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  1. Prioritisation of Emergency Vehicles Using Intelligent Road Traffic Management and Control System :Technology growth brings innovation and production of various kinds of new vehicles, leading to road traffic congestion especially in urban cities. As such intersections are congested with traffic delay and access

  2. POLLUTION IN WATER AND FISH OF TROPICAL MAJIDUN CREEK, LAGOS NIGERIA:Pollution of water bodies by natural and anthropogenic activities is on the increase and rendering water unsafe for aquatic biota and man. This study assessed the tropical pollution of Majidun Creek,

  3. ANALYSIS AND MODELLING OF TRAFFIC FLOW ON NIGERIA HIGHWAYS :Traffic congestion is a condition on road networks that occurs as users increases, and is characterized by slower speeds, longer trip times, and increased vehicular queuing. The common example is the

  4. BIOLOGICAL TREATMENT OF NITROGEN RICH INDUSTRIAL WASTEWATER IN SEQUENCED BATCH REACTORS :Wastewater containing high nitrogen compounds in the form of ammonia (NH4-N), nitrite (NO2-N), nitrate

  5. EVALUATION OF WIRELINE LOG DATA FOR RESERVOIR CHARACTERIZATION OF THE ADONI FIELD, NIGER DELTA. :Reservoir Characterization of four wells (Adoni-5, Adoni-6, Adoni-7 and Adoni-11) and biostratigraphic data of one well (Adoni-5) in the Adoni field, onshore Niger Delta was undertaken. The study was carried out

  6. Dissipative Williamson-Casson Fluids Flow Over a Nonlinearly Stretching Sheet with Generalized Fourier’s law and Soret Phenomenon: A Comparative Study :The present comparative investigation unfolds the impacts of the soret mechanism, and generalized Fourier’s law among other flow parameters on non-Newtonian fluids flow over a nonlinear stretching surface. The compared two non-Newtonian

  7. DYESTUFF UTILIZATION OF THE BARK OF PARKIA BIGLOBOSA GROWN IN ANKPA, KOGI, NIGERIA:The use of natural dyes has in recent times gained the attention of scholars due to the assertion that they are ecofriendly, non - toxic, biodegradable and compatible with the environment

  8. DETERMINANTS OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES CONSUMPTION AMONG CIVIL SERVANTS IN LAGOS, NIGERIA:Fruits and vegetables (F&V) are essential components of the human diet because of their nutritional and health benefits. They are rich in micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), dietary fiber, phytochemicals and antioxidants. This

  9. EVALUATION OF NON-TIMBER FOREST PRODUCTS HARVESTING METHODS IN THE BUFFER ZONE OF SONKPA FOREST RESERVE WUKARI, TARABA STATE:Several methods are used in the harvesting of Non- Timber Forest Products (NTFPs). Such methods are not documented in the study area, therefore, Evaluation of NTFPs harvesting methods in the buffer

  10. SAFETY NET OF NON-TIMBER FOREST PRODUCTS AMONG THE INHABITANTS OF TAKUM, TARABA STATE.:Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) are important safety net in Takum. However, there is a dearth of information on the species of NTFPs that are used as safety net in Takum. Therefore,

  11. On the Application of Uniformization Method for Large Spaces in Solving the Transient Distribution in Markov Chain :The computation of state probability distributions at an arbitrary point in time, which in the case of a discrete-time Markov chain means finding the distribution at some arbitrary time step 𝑛

  12. Estimation of Annual Soil Loss over Queen Ede Gully Site in Ogbeson Community, Benin City, Nigeria :The annual soil loss from gully site in Ogbeson area of Benin City was assessed using the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) coupled to an ArcMap 10.4. The study utilised

  13. Application of the Two-Parameter Weibull Distribution Method to Assess the Reliability of Mitsubishi S&U Marine Diesel Engine Crankshaft:In this study, the reliability of Mitsubishi S&U marine diesel engine crankshaft is analyzed using the twoparameter Weibull distribution method. The study involves the analysis of the failure times of Mitsubishi

