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  1. EVALUATION OF NATURAL RADIONUCLIDES IN SOME FOODS CONSUMED IN NORTHERN PART OF DELTA STATE NIGERIA:Food ingestion has played a vital role to human by sustaining lives and radionuclide contamination is very possible. The objectives of this study was to evaluate the natural radionuclides like

  2. Suitability of selected Physical Properties of Acetylated Bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris Schrad.) for Structural Uses :This study evaluates some physical properties of bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris). Five mature Bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris) with equal height and internodes numbers were harvested at a height of 30cm above the

  3. SIMULTANEOUS SACCHARIFICATION AND FERMENTATION OF HYDROTHERMALLY PRETREATED COCOA POD HUSKS AND UNRIPE PLANTAIN PEELS FOR BIOETHANOL PRODUCTION; OPTIMIZATION AND KINETIC STUDY :Cocoa pod husks (CPH) and unripe plantain peels (UPP) are some of the agricultural residues that are improperly disposed in Nigeria with serious environmental consequences. In this study, CPH and

  4. GROWTH PATTERN AND CONDITION FACTOR OF THREE IMPORTANT FISH SPECIES OF CHALLAWA GORGE RESERVOIR, KANO STATE, NIGERIA:This study was conducted at the Challawa Gorge Reservoir, Kano, with the aim of assessing the growth pattern and condition factor of three fish species namely; Auchenoglanis occidentalis, Bagrus bayad

  5. SERUM BIOCHEMISTRY OF AFRICAN LUNG FISH (Protepterus annectens) DURING ACTIVE STATE AND HIBERNATION PERIOD AT WALAI, ITAS GADAU LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA, BAUCHI STATE:The African lung fish, Protepterus annectens (P annectens) is a highly priced food fish in Nigeria. The main objective of this study was to examine the fish and to provide

  6. FARMERS’ PERCEPTION OF THE EFFECT OF RURAL ROAD TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM ON AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION IN OYO STATE:The study examined perception of the effect of rural road transportation system on agricultural production in Oyo State. A two-stage sampling procedure was employed to collect information from one hundred


  8. PHARMACOGNOSTIC STANDARDIZATION OF THE LEAF CUSSONIA BATERI SEEMANN (ARALIACEAE):Cussonia bateri seeman (Araliaceae) commonly known as octupus cabbage tree is used traditionally in the treatment of infection, inflammation, malaria, epilepsy, wound healing and mental disorder. Despite having these important

  9. ASSESSMENT OF PHYTOREMEDIATION POTENTIALS OF Albizia procera (ROXB.) BENTH: A LEGUMINOUS PLANT SPECIES IN CRUDE OIL-POLLUTED SOIL REHABILITATION:Crude oil-polluted soil was evaluated. The experiment was carried out under controlled environment. The variables assessed were germination percentage, plant heights, stem girths, number of leaves and nodulation with standard

  10. LEVEL AND HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENT OF HEAVY METALS IN CLARIAS GARIEPINUS OBTAINED FROM AGBOYI, OWORONSOKI, AND BARIGA MARKETS IN LAGOS, NIGERIA:Fish is consumed in large quantities around the world because of its nutritional, medical, and economic benefits. Unfortunately, heavy metals from anthropogenic activities have contaminated many bodies of water, necessitating

  11. SIMULATION AND ANALYSIS OF STANDALONE POWER SYSTEM BASED ON BIOMASS AND DIESEL SOURCES FOR REMOTE HOUSEHOLDS:This paper presents the simulation and analysis of biomass/diesel system for remote households. It assumes a location in the southeast of Nigeria as a test case where biomass feedstock such

  12. INSECTS -PLANTS RELATIONSHIP AND SPECIES DIVERSITY OF DELTA STATE UNIVERSITY CAMPUS, ABRAKA, NIGERIA:Plant and insect shares strong mutual relationship in terms of pollination and nesting place. This study documented insect - plants relationship and diversities within Delta State University (DELSU) Campus, Abraka.

  13. PRODUCTION OF XYLITOL FROM LIGNOCELLULOSE – A REVIEW:Lignocellulose is made up of cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin. Lignocellulosic substrate can be utilized in the synthesis of certain chemicals and fuels. Cellulose and hemicellulose can be decomposed into sugars,

  14. MEASUREMENT AND DESCRIPTION OF VERY LOW-FREQUENCY SIGNAL IN THE IONOSPHERE AT THE ILORIN STATION:This research presents the results of a very low frequency (VLF) signal received by a VLF receiver at the University of Ilorin, Ilorin (ILR) station (4.68° N, 8.49° E), from

  15. COMPARATIVE EFFICACY OF ANTHELMINTHIC INTERVENTION DRUGS AMONG SCHOOL AGED CHILDREN IN GIREI LOCAL GOVERNMENT OF ADAMAWA STATE:In Girei Local Government, a study is being carried out to determine and compare the efficacy of different anthelmintics (Albendazole and Levamisole) against intestinal helminths in naturally infected school-aged children.


