERIA:The volatile constituents of the air-dried and fresh leaves (500 g) each of Baphia nitida grown in Nigeria was obtained by hydrodistillation using an all glass Clevenger-type apparatus. The extracted

  12. REVIEW ON COST OF DIET ANALYSIS AS A TOOL FOR COMBATING MALNUTRITION IN NIGERIA:The paper titled “review on cost of diet analysis as a tool for combating malnutrition in Nigeria” attempts to highlight how Cost of the Diet – a method developed by

  13. EFFECTS OF SOCIO-DEMOGRAPHIC CHARACTERISTICS OF NPFS BENEFICIARIES AND PERCEIVED EFFECTIVENESS OF NPFS GROUP-RELATED FACTORS ON FARM PRODUCTION IN SOUTHWEST, NIGERIA:National Programme for Food Security (NPFS) is one of the efforts of government to alleviate poverty and improve food sustainability in Nigeria. NPFS operates group approach to achieve its objectives

  14. EVALUATION OF AEROMAGNETIC ANOMALIES OF BASHAR AND ITS ENVIRONS, NORTHCENTRAL NIGERIA:The Quantitative Interpretations of Aeromagnetic Data of Bashar and its environs, northcentral Nigeria were carried out with the aim of determining the Curie Point Depth, Geothermal Gradient, Heat Flow, and

  15. AN EFFICIENT SIXTH-ORDER NUMERICAL BLOCK APPROACH FOR DIRECT INTEGRATION OF SECOND ORDER NON-LINEAR ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS:An efficient hybrid block method with variable step size for solving second-order nonlinear initial value problems (IVPs) is proposed in this paper. The scheme was developed through collocation and interpolation

  16. THE PRELIMINARY SCREENING OF THE ENDOPHYTIC FUNGAL EXTRACTS OF Acalypha wilkesiana FOR ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITY:Endophytic fungi have been shown to be a promising source of novel antimicrobial moieties. This study was carried out to determine the antimicrobial profile of the endophytic fungal isolates from

  17. ¬SEASONAL VARIATIONS AND INFLUENCE OF TWO CLIMATIC PARAMETERS ON AMBIENT CONCENTRATIONS OF CARBON MONOXIDE AND PARTICULATE MATTER AT TIN CAN PORT, LAGOS, NIGERIA:Shipping activities are a major source of air pollution in port cities with the expected high population of port workers and related workforce being chronically exposed to air pollutants such

  18. EFFECT OF CASSAVA PEEL ASH AND EGG SHELL POWDER AS PARTIAL REPLACEMENT OF CEMENT IN CONCRETE:The major problem facing the world today is environmental pollution. Production of Portland cement causes the emission of carbon dioxide resulting to environmental pollution and global warming. This research is

  19. HUMAN FIBROID ARGINASE: PURIFICATION AND CHARACTERIZATION:Arginase activity has been reported to be high in various cancers and the possibility of the use of this enzyme as index of malignancy in cancerous tissues has being considered.

  20. USE OF RECOMMENDED EXTENSION PRACTICES AMONG HUNGRY RICE (ACHA) FARMERS IN BOGORO LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF BAUCHI STATE, NIGERIA:The study was carried out in Bogoro local Government Area of Bauchi State to assess the use of recommended extension practices among hungry rice Acha (Digitaria exillis) producers. Three wards

  21. COMPARATIVE PERFORMANCE OF THE MERCURY SPHYGMOMANOMETER AND DIGITAL SPHYGMOMANOMETER:Of the three mainly used non-invasive modalities for the accurate measurement of subjects’ systolic and diastolic blood pressure, the mercury sphygmomanometer is the most widely accepted and used. However due

  22. IN-VITRO ANTIOXIDANT, ANTIGLYCATION AND ANTI-LIPID PEROXIDATION ACTIVITIES OF Sorghum bicolor METHANOLIC LEAF SHEATH EXTRACT:This study was conducted to determine the in-vitro antioxidant, anti-lipid peroxidation and antiglycation activities of Sorghumbicolor methanolic leaf sheath extract using standard procedures. Concentration of antioxidant compounds, β-carotene, lycopene, total