  14. Assessment of Toxic Metals Concentration and Health Risks in Some Fresh and Roasted Red Meat Consumed in Makurdi. :This research was conducted to assess the levels of Cd, Cr, Cu, Pb, Zn and Ni and their human health risks in some fresh and roasted pork and beef from five

  15. Towards the Development of a Low-Cost Artificial Pancreas: A Solution to Type-1 Diabetes in Sub-Saharan Africa :In Type-1 Diabetes (T1-D), proper health monitoring can lead to better disease mitigation; thus, reducing the number of face-to-face visits by patients. This can be achieved through insulin replacement therapy using

  16. An Evaluation of Weak Interactions for Conservation Laws, Symmetries and Lorentz Structure In Two Body Decays of Kaons and Pions :The goal of this paper is to achieve the weak interaction in the two body decay. Weak interaction for the conservation laws symmetries and Lorentz structure has been observed. The symmetries

  17. IDENTIFICATION AND DISTRIBUTION OF MOLECULAR FORMS OF Anopheles gambiae SENSO STRICTO (Mopti) and (Savanah). IN TURE AND BAMBAM COMMUNITIES OF GOMBE STATE:The lack of information on identification and distribution of molecular forms of Anopheles gambiae senso stricto (mopti form) and (savanah form) Are one of the major hindrance facing malaria vector control

  18. Extending Network Lifetime in Wireless Body Area Nanonetworks: A Design of a Cluster Based Routing Protocol :A Wireless Nanosensor Networks consists basically of a group of nanonodes that communicate with each other through a wireless transmission in an adhoc manner. The recent developments in nanotechnology and wireless

  19. DEVELOPMENT OF A BLDC MOTOR BASED STARTER-GENERATOR FOR AN EXPERIMENTAL UAV :Electric power generation for fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is often generated with the aid of brushless DC (BLDC) motors mechanically coupled to the engine. Conventional alternators and generators are usually unsuitable

  20. Antibacterial susceptibility pattern of Bacteria isolated from second hand Clothes sold in Potiskum Market, Yobe State, Nigeria.:The study investigated the types of bacteria present in second hand clothing’s and the effect of antibacterial agents on the bacteria load. Six samples of second-hand clothes were purchased from Potiskum

  21. PRESENCE PERIOD AND SPATIAL DISTRIBUTION OF DOMINANT INSECTS ASSOCIATED WITH WATERMELON USING LLOYD’S INDEX OF PATCHINESS AND GREEN’S COEFFICIENT OF DISPERSION:The mean population densities of dominant insects (pest and beneficial) associated with watermelon (Citrullus lanatus Thunb.) in a field experiment conducted in 2016 early- and late-season were subjected to statistical models to

  22. DEVELOPMENT OF MATHEMATICAL MODELS FOR EFFECTIVE PLACEMENT OF STEERING WHEEL AND PEDALS IN THE BUS DRIVERS’ WORKSTATIONS :Ergonomic design of driver’s workstation is a necessary component of drivers’ safety and health protection. It was discovered that majority of the drivers of public transport suffers a great deal

  23. BIOINFORMATIC INSIGHT INTO FACTORS INFLUENCING MYCOLACTONE POLYKETIDE SYNTHASE A CONTROL IN MYCOBACTERIUM ULCERANS:The linkage between the severity of Mycobacterium ulcerans infection and mycolactone polyketide synthase A has been strongly correlated with the presence of sigma factors but recent updates in the field

  24. STUDIES ON THE EPIDEMIOLOGY OF PLASMODIUM AND SCHISTOSOMA INTENSITIES AMONG RIVERINE COMMUNITIES IN MAKURDI, BENUE STATE, NIGERIA:Malaria and schistosomiasis are two of the most frequent illnesses with public health implications in tropical and subtropical endemic countries. This study aimed to determine the intensities of Plasmodium and