  17. LATEST ADVANCES IN INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS: A REVIEW:Inventory is perhaps the most researched topic of production and operation management since it immensely affects the lives of all and sundry. Inventory management systems (IMS) come in various forms

  18. CHEMICAL COMPOUND TRANSFORMATION OF Canarium Schweinfurtii USING FTIR & GCMS TECHNIQUES IN BIODIESEL PRODUCTION:This study is aimed at identifying the functional group of chemical compounds, then quantifying their active components and analyze the chemical transformations from Canarium Schweinfurthii (CS) crude oil to its

  19. LITHOFACIES DISTRIBUTION AND DEPOSITIONAL ENVIRONMENT OF THE SEDIMENTARY SUCCESSION IN VIBRE-001WELL, NIGER DELTA:The results of detailed geological core description and characterization of depositional environment of the sedimentary succession in VIBRE-001 Well is supplied in this paper. An interpretation for these sedimentary units

  20. GEOLOGICAL DESCRIPTION OF THE MAJUEFE-01 WELL, NIGER DELTA, USING CORES AND WIRELINE LOGS DATA.:Cores of MAJUEFE-1 well were analysed within the context of geological core analysis to minimise the risk of interpretation based on the use of inferred data only. Lithofacies

  21. ASSESSMENT OF STRENGTH PROPERTIES OF MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE INCINERATOR ASH-CONCRETE:Conventional materials for the production of concrete like cement and aggregates are becoming gradually becoming expensive due to high cost acquired in their processes- production and transportation. The exploitation of

  22. THE EXPLOITATION STATUS OF THE FISHERY RESOURCES OF RIVER OKURA, DEKINA LOCAL GOVERNMENT OF KOGI STATE CENTRAL NIGERIA:The exploitation status of the fishery resources of River Okura was studied from November 2014 to October, 2016. The specific objectives were to survey the type of fishermen, species of

  23. MICROBIOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT OF HOME-PACKED CHILDREN’S MEAL, ANTIBIOTIC SUSCEPTIBILITY AND PREVALENCE OF INTESTINAL PARASITES AMONG PUPILS IN SELECTED SCHOOLS IN BENIN CITY, NIGERIA:Outdoor play among other factors predispose schoolchildren to intestinal parasitic infections. Home-packed children’s meal which they take to school could be contaminated with microorganisms. In this study, a total of

  24. ASSESSING THE EFFICIENCY OF ELECTROCHEMICAL TREATMENT IN REMOVING SELECTED POLLUTANTS FROM GOLDMINE WASTEWATER IN ITAGUNMODI, OSUN STATE, NIGERIA:The study examined some physical and chemical characteristics of wastewater in an unmonitored mining community (Itagunmodi) in Osun State, Southwestern Nigeria. This study aims at investigating the ability of electrochemical

  25. PERCEPTIONS ON PLANT SPECIES THAT CAN BE USED FOR THE MANAGEMNET AND CURE OF COVID 19 BY RESIDENCE OF IJEBU IGBO, OGUN STATE, NIGERIA:Covid-19 pandemic is a global disease spread that has claimed several lives across the globe. This ailment defiled some preliminary medicines that were tested to avert the disease. Up till

  26. PHYTOCHEMICAL AND ANTIMICROBIAL STUDIES OF THE LEAF EXTRACT Of Cola hispida BRENAN & KEAY STERCULIACEAE :Plants from the Cola genus are particularly rich in secondary metabolites. Cola hispida is one of the well spread species of the Cola genus used ethno-medicinally for the treatment of

  27. BAMBOO UTILIZATION AS A MEANS OF POVERTY ALEVIATION IN GBOKO LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF BENUE STATE, NIGERIA:This paper was designed to ascertain bamboo utilization and its contribution to livelihoods of people and to identify the various problems facing its utilization in Gboko Local Government area of

  28. MODELING AND SIMULATION OF FIXED BED BIOSORPTION SYSTEM FOR CADMIUM AND LEAD IONS FROM WASTEWATER:It is the application of simulated data obtained from experimental results that can be used for further scale up of continuous fixed bed system for biosorption of heavy metals from