  23. PREVALENCE OF FUNGI ASSOCIATED WITH URINARY TRACT INFECTION: A CASE STUDY OF STUDENTS OF THE JOSEPH SARWUAN TARKA UNIVERSITY, MAKURDI, BENUE STATE:The rising trend of fungal urinary tract infection (FUTIs) is of great concern. Five hundred students were recruited into this study to a certain the prevalence of fungi associated with

  24. THE IMPACT ASSESSMENT OF ABATTOIR ACTIVITIES ON SURROUNDING SOIL IN A RESIDENTIAL AREA OF AYETORO, OGUN STATE, NIGERIA:Abattoir activities have become a major source of income in recent times with less concern about its negative impact on residential areas. This study is therefore aimed at assessing the

  25. MATHEMATICAL MODELLING OF MALARIA AND TYPHOID CO-INFECTION INCORPORATING VECTOR AND LOSS OF IMMUNITY:This paper proposes a deterministic mathematical model for the transmission dynamics of malaria and typhoid co-infection incorporating loss of immunity. The sub models and the malaria and typhoid co-infection model

  26. EFFECT OF THE PROXIMITY OF HAND-DUG WELLS TO SEPTIC TANKS ON WATER QUALITY IN AREGBE COMMUNITY, ABEOKUTA, OGUN STATE, NIGERIA:This study examined the possible effects of the proximity of hand-dug wells to septic tanks on the quality of water in Aregbe community, Ogun state. It was noted that the

  27. EXPERIMENTAL STUDY ON THE IMPACT OF ATMOSPHERIC TEMPERATURE ON ULTRA HIGH FREQUENCY (UHF) RADIO COMMUNICATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN OYO, OYO STATE, NIGERIA:Radio signal strengths from Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) Oyo, UHF channel 37 Oyo State, Nigeria (7.830N, 3.950E) transmitted at 40.15 mdB and 606.25 MHz were measured simultaneously with atmospheric variables.

  28. DEFORESTATION: A THREAT TO RURAL DEVELOPMENT IN MICHIKA LOCAL GOVRNMENT AREA OF ADAMAWA STATE, NIGERIA:The study was conducted to evaluate the effect of deforestation on rural development of Michika people of Adamawa State, Nigeria. The use of interview schedule was adopted and questionnaires were

  29. DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING OF A BIOCHAR MAKING MACHINE FOR RURAL FARMERS:Biochar, a porous carbonaceous material, blessed with strong anti-decomposition characteristics and aromatization is made by subjecting Biomass to heating at a near zero air supply under controlled temperature of about

  30. PROTECTIVE EFFECTS OF EXTRACTS FROM Garcinia kola AGAINST ALUMINUM-INDUCED HEPATORENAL TOXICITY IN ALBINO RATS:Several health challenges result from environmental pollution by aluminum containing compounds. The liver and kidney are targets for aluminum toxicity. Garcinia kola is used in traditional medicine for the treatment

  31. ON THE SOLUTIONS OF CONVECTION-DIFFUSION PROBLEMS USING ELZAKI HOMOTOPY PERTURBATION METHOD:In this paper, the Elzaki Homotopy Perturbation Method which is the combination of Elzaki Transform and Homotopy Perturbation Method was applied in solving convection-diffusion problems which emerges in physical phenomena

  32. FREQUENCIES OF MORTALITY IN RED SOKOTO GOATS:Frequencies of mortality in Red Sokoto goats were estimated using 1,798 records generated from goats raised under semi-intensive system of management at the National Animal Production Research Institute (NAPRI), Shika-Zaria,

  33. 2D-INVERSION OF GROUND MAGNETIC DATA ACQUIRED AROUND THE SCHIST BELT AREAS OF KANO STATE, NIGERIA FOR ESTIMATION OF CAUSATIVE BODY PARAMETERS:This paper seeks to model the ground magnetic field data acquired around the Schist belt areas of Kano State in order to extract the causative body parameters. The only parameter