  25. ESTIMATING THE VARIATIONS OF TROPOSPHERIC RADIO REFRACTIVITY TREND OVER ANYIGBA, NORTH CENTRAL NIGERIA USING NECOP DATA.:The hourly and seasonal variation of radio refractivity was studied using NECOP (Nigeria Environmental Climate Observing Program) data in Anyigba station north central Nigeria. Also, a harmonic analysis model was

  26. COMPARATIVE STUDIES OF PHYTONUTRIENTS AND ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITIES OF ETHANOL EXTRACTS OF TWO MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS (Pleurotus tuberregium and Ganoderma lucidum):The phytochemical, mineral and nutrient compositions of the two medicinal mushrooms: Ganoderma lucidum and Pleurotus tuberregium as well as its antimicrobial activity were studied. Phytochemical analysis of Ganoderma lucidum and

  27. IMPROVEMENT OF THE VOLTAGE PROFILE OF 11 kV POWER NETWORK USING CAPACITOR BANK:Voltage quality is an important requirement of an electrical distribution system. Deviation from the nominal voltage at the consumer end has specific ranges spelt out in technical regulations. A universal

  28. GEOTECHNICAL INVESTIGATION OF RED TROPICAL SUBGRADES IN SOME FAILED ROAD SECTIONS ON BENIN TECHNICAL COLLEGE AND TEXTILE MILL ROADS IN PARTS OF EDO STATE IN SOUTHWESTERN NIGERIA:Incessant occurrence of road pavement deterioration and building collapse, mainly because of their poor geotechnical and mechanical properties has made it imperative for a proper understanding of the geotechnical properties

  29. INTEGRATED FARMING PRACTICE AMONG FISH FARMERS IN OGUN STATE, NIGERIA:Climate change has indeed affected fish production; however, the practice of integrated farming provides a sustainable pathway to increase food production and climate smart practices. Thus, this study assessed level

  30. APPLICATION OF JUPYTER NOTEBOOK IN CROSS PLOTTING OF ROCK PROPERTIES DATASETS FOR LITHOLOGY AND FLUID DISCRIMINATION IN A NIGER DELTA OIL RESERVOIR, SOUTH-SOUTH NIGERIA :Python language was used on Jupyter note book to cross plot rock properties for lithology and fluid discrimination by engaging well datasets from a given Niger Delta oil field. The

  31. FINANCIAL DETERMINANTS OF LIVESTOCK PRODUCTIVITY IN NIGERIA: A VECM APPROACH:The study examined the financial determinants of livestock productivity in Nigeria. Annual time series data were obtained from the Central Bank of Nigeria and Food and Agriculture Organization databases from

  32. FATTY ACIDS, PHYTOCHEMICALS AND ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITIES EVALUATION OF FICUS THONNINGII SEED EXTRACTS:Ficus thonningii is highly neglected and underutilized plant. It is a traditionally important plant used in the treatment of various diseases such as malaria, dysentery, diabetes, diarrhea, eye problem as

  33. PREVALENCE OF ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE OF GRAM POSITIVE AND GRAM NEGATIVE ORGANISMS ISOLATED FROM ZOBO SOLD IN MAKURDI:This study investigated the antibiotic susceptibility profile of thirty two (32) bacteria isolated from thirteen (13) unspiced samples of zobo drink sold in six markets including a University campus all

  34. STUDY OF AERODYNAMIC PERFORMANCE OF REAR TRUNK LIP SPOILER ON A PASSENGER CAR:Today different types of spoilers are used on cars that are not heavy at the rear to serve as aerodynamic aids to improve their performance. The trunk spoiler functions as

  35. ABUNDANCE AND DIVERSITY OF INSECT SPECIES IN FEDERAL UNIVERSITY LOKOJA, FELELE CAMPUS, KOGI STATE, NIGERIA:Insects are generally adjudged to be the most diverse groups of animals in the world. They play vital roles in the ecosystem but could have their population affected by increasing