  29. TOWARDS BUILDING AN ENHANCED WEATHER FORECASTING USING OPTIMIZED FUZZY LOGIC: AN OVERVIEW:The numerical weather prediction relies strongly on the precipitation forecast because of the use to civil protection agencies, enterprises, daily activities of people around the world, and the reduction of


  31. PHYSICAL, ELECTROLYTES AND LIPID PROFILE OF RATS FED WITH COMPLEMENTARY BLENDS PRODUCED FROM MALTED AND FERMENTED ACHA (Digitaria exilis) FLOUR SUPPLEMENTED WITH SOYBEANS (Glycine max) FLOUR:Malting and fermentation are required to enhance the nutritional value of food. These simple and basic technologies were applied on acha grains there after supplementing it with soybeans (Glycine max).

  32. HEAVY METAL CONTAMINATION MODELLING INDICES EQUATIONS AND INTERPRETATION - A CRITICAL REVIEW:Environmental contamination of heavy metals has become a serious global issue. Studies on heavy metals source in soils were said to be either natural source or anthropogenic activities. Anthropogenic sources


  34. PRODUCTION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF POLYMER COMPOSITE FROM RECYCLED LOW DENSITY POLYETHYLENE AND MODIFIED Eucalyptus globulus SAWDUST FIBRE.:This work is centered on the production of polymer composite (PC) from recycled low density polyethylene (rLDPE) matrix and Eucalyptus globulus sawdust (EGS) fibre. The raw EGS fibres were chemically

  35. SERIES APPROXIMATE SOLUTION METHOD FOR A BOUNDARY LAYER PROBLEM IN UNBOUNDED DOMAIN:In this paper, we present a series approximate solution method for a boundary layer problem in unbounded domain by employing a reliable combination of modified iterative decomposition method (MIDM) and


  37. ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITIES OF flueggea virosa CRUDE EXTRACTS:F. virosa is of the family Phyllanthaceae, also called white berry-bush found in the Southern parts of Nigeria. The leaves of F. virosa were collected from the environments in Wukari,

  38. INFLUENCE OF COAL BOTTOM ASH TREATMENT PARAMETERS ON METHANE AND CARBON DIOXIDE YIELD FROM PALM KERNEL SHELL GASIFICATION:Utilization of coal bottom ash (CBA) as catalyst in biomass gasification is an effective and promising route that will provide alternative ways for utilizing the waste and reducing the cost

  39. EFFECTS OF PHOSPORYLATION AND CROSS-LINKING ON STARCHES OBTAINED FROM BANANA (Musa acuminata) AND PLANTAINS (Musa paradisiaca and Musa balbisiana):Starch isolated from banana (Musa acuminata) and plantains species (Musa paradisiaca and Musa balbisiana) were phosphorylated with sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) and cross-linked with phosphorous oxychloride (POCl3). Functional and physicochemical properties

  40. MOLECULAR DOCKING OF COUMARIN DERIVATIVES AS POTENTIAL DUAL-ACTION INHIBITOR FOR PROTEASE AND REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE IN THE TREATMENT OF HIV/AIDS:AIDS is one of the multifaceted diseases that develops from the infection of cells of the immune system by HIV virus, given room for severe opportunistic infections and this underlying

  41. PROPERTIES OF MILLET HUSK ASH (MHA) CONCRETE MODIFIED WITH POLYPROPYLENE FIBRE (PPF). A STUDY ON SELF COMPACTING CONCRETE (SCC):Fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC) is a concrete comprising fibrous material which strengthens its structural integrity. It contains short discrete fiber that are uniformly distributed and randomly oriented. In addition, the character

  42. INTERPRETATION OF HIGH RESOLUTION AEROMAGNETIC DATA FOR DELINEATING LITHOLOGICAL BOUNDARIES, STRUCTURES AND DEPTH TO THE BASEMENT PARTS OF SOUTHERN BENUE TROUGH AND ANAMBRA STATE:Availability of high resolution data is adequate in mapping subtler and low amplitude anomalies mapped in this study. Nine sheets of Aeromagnetic data was evaluated in order to estimate the

  43. PROXIMATE CONTENT AND ANTIOXIDANTS ACTIVITIES OF BOMBAX COSTATUM LEAF EXTRACTS :Medicinal plants are a rich source of bioactive constituents for traditional systems of medicine, modern medicines, neutraceuticals, food supplements, folk medicines, pharmaceutical intermediates and chemical entities for synthetic drugs. One of