  34. DEVELOPMENT OF BIO-BASED FOAM FROM Ximenia americana SEED OIL POLYOL: STUDIES ON THE EFFECT OF WATER LEVEL ON SOME PROPERTIES OF THE FOAM:In the formulation of biobased foam from Ximenia americana seed oil polyol, The tensile, mechanical and other physical properties of the biobased polyurethane (PU) foams with various concentrations of water

  35. BACTERIOLOGICAL QUALITY OF SOME SACHET WATER SOLD IN DUTSE METROPOLIS, JIGAWA STATE:Water is an essential natural resource needed to maintain basic health, sanitation and is believed to be an elixir of life. Among the rural population of developing countries, only 22%

  36. COMPARATIVE STUDY OF THE EFFECTS OF PHOSPHORYLATION ON CASSAVA AND RED COCOYAM STARCHES:Native starches isolated from cassava cultivar (TME 305) and red cocoyam were chemically modified by phosphorylation using sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP). Proximate analysis, some functional properties, pasting properties and FTIR of

  37. EFFECTS OF TRANSACTION COSTS ON RETAIL PRICE: A CASE STUDY OF MELON MARKETERS IN AWE LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF NASARAWA STATE, NIGERIA:This study assessed the transaction cost of melon marketing in Awe Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, Nigeria, with a view to evaluating the gross margin and determining the factors

  38. NUMERICAL APPLICATION OF ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS USING POWER SERIES FOR SOLVING:In this research, we have proposed the numerical application of second derivative ordinary differential equations using power series for the direct solution of higher order initial value problems. The method

  39. EFFECTS OF COOPERATIVE MEMBERSHIP ON RURAL HOUSEHOLDS’ SAVINGS MOBILIZATION IN IJEBU ZONE OF OGUN STATE, NIGERIA:The need for rural households to save is justified in their daily lives and activities as they often sacrifice current needs in order to meet future needs. This study assessed

  40. EVALUATING ASSETS PRICING USING THREE STATE MARKOV CHAIN MODEL:The financial stock market is characterized by high volatility; therefore the gain or loss of the stockholder greatly hangs on the understanding of the market by the investor, which turns

  41. PROXIMATE, PHYTOCHEMICAL AND FTIR ANALYSES OF THE FRUIT EXTRACTS OF Kigelia africana AND THE ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITY:Kigelia africana, a Tropical African plant is commonly called the ‘Sausage Tree’. The fruit has been utilized as laxative, treatment for dysentery, acne, wounds and ulcers. Its powdered solution is

  42. RADIOACTIVITY ASSESSMENT OF SHALLOW AQUIFERS AND WARRI RIVER IN UDU AREA OF THE WESTERN NIGER DELTA, NIGERIA:The availability of 238U, 232Th and 40K in sequence of rocks consisting the Agbada Formation in the Niger Delta Basin has enhanced the discrimination of non-reservoir from reservoir rocks by

  43. RESOURCE USE EFFICIENCY IN CATFISH PRODUCTION IN OYO STATE NIGERIA:The study analyses the resource use efficiency in catfish production in Oyo state, Nigeria. Primary data were collected with structured questionnaire from one hundred and five catfish farmers selected from

  44. A SURVEY OF FLIGHT CONTROL SYSTEMS AND SIMULATORS OF AERIAL ROBOTS:Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are used for wide range of applications in both military and civil operations. Flight control systems (FCS) and simulators are used for the control and analysis

  45. COMPARATIVE STUDY OF BIOETHANOL PRODUCTION FROM IRISH AND SWEET POTATO PEELS BY HYDROLYSIS AND FERMENTATION PROCESSES USING Saccharomyces cerevisiae:The quest for green and sustainable sources of energy has led to various studies on the production of biofuels such as bioethanol from different agricultural materials. This study presents a

  46. OPINION MINING AND EVENT DETECTION ANALYSIS OF CORONAVIRUS TWITTER DATA USING ENSEMBLE DEEP LEARNING MODELS:Internet technology has grown to the extent that people create, share ideal, opinion and content on Twitter. Useful information is obtained from Twitter on Coronavirus (COVID-19) for response and management

  47. PREVALENCE OF INTESTINAL PARASITES IN Gallus domesticus (LOCAL CHICKEN) SLAUGHTERED AT ABUBAKAR MUSA MARKET SOBA KADUNA STATE:A study on the prevalence of intestinal parasites in local chickens slaughtered at Abubakar Musa Market, Soba Kaduna state was conducted between May-July 2016 in Soba local government area Kaduna