  36. Fluid Flow past a Vertical Porous Plate in Unsteady MHD Heat and Mass Transfer in the Presence of Variable Suction, Reynolds Number, and Chemical Reaction. :The impacts of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) heat and mass transfer fluid flow via a vertical porous plate with varying suction, Reynolds number, and chemical reaction are investigated in this work. With

  37. Perception and Attitude of Farmers on Agroecological Farming in Community Neighbouring Old Oyo National Park, Nigeria:This study evaluated the perception and attitude of the farmers in communities neighbouring Old Oyo National Park (OONP) on their current agricultural practicing and toward adoption of the wildlife friendly

  38. COX PROPORTIONAL HAZARD MODEL TO ESTIMATE THE RISK FACTORS OF TUBERCULOSIS PATIENTS IN MAKURDI METROPOLIS:Tuberculosis is a chronic infectious disease that has been one of the major causes of mortality in Nigeria and Benue State in particular. The objective of this study is to

  39. IMPROVED PROPERTIES OF CASSAVA STARCH-BASED FILM WITH CARBOXYMETHYL CELLULOSE FROM PLANTAIN PSEUDO-STEM:Films made from cassava starch are brittle and weak, leading to inadequate mechanical properties, thereby limiting its application. The properties of this starch film were modified by adding plasticizers and

  40. Phytochemical screening, Total flavonoid content assay and Evaluation of the Antimicrobial properties of Hydro alcoholic extract of the leaves of male Carica papaya Linn. :Carica papaya parts have been used traditionally to treat certain ailments. The aim of this study was to evaluate the antimicrobial potential of the total flavonoids of hydro alcoholic extract

  41. PRODUCTION AND CHARACTERISATION OF BIODIESEL FROM WASTE VEGETABLE OIL OBTAINED FROM LOCAL SNACK IN OSUBI, OKPE LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF DELTA STATE, NIGERIA.:The aim of this study was to evaluate the capability of using recycled waste vegetable oil from local snacks (puff puff) and fried fish as raw material for the production

  42. Antidepressant activity of .............................:

  43. Investigating the Effect of Forced Cooling of Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Photovoltaic Module on Power Output:The operation of photovoltaic module is dependent mainly on the incident solar irradiation and the module temperature. PV module temperature tends to rise during field operation. The effect of applied

  44. Labour Production Efficiency among Arable Crop Farm Households in Southwest Nigeria:Farm labour organizes and ensures the transformation of farm inputs into output. Scarcity of labour was due to drudgery and poor working conditions. Available labour force was mainly aged farmers

  45. ISOLATION AND IDENTIFICATION OF FUNGAL SPECIES ASSOCIATED WITH THE DETERIORATION OF SOME SELECTED FRUITS SOLD IN WUKARI, TARABA STATE, NORTH EAST, NIGERIA:Fruits are nutritionally rich and hence support the growth of spoilage microorganisms such as fungi. Hence, this study was carried out to identify fungal species associated with spoilt fruits sold

  46. Occurrence and phenotypic characterization of ESBL-producing Escherichia coli from piggery farms wastewater in South Western Nigeria:This study examined the occurrence of extended spectrum beta lactamase activity in Escherichia coli isolated from wastewaters of selected pig farms. Bacterial isolation was done by standard method and identification

  47. POTENTIAL OF SOME SELECTED FERTILIZER TYPES IN THE SUPPRESSION OF ROOT KNOT NEMATODE (Meloidogyne incognita) INFECTIONS ON EGGPLANT:This study investigated the potential of some selected fertilizers to suppress root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne incognita) on eggplant. Treatments consisted of two spraying periods of liquid fertilizer (Super Gro) at 2