  44. DIRECT SYNTHESIS OF WATER-SOLUBLE NICKEL FERRITE NANOPARTICLES (NiFe2O4) BY THE THERMOLYSIS OF A SINGLE SOURCE PRECURSOR.:In this paper, highly crystalline and water dispersible nickel ferrite nanoparticles were synthesised by the hot injection thermolysis of heterometallic pivalate cluster ([Fe2NiO(O2CtBu)6(HO2CtBu)3]) in triethylene glycol (solvent) and polyvinyl pyrrolidone

  45. PEDOLOGY OF SOILS ON THE FOOT OF THE MAMBILA PLATEAU WINDWARD IN THE GUINEA SAVANNA, NORTH-EAST NIGERIA :A pedological investigation was carried out on the soils on the foot of the Mambila plateau windward in the guinea savanna, north-east Nigeria. The soils of Ussa in Ussa local

  46. IMPACT OF INDUSTRIAL WASTE WATER ON SELECTED HEAVY METALS LEVELS OF RIVER RIDO, KADUNA SOUTH, KADUNA STATE, NIGERIA:Heavy metal is a major environmental threat, hence the need for regular monitoring in order to identify contaminant sources, types and levels of concentrations for the purpose of policy formulation

  47. USER PARTICIPATION IN THE MODIFICATION PROCESSES OF PUBLIC HOUSING ESTATES IN YOLA.:This study examined the modes of user participation in the modification of public housing Estates in Yola. Data was elicited from modified owner occupier houses in eleven housing estates and


  49. EXPERT SYSTEM BASED MACHINE LEARNING ANALYSIS FOR DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF SWINE DISEASES USING DECISION TREE, LOGISTIC REGRESSION AND SUPPORT VECTOR MACHINE ALGORITHMS:Late identification of swine diseases results in significant economic loss associated with swine farming. Therefore, it is important to identify predictors of swine health condition. This study presents assessments of

  50. PERCEIVED EFFECT OF COVID-19 PANDEMIC ON THE USE OF DISTANCE LEARNING TOOLS AMONG STUDENTS OF COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES OLABISI ONABANJO UNIVERSITY:This study focused on perceived effect of Covid-19 pandemic on the use of distance learning tools among students of College of Agricultural Sciences,Olabisi Onabanjo University. Questionnaire was used to collect

  51. APPLICATION OF MULTI-ITEMS INVENTORY MODELS IN COURSE MATERIALS MANAGEMENT: TOWARDS BUILDING A DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR THE NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA:The classic multi-item inventory model with space, number of inventory and monetary constraints were applied in this research to solve the Course Materials inventory management problem of the National Open

  52. PREPARATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF ACTIVATED CARBON FROM Pilliostigma thonningii, Hildergardia barteri, Perqutinia nigrecens AND THE COMPOSITE:

  53. EQUILIBRIUM SORPTION OF METHYLENE BLUE FROM AQUEOUS SOLUTION USING PSH, PNS AND HB ACTIVATED CARBON.:Pilliostigma thonningii (PSH) known as camel’s foot, monkey bread. Hildegardia barteri (HB) – Christmas tree. Perqutinia nigrescens (PNS) were used to remove methylene blue (MB) from aqueous solution which is

  54. THE EFFECTIVE USE OF BLOCK ALGORITHM FOR MATHEMATICAL TREATMENT OF SOME PROBLEMATIC SYSTEM OF ORDER THREE :The effective block algorithm for mathematical treatment of problematic systems of initial value problem was established and examined in this research. All the conditions are valid when examining the conditions that satisfied

  55. USING BAYESIAN MODELLING APPROACH TO ESTIMATE THE PREVALENCE OF MALARIA INFECTION IN CHILDREN UNDER 5 YEARS:Malaria is the leading cause of death of children under 5 years of age in Sub-Saharan Africa and Nigeria in particular, it is an acute febrile illness caused by Plasmodium

  56. REMOVAL OF NICKEL AND LEAD IONS FROM AQUEOUS SOLUTIONS USING CHITOSAN ADSORBENT AND ITS DERIVATIVE FROM SYNODONTIS MEMBRANACEA (TILAPIA FISH) SCALE:This research work utilizes the use of a biopolymeric adsorbent, chitosan and chitosan-GLA (cross linked chitosan) for the adsorption of these metal ions. The aim and objectives is to isolate

  57. ECOLOGICAL RISK ASSESSMENT OF SOME HEAVY METALS IN FARMLAND SOILS OF FUNTUA AREA, KATSINA STATE, NIGERIA:The problem of reasonable amount of heavy metals concentrations in agricultural soils creates a global environmental issue due to the importance of food production. This study was carried out to

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