  48. MAPPING OF NATURAL GAMMA RADIATION (NGR) DOSE RATE DISTRIBUTION AROUND GIDAN-KWANO AREA, MINNA, NORTH-CENTRAL NIGERIA:An in-situ measurement of the background radiation level was carried out in Gidan-Kwano, Minna, Niger state with an objective to establish a reference data record on the levels and distribution

  49. ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF MILK MARKETING IN SELECTED LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREAS OF ADAMAWA STATE, NIGERIA:The broad objective of the study was to carry out an Economic Analysis of Milk Marketing in Selected Local Government Areas of Adamawa State, Nigeria. The specific objectives were to:

  50. BIO-UTILIZATION OF APPLE PEEL BY Aspergillus niger AND Aspergillus fumigatus FOR PECTINASE PRODUCTION USING SOLID STATE FERMENTATION:Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus fumigatus isolated from agricultural dump site, Castor Research farm and serene environment were screened for their ability to produce pectinase using apple peel by solid state

  51. INTEGRATED GEOPHYSICAL TECHNIQUES TO DELINEATE THE IMPACT OF DUMPSITE ON SOIL AND GROUNDWATER IN THE VICINITY OF IJAGUN OGUN STATE, SOUTHWESTERN NIGERIA:The impact of leachate produced from waste on the soil and groundwater was studied in this research. Geophysical methods involving very low frequency (VLF), vertical electrical sounding and 2D electrical

  52. PREVALENCE OF Candida albicans AMONG PATIENTS ATTENDING HEALTH CARE FACILITIES IN NASARAWA STATE, NIGERIA:Many cases of vulvovaginitis are caused by Candida albicans. This study investigated the prevalence of C. albicans among patients attending health care facilities in Nasarawa State. Nigeria. A total of

  53. NATURAL RESISTANCE OF SOME INDIGENOUS TIMBER SPECIES TO TERMITE DAMAGE IN PART OF NIGERIAN NORTHERN GUINEA SAVANNA:Timber can be protected from termite attack by their natural resistance or through chemical treatment. Not all wood/timber species have inherent ability to resist the attack of bio-deteriorating agents without

  54. CHALLENGES FACED BY HOTEL OPERATORS AND HOTEL OWNERS IN THE MAINTENANCE OF HOSPITALITY INDUSTRIES IN ADO-EKITI, EKITI STATE, NIGERIA:The paper assessed the challenges faced by Hotel operators and Hotel owners in the maintenance of hospitality industries in Ado Ekiti. The study involved the use of a well-structured questionnaire

  55. PERCEIVE HEALTH PRACTICES ON COVID-19 PANDEMIC AMONG UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS OF TAI SOLARIN UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION, IJAGUN, OGUN STATE:This study focused on perceive health practices on COVID-19 pandemic for healthful living among undergraduate students. Descriptive survey research was adopted. Twenty-six thousand, eight hundred and twenty-nine (26,829) was the

  56. WILLINGNESS TO UTILIZE NEW MEDIA IN AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION SERVICE DELIVERY IN OGUN STATE, NIGERIA:Extension service delivery should be more pluralistic, relying on multiple channels of delivery as a result of the increasing dominance of new media applications which provide opportunities as an effective

  57. NUTRITIONAL STATUS OF UNDER FIVE CHILDREN OF LOW INCOME HOUSEHOLDS IN NASARAWA STATE:Malnutrition, and in particular protein-energy malnutrition in young and growing children have become one of the serious health problems in Nigeria. Malnutrition is regarded as a complex outcome with multiple

  58. CARBON CREDIT ASSESSMENT AND IMPORTANCE VALUE INDICES OF TREES IN URBAN PARKS: A CASE STUDY OF BENUE STATE SECRETARIAT, MAKURDI:Assessment of carbon credit potentials of trees in the Benue State Secretariat Makurdi was done using a non-destructive allometric model, consisting of Above ground Biomass (ABG), Below Ground Biomass (BGB)

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