  48. Effect of Mercerization on the Properties of Acetylated Fibre Composites:Fibre composite manufacturers are in constant search for cost effective route of production. One potential way to achieve this is by employing a good fibre modification process that requires fewer

  49. Comparative Analysis of core life time for the NIRR-1 HEU and LEU Cores:The core of the Nigeria Research Reactor-1 has been converted from Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) fuel to Low Enriched Uranium (LEU); nevertheless, a core lifetime analysis of the converted HEU

  50. GEOELECTRIC INVESTIGATION OF THE SUBSURFACE FOR THE DETERMINATION OF SUITABLE SITE FOR SINKING OF BOREHOLE AT MODOJI, KATSINA LOCAL GOVERNMENT KATSINA STATE.:Geophysical investigation was carried out with the aim of determining favorable site for erecting a yield borehole which will serve as a source of water supply in Modoji, Katsina Local

  51. Morphometrics of Two Edible Frog Species......................................:Edible frog species are integral part of the economy as they are used as an alternative source of protein and are involved in international trade. Conservation efforts on them require

  52. Comparative Study of Photovoltaic Wind Diesel Powered Microgrid for Residential Load in Northern Nigeria:This paper discusses the design and comparative assessments of photovoltaic (PV)/wind/diesel-based microgrid (µgrid) using Tarauni in Kano State as a test case. The µgrid design is based on users’ demand

  53. APPLICATION OF RESPONSE SURFACE METHODOLOGY FOR OPTIMIZATION OF BIO-PESTICIDE PRODUCTION FROM NEEM SEED OIL:The cost and effect of inorganic chemical pesticides on the environment and living organism as well as growing resistance of inorganic chemical pesticides is a threat to their future application

  54. Effect of Annealing and Thin films’ Thickness on the Optical & Electrical properties of thermally evaporated Silver Indium Telluride :This study investigated the effect of annealing and thin films’ thickness on the optical and electrical properties of synthesized Silver Indium Telluride (AgInTe). High purity Silver (99.999%), Indium (99.999%) and

  55. DIURNAL VARIATION OF OPTICAL DEPTH AT THE PHOTOSYNTHETIC ACTIVE RANGE OF SOLAR IRRADIANCE AT FOUR SOLAR WAVELENGTH CHANNELS:Solar measurements were made at Wukari (Latitude 7.9303oN, Longitude 9.8125oE) using an EKOMS 120 sun photometer with half band width of 5nm and nominal wavelength of ±2.0nm at four semi-monochromatic

  56. TAURINE PREVENTED BIOCHEMICAL ALTERATIONS IN CHRONIC RESTRAINT-STRESSED WISTAR RATs :Stress has the potential of altering physiological homeostasis. The body’s ability to cope under stressful stimuli is a vital determinant of health and disease conditions. In this study, Wistar rats

  57. NEUROPROTECTIVE EFFECT OF LEAF EXTRACT OF MORINGA OLEIFERA AND FENOFIBRATE ON LEARNING AND MEMORY IN WISTAR RATS SUBJECTED TO WATER IMMERSION RESTRAINT STRESS :Moringa oleifera (Moringaceae) is a medicinal plant used in African traditional medicine against cognitive affections and metabolic diseases. In the present study, the neuroprotective effect of Moringa oleifera leaf extract

  58. VISUALIZATION BASED APPROACH FOR FUEL PMS PRICE FORECAST:Prediction in time-series data deals with predicting future trends and movements of data from the previous analysis of the data. Analysis of past events or tends usually influences future events

  59. People with Physical Disabilities Satisfaction with Modification of Access to Services in Public Housing:This study examined people with physical disabilities satisfaction with modification of access to services in public housing Estates in Yola Nigeria. Thirteen variables were used to measure user satisfaction at

  60. STATISTICAL ANALYSIS OF RADIOLOGICAL AND METEOROLOGICAL PARAMETERS OF UNDERGROUND MINES IN OKE-OGUN, OYO STATE, USING MULTIVARIATE APPROACH:In recent times, there are moves to boost the economy of Nigeria through intensive investment in solid minerals exploration. This may however be accompanied with increase in mining activities with

  61. MEASUREMENT OF SCATTERED RADIATION DOSES AND ESTIMATION OF SOME ORGAN DOSES IN X-RAY ROOMS OF THREE HOSPITALS IN YENAGOA, BAYELSA STATE, SOUTH-SOUTH, NIGERIA:The increase in patients undergoing radiological examination has aroused a great deal of interest in quantifying the risk associated with the radiological examination. Determination of the radiation dose to the

  62. Microphysical Interpretation of rainfall parameters with Radar Reflectivity-Rain Rate Relationships in Tropical Regions:Measurements of rainfall parameters such as rain rates (R), Liquid water content (LWC), radar reflectivity (Z) and the corresponding fall velocities of drop (W) were carried out with the aid

  63. Assessment of Organochlorine Pesticide residues in Oreochromis niloticus (Linnaeus, 1758), Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822) and Hepsetus odoe (Bloch, 1794) in Eleyele Lake, Oyo State, Nigeria.:This study was carried out to determine the levels of Organochlorine pesticides in fish captured from Eleyele Lake. The Lake receives effluents discharged from cassava processing site, agricultural farm land,

  64. Evaluation of heavy metal contamination in sediment of Gbalegbe River, Ughelli, Delta State, Nigeria:The pollution of surface water in recent time impairs its quality. Deleterious effect of sediment contamination with heavy metals could be associated with their toxicity and accumulative capacity in biota.

  65. Comprehensive Evaluation of DSDV, OLSR and AOMDV Routing Protocols for Efficient Packet Delivery:Mobile Ad hoc network also known as MANET as an infrastructure-less network without physically mounted routers, switches or mounted access point for network communication at strategic points. MANET is of

  66. Mathematical Modeling of Ebola Virus Disease Dynamics Incorporating Vital Dynamics, Contact Tracing and Quarantining :This thesis extends the standard SEIR epidemiology model of Ebola virus to include both Human and Monkey population. Nine (9) compartments were considered, namely: ( ), S H susceptible Human FUW Trends in

  67. In-vitro and in-vivo Therapeutic Assessment of Leaf Fraction of Phyllanthus amarus on Induced Nephrotoxicity in Wistar Rats :The study was designed to assess the therapeutics of ethyl acetate fraction of Phyllanthus amarus leaves on induced nephron toxicity. Arsenic used for in-vivo induction, is a toxic heavy metal. It

  68. ABUNDANCE AND DISTRIBUTION OF STRIPPED GROUND SQUIRREL (Xerus erythropus) IN THE RANGES OF YOLA SOUTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT, ADAMAWA STATE, NIGERIA :The study focused on abundance and distribution of stripped ground squirrel (Xerus erythropus) in the ranges of Yola South local Government Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria. Understanding the distribution, abundance

  69. DETERMINATION OF HYDRAULIC CONDUCTIVITY USING EMPIRICAL FORMULAE FROM GRAIN SIZE ANALYSIS OF LOKOJA AND PATTI FORMATIONS, NORTH CENTRAL NIGERIA.:Boreholes within Lokoja and Patti formation, both unconformably overlying the Basement Complex, generally experience low water yeild and failure. Hydraulic conductivity, porosity and coefficient of uniformity of both Formations were

  70. A Game-Theoretic Price Discount Model in a Manufacturer-Retailer Channel:There are lots of price discount models, but game-theoretic models have not been used to model sequential price discount from the manufacturer to the consumer through the retailer. This work

  71. Assessment of Radiofrequency Exposure from Telecommunication Masts in the Central Part of Delta State, Nigeria:As more network providers emerge, radiation exposure from Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) has become an issue of concern for public health. In this study, a Trifield EMF meter was used